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Smile Organization tackling the major concern of society

Smile Organization

In India, many people still struggle to meet their basic needs, such as monthly expenses and living a decent life. According to reports, over 680 million people, which is 56% of the population, are lacking in meeting these basic needs. Smile Organization like Smile are making a positive impact on society.

Smile Organization: A Ray of Hope

The Smile Organization is a ray of hope a needy person can ever desire, as we understand the pain of people and connect with them physically and mentally to give them the support they deserve and to transform their lives.

Three major issues in Indian Society Hunger, education, health


According to recent statistics, the hunger rate in India is around 16.6% of the total population. The states with the highest hunger rates are Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand Hunger is not an issue in terms of food scarcity. The world has enough food to feed everyone.


To understand the role of education in breaking the cycle of poverty, we must first understand what this cycle entails. If a person comes from a family with a good financial background, they are more likely to lead a quality life. Education can play a vital role in breaking this cycle. If a person’s parents are educated, they are more likely to earn a good salary and provide their children with a better life.

Education can empower individuals by making them independent and helping them earn money in today’s world. Companies require knowledge and skills, which can only be acquired through education.


According to past statistics from 2021, 60% of women and 46% of men in the population were found to be unhealthy. Unfortunately, the current situation is even worse. An unhealthy community can lead to an unhealthy country. This makes us wonder about the conditions for the poor and the difficulties they must be facing.

Smile Organization intentions

The Smile Organization strives to make a better world If we are able to feed 10 children today, our goal is to feed 20 children next time. Our support provides a little push for those who can become future examples for our country.

Our initiatives

To address major societal issues, the Smile Organization runs various initiatives to support the less fortunate.


As an NGO, we are committed to improving the lives of the poor by providing free food distribution every day in slums and on the streets. We believe that feeding the needy is one of the kindest acts of all, and our goal is to eliminate hunger in the communities we serve.


To provide a better future for disadvantaged children, the organization offers quality education and free study materials.


We provide free medical services and medicines to every citizen for a healthier world.

Equality and rights are essential.

Equality is a crucial aspect of life. Providing fair treatment to everyone can boost their confidence, build self-understanding, and motivate them to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, women don’t get this treatment. Empowering women is essential if we want to create a prosperous and strong country. As an NGO, we help empower women by meeting their basic needs and providing them with skill development training and quality education. Our goal is to make every helpless woman and adult girl independent.


Help is an act of care and kindness. This mentality can motivate many to come forward and lend a hand. Our organization believes in this and strives to fix common issues that are impacting the underprivileged.

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Encouraging Lives: The Significant Projects of Smile Organization for a Better India

Smile Organizatio

Non-profit organizations are essential to bringing about constructive change in a society that frequently confronts many obstacles. In the world of humanitarian endeavors, Smile Organization—also known as Smile India Trust—stands out as a ray of hope and change. This article explores the various ways the Smile Organization has profoundly impacted the lives of innumerable people in India and empowered lives.

Background of Smile Organization: Smile Organization’s Impactful Initiatives

Smile Organization, founded with a vision to create a better and brighter future for the underprivileged, has been working tirelessly since its inception. Established [2017], the organization’s mission is to address pressing issues such as poverty, lack of education, healthcare disparities, and social injustice that persist in various parts of India.

Core Initiatives:

a. Education for All:

One of Smile Organization’s primary focuses is on providing quality education to children who might otherwise be deprived of this essential right. Through a network of schools and educational programs, the organization aims to bridge the gap and ensure that every child has access to education, regardless of their socio-economic background.

b. Healthcare Initiatives:

Smile Organization recognizes the critical importance of healthcare in building a robust society. The organization operates medical camps, mobile clinics, and health awareness programs to reach remote areas where healthcare facilities are scarce. Their efforts not only address immediate health concerns but also contribute to preventive healthcare practices.

c. Women Empowerment:

Empowering women is a key aspect of Smile Organization’s holistic approach towards societal upliftment. Through skill development programs, vocational training, and awareness campaigns, the organization strives to enhance the status of women in society, promoting gender equality and creating avenues for economic independence.

d. Community Development:

Smile Organization actively engages in community development projects that aim to improve living conditions and create sustainable solutions. These initiatives include water and sanitation projects, renewable energy programs, and infrastructure development, fostering an environment where communities can thrive.

Impactful Success Stories:

Highlighting specific success stories can shed light on the tangible impact Smile Organization has had on individual lives. Personal narratives of individuals who have benefited from the organization’s initiatives bring to the forefront the transformative power of Smile Organization’s work.

a. Educational Triumphs:

Share stories of children who, against all odds, have excelled academically due to Smile Organization’s educational interventions. Discuss the scholarships, mentorship programs, and infrastructure improvements that have contributed to their success.

b. Healthcare Transformations:

Narrate instances where Smile Organization’s healthcare initiatives have saved lives, prevented the spread of diseases, and improved overall well-being in communities. Personal testimonials from individuals who have received medical aid can vividly portray the impact of Smile Organization’s healthcare efforts.

c. Women’s Empowerment Journeys:

Highlight the journeys of women who, through Smile Organization’s programs, have gained skills, found employment, and achieved financial independence. These stories underscore the organization’s commitment to breaking gender stereotypes and fostering empowerment.

d. Achievements in Community Development:

Examine how the community development initiatives of Smile Organization have improved the quality of life in entire communities. Talk about the sustainable measures put in place and the improvements in infrastructure, sanitation, and clean water availability that have been seen.

Partnerships & Collaborations: Smile Organization is aware of the value of working together to accomplish sustainable development objectives. Emphasize the alliances the group has formed with businesses, governments, and other non-governmental organizations to increase its influence and outreach.

Challenges and Solutions:

Acknowledge the challenges Smile Organization faces in its mission and discuss the innovative solutions implemented to overcome these obstacles. Whether it’s logistical issues in reaching remote areas or financial constraints, shedding light on the challenges adds depth to the narrative of Smile Organization’s journey.

Future Vision:

Explore Smile Organization’s future plans and vision for furthering their impact. Discuss how the organization aims to scale its existing initiatives, expand into new areas, and embrace innovative approaches to address emerging challenges.

In summary:

In conclusion, Smile Organization’s numerous projects demonstrate its dedication to improving lives and building a better India. Numerous people’s lives have been positively changed by the organization’s significant influence on community development, women’s empowerment, healthcare, and education. Upon contemplation of the tales of success and metamorphosis, it is evident that the mission of Smile Organization transcends philanthropy and instead involves enabling people and groups to construct a more promising and sustainable future for India.

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Creating Smiles: Smile India Trust organizations mission for people

Is Smile India Trust Fake

In a world where we all have multiple problems in life, a smile is a strong tool. Smile India Trust organizations is a universal language that is similar throughout the world. Moreover, a smile gives us the hope that everything will be okay, it contains very positive energy in itself. Smile India Trust organizationsis a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to spread smiles on everyone’s face. Every person should have a smile on their face, but, many times this smile gets lost in the problems.

The Power of Smile India trust Organizations:

Smile is very powerful and has the power to make someone’s day, ease their pain, and bring the light of hope in the darkest time. A smile is a beautifying tool everyone has within, with the help of which anybody can look beautiful.

Ways to create Smiles:

Bringing a smile to anyone’s face is a very tough task. Smile India Trust organizationst has taken this task to bring smiles to the faces of people. It has been approached in many ways.


Education is the key to a great and bright future. An Education brings clarity about everything in life which is very necessary for a good life. But, unfortunately in many regions of India, children are unable to access basic education because of this their future is ruined. As a result, they go far away from the happiness. Smile India Trust understands this condition of children in India and knows the importance of education in their life. So it provides children with basic education so that, they can build a better future. Smile organization focuses on children because they can change the lives of their whole family.


There are many people in India who are not getting proper medication, and many parents are unable to provide proper treatment to their children. Additionally, many people suffer from many serious diseases like burn, HIV/AIDs, Cancer etc but, are unable to have treatment due to a lack of economy. Smile India Trust is making their life happier by providing them with the necessary guidance treatment and medications. It organizes many medical camps for underprivileged people.

Entertaining Activities:

In today’s busy life, we should try to extract some time for ourselves to do entertaining activities. Moreover, entertaining activities can bring joy to our lives which is very crucial for living. We should not too much torture our minds and bodies for work, it will result in the unhealthiness of mind and body. God has given us a single life, we should live it fully, and entertaining activities help us in that. Smile India Trust organizations understands this clearly so it tries to bring happiness through entertaining activities.

Providing Essential Resources:

Many people in India do not have access to the basic requirements of humans like food, shelter, and clothes. Many of the people in India have no shelter on their heads to sleep at night. Additionally, Many people sleep on the footpath on roads. They don’t have nutritional food to eat which makes them unhealthy and prone to diseases. They don’t have clothes to wear and even don’t have blankets to protect them from the cold during winter. Smile India Trust understands the problem of the population of our country. So, they are providing them with these basic resources to make them happier. Smile India believes that every person has the right to sleep peacefully at night. Have the right to have food when they are hungry.

Empowerment Through Skill:

Skills are the main things nowadays to get employed and to grow in the future. There are many workshops and training programs in our society that provide a golden opportunity for the youth of India. These help youth to grow and enable them to support themselves as well as their families. Many of the good training demand high fees which many people cannot access to them. Smile India Trust tries to help youngsters by providing free vocational training.

Engage in creative arts and Expression:

There is so much creativity in India to showcase. People only need a path that can give them directions. Artists of India can be encouraged through workshops like art therapy and creative projects. So that they can come forward and participate in all these workshops and make their future brighter.

Create safe spaces for mental health: Support groups and counseling services that address the challenges of improving each individual’s mental health should be available to everyone. Which can provide solutions to people in any form.


Everyone has the right to be happy in their life. Things can differ for people which can make them happy but, happiness is the same. Our aim should be to find the things in our lives that make us feel happy. Smile India Trust organizations play an important role in providing reasons for happiness to people by healing their problems. We all should keep a smile on our faces, it really helps us to come out of our tough times.

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Smile Organization make efforts to empower the underprivilege women

Smile Organization

Smile Organization is making rigorous efforts to help the children escape the devastating situation. With that we are always looking at broadening our scope and we wish to focus on more such issues. Which highlights social discrimination in society. Empowering women is one of those efforts that the smile organization has undertaken. To help women gain an equal status in society. Smile Organization is taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes by trying new things. Pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence in our own terms.

Smile Organizations are continuously taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes. By trying new things, pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence on our own terms.

Keeping these things in mind, Smile Organization started a new initiative, Project Garima, under which girls and women will learn skills in a practical manner. Under this program, they will learn about tailoring. This project is focusing on economically weaker sections of girls and women. In this, we are trying to cover all age groups of women and adolescent girls.

Smile organization recognises the need for a woman to be independent:

The smile organization believes that well-educated women will have confidence in their minds. With an ability to achieve various milestones in life apart from being a housewife. Here are the reasons why the women need to be independent or take steps to become independent:

Sense of security:

A working woman has a sense of financial security. She stood up to her family for her rights. Women are less educated to men in ancient times. After marriage, if they faced domestic violence, they couldn’t go anywhere else. As they didn’t have the knowledge or education to get a proper job to feed themselves. Smile organization realizes this cause and helps women to get an education. With experience, they can get a job on their own.

Stop feeling powerless:

Even today women face domestic violence from husbands. Their in-laws, are financially independent and have knowledge of Indian law. Proper education is a must to empower them to stand against this kind of cruelty.

Not to become a liability:

From the time she is born and married to. Society views women as a liability to the family. No one wants to be a liability for their family in this modern world. Education and employment prevent women from becoming a liability to their families.

To make one’s own identity:

Everyone wants to have their own identity and work hard day and night to gain a position in society. Society gives a strong identity to males, not women. They have to make a way for themselves to make their own identity. Smile organization focuses on giving women a platform to educate them. To get a proper job to grab a decent status in society.

Smile Organization efforts to make women empowered and independent:

Education as a catalyst:

Smile Organization has a set of schools in rural areas in which girls get support to get an education. NGOs take care of their education if they are good.

Vocational training or skill enhancement:

Smile Organization focuses on providing education and knowledge.  The organization knows that knowledge without skills is of no use.  Smile organization sets up various workshops for women to gain hands-on experience on various fields of work.

Drive to generate awareness in society:

Smile Organization organizes various drives and awareness campaigns to generate awareness among the masses. To inform them about the benefits of educating and empowering women to make them independent. This awareness drive has proven to be fruitful as many families have come forward. They have shown a positive attitude toward women’s education. On the idea of women doing the same job as men in society.

Smile organization has pressed forward various ways for women to become independent:

Bring Equality to the society:

Discrimination and inequalities always begin at the base. If a boy attends school his sister stays home. She is a girl, it plants the grain of discriminatory practices in the boy’s mind. He believes he is superior as he is a man.

Girls participating in education with boys create a feeling of equality, not superiority. Educating men and women helps promote the concepts of justice.

We have come through actions of unpaid or underpaid women workers. Women’s allowance is less of the men’s.  Breaking this stereotype and negative practice awareness and proper education is the need among the public.  They can know that there is no difference between men and women only the biological one.

Being Ready:

More women are putting issues into their own hands, the majority lack the same. Life-changing events frequently come as a surprise to women. Prepare in advance for a variety of life events, like relocating after marriage, or starting a family. Trying to decide to leave your job, having your own child, choosing to be a single parent. Finances can be challenging even with a loving spouse or family. You must have a solid strategy and the ability to act quickly if you want to succeed.

Self-education is essential:

It is essential for personal growth and economic expansion. Our education gives us the tools we need to pick up new talents and interact politely with others. We must not make distinctions based on gender or sexual orientation. Giving educational opportunities as education is a vital human right.


Approximately half of the population is women. This is a  problem because, without education, a country will not grow and develop. Educating women will contribute to the development of the country. And with women education, we can make sure and rest sure that the upcoming future is in good hands. A well-educated and highly knowledgeable woman can never undereducate her children. She will make efforts to make them good citizens of the nation. Through Project Garima, the Smile Organisation will offer women and girls the chance to develop strong financial foundations.

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Smile Organization Begins Journey for Making Her Independent

Smile Organization

As each of our readers is well aware of the Smile Organization efforts for underprivileged families and children, we are broadening our scope. Our initiative will eventually impact the lives of many girls and women. We are taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes by trying new things, pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence in our own terms.

Breaking stereotypes and pursuing your dreams is central to independence. It is about being the best version of yourself and having equal work, responsibilities, and opportunities regardless of gender.

Smile Organization believes that being the master of one’s own life is true freedom for any woman. This will eventually lead to no marking of a special day for inspiring women. When we achieve gender equality in our society, there will be no need to commemorate our accomplishments!

Women have traditionally relied on men for monetary assistance. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Many women nowadays work for themselves and strive to be independently wealthy. Financial independence comes with the ability to make and help one’s decisions.

Keeping these things in mind, Smile Organization started a new initiative, Project Garima, under which girls and women will learn skills in a practical manner. Under this program, they will learn about tailoring. This project is focusing on economically weaker sections of girls and women. In this, we are trying to cover all age groups of women and adolescent girls.

Smile Organization Why Women Need to Be Independent?

The Smile Organization believes that it will automatically inspire family members. She will demonstrate to her family that gender bias is simply a product of society. When a girl from her early years is in charge of her own life, she will be confident, sure, and can achieve many things in life. As soon as a child sees their mother or another female family member as an earner, they understand the need to be financially independent.

Own Identity

Apart, from this, we all are aware that to establish an identity, it became essential in order to earn your own money. Non-working women accidentally adopt the positions of mom or wife to their men or kids. They may even lose their identity as a result. As a result, it is critical to generate income and be independently wealthy.

Sense of Security

Women who are financially independent develop a sense of social security. In our patriarchal system, women frequently have fewer opportunities than men. Women earn less than men for the same job, even if they are paid the same. Furthermore, women frequently have to deal with multiple positions and duties, including child care, domestic chores, and high employment.

Women may encounter further obstacles, including such obsolete family structures that place men in charge of household finances. This can make acquiring the expertise and abilities needed to become financially self-reliant difficult. Fortunately, women can take steps to achieve financial independence.

Become an Asset not Liability 

This is a harsh truth: no one needs to have liability in their life, whether it is their parents, their partner, or even if they accept them. You will not have enough freedom of choice. Because of the absence of financial independence, many women are subjected to physiological, personal, mental, and financial abuse.

Stop Feeling Powerless

Even today, numerous women accept disrespect or domestic abuse because they rely monetarily on their spouses. In addition, it becomes difficult for them to leave their abusive marriages. Being financially self-sufficient enables them to make sensible choices and feel self-worth.

Here are Some Ways to Become Financially Independent

Educate Yourself- 

Education is self-development and economic expansion’. Education equips us with the ability to learn new skills and communicate civilly with others. Because education is a fundamental human right, we must not discriminate based on gender or sex when providing opportunities for education.

Be Ahead of Time- 

Whereas more women are taking things matters into their own hands, most still lack the economic confidence that men have. Women are frequently caught off guard by life-altering crises. Plan ahead of time for various life scenarios, such as moving after marriage, establishing a family, trying to decide to leave your position, having a kid of your own, selecting to become a single parent, getting divorced, or losing a job.

Finances may be difficult regardless of a supportive spouse or family. Therefore, in order to be successful, you’ll need to have a foolproof plan as well as the capacity to make swift decisions.

Bring Equality to the society

‍Discrimination and inequalities always begin at the base. When a boy attends school and his sister stays home since she’s a girl, it plants the grain of discriminatory practices in the boy’s mind. He believes he is superior simply since he’s a boy, with really no rational justification.

When girls participate in education by attending schools and colleges alongside boys, the boys learn about their basic educational rights and do not create a feeling of superiority. As a result, educating both men and women helps promote the concepts of justice.

Women account for roughly fifty percent of the population as a whole. If they’re not educated, a large portion of the population will not contribute to the nation’s development, so this is a significant issue. As a result, educating women will aid national growth. Smile Organization through Project Garima will be given opportunities to women and girls to become financially strong.

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The Smile Organization on Value Education | SIT

Ngo Smile

The Smile Organization ensures that all poor urban children receive free education. They are not able to obtain an education as a result of funds or other circumstances. We investigate those issues and attempt to resolve them. Every individual has the fundamental right to an education. As an NGO, we work to safeguard all citizens fundamental rights. We try to address every issue, from food to clothing to medicine to education.

Despite widespread recognition of the value of education, many children remain illiterate. According to data, approximately 35 million percent of children 6 to 14 are illiterate. About 53% of girls between the ages of 5to 9 years are not educated. So many illiterate people are a serious problem for any country. We must work to reduce this figure.

A more educated population shift into a more stable and developed economy. As a result, if we want to grow business and employment in India, we must address these issues with a clear vision and plan. Countless skilled individuals in India are still unemployed. They move outside of India or from place to place in search of work. To ensure survival, people get influenced by a lack of employment.


Yes, survival is critical, but selecting the wrong path is not. Smile Organization makes certain that if a person is unable or unwilling to learn, we instruct them on skills. Their abilities will enable them to earn a living. They will never choose the wrong path if they have enough to live on.

Smile Organization Helps Poor Children

Smile Organization provides them with the necessary items for education. Apart, from this, we also organize classes online through video calling. Our NGO sees this as the best way to engage with children. We often visit slum localities and try our level best to educate. We also organize many different activities such as dancing, painting competition, and other talent showcases competition. 

Though apart from children we talk to their adults and aware them of the positives of education. Due to low-income backgrounds, they can’t afford gadgets such as mobile, laptops, and many more. Therefore, we make them aware of their whereabouts. We often talk about all the major topics of their interest and development. 

There are many important issues our ngo addresses on daily basis but today, we are discussing education for the poor. When we talk about educating poor people, we only think of educating them rather we should focus on giving education with value. 

“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.” – William S. Burroughs.

From ancient times, we believe in the value of education our culture is deeply rooted in this type of education system. Education is powerful which shapes and helps in increasing value. 

What is Value Education?

Value Education focuses on the growth of individuals’ personalities to guide they’re life and deal with challenging circumstances with ease. It shapes children so that they are sensitive to changing situations while performing their socio-cultural, moral, and socially progressive duties effectively. The significance of value education can be understood through its benefits, which include the progress of physical and psychological aspects, the teaching of manners, the development of a sense of friendship, the nationalistic pride spirit, and the development of tolerance. 

This type of learning cannot be considered a different practice, but rather a feature fundamental to the educational system. Simply problem-solving should not be the goal; a clear reason, as well as motive, should take into account. Understanding the significance of value education has many aspects.

Here are some of the reasons why value education is both necessary and important in today’s world: It aids in making good decisions in tough circumstances, thereby improving decision-making skills.

  • It develops in students important values such as compassion, love and kindness, and caring.
  • It develops children’s interests as they form their preferences and values. This contributes to students’ skill development.
  • It also promotes a sense of fellowship and national pride, helping students in becoming more open-minded and accepting of all cultures and religions.
  • It provides a positive direction to a student’s life by teaching them the proper values and ethics.
  • It assists students in discovering their real purpose in serving society and aiming to be a better-looking version of themselves.
  • With experience comes a variety of new duties. This can sometimes result in a feeling of worthlessness, which can lead to an increase in anxiety disorders, mid-career disasters, and growing dissatisfaction with one’s life. Value education tries to fill a gap in people’s daily lives.

Objective of Value Education

The significance of value education in today’s world is different. It’s indeed essential that it be part of a child’s education career as well as after that to guarantee that moral values and ethics are instilled in them.

The following are the primary goals of value education:

  • To ensure that a child’s personality development is approached holistically in terms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects
  • Instilling a spirit of patriotism as well as good citizen values
  • Educating students on the value of brotherhood at the social, national, and international levels
  • Trying to foster a spirit of curiosity and love of learning toward traditional norms by developing basic manners, responsibility, and cooperation
  • Educating students on how to make good decisions based on moral principles
  • Encouragement of a representative democracy way of thinking.

Traditional Education Value v/s Modern Education Value

For humans to experience both traditional and modern education is important for personal development, discovering them what they want in life, and give them the right direction to achieve that.

Value education is essential because it teaches students about the true value of things. This makes him realize that everything has a cost in life. It teaches him that there is nothing free in life. Everything comes with a price. This is a valuable message for the students to understand, as it will help them later in life.

When educators are taught this lesson early in life, this will end up serving them well for the rest of their lives. Value education also aids in the formation of a sense of accountability in students. This is critical for everyone, and yet particularly for our youngsters. We must provide right guidance and care about education to our youth if we are to keep them away from drugs and crime.

Smile Organization helps poor children living in slums in getting a valuable education. There is a transformation in the education system of India that will surely be a revolution. Previously, there was only a focus on education, but now the focus has shifted to providing value education. In addition, to develop practical skills among each child.

For any kind of guidance or support, you can write us at [email protected]. Visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on know more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on FacebookInstagramTwitter




The Smile India Trust Organization| Race Against Malnutrition

Smile India Trust Organization

Post-Covid, there is a worry about malnutrition among poor children. The Smile India Trust Organization is dedicated to reducing malnutrition in the Delhi/NCR region.

If we compare India’s condition with a few poorer suburban African countries, according to the latest National Health Survey, the percentage of children who are underweight for their height is 19.3%.

India is growing in every area, but we will never be a top power if we continue to struggle with malnutrition. The socioeconomic difficulties faced in poor areas make worsen the malnourishment problem. It is the highest number of malnourished children around the globe.

Malnourished pregnant women and babies and children are the most sensitive victims. Numerous studies have shown that has been unrecoverable just after the age of two. So, if we are to cure childhood malnourishment, we must take important steps in this direction.

It is experiencing a 4% decline in GDP growth as a result of hunger, preventing socio-economic development.

There is a common mistake that malnutrition only refers to being “undernourished,” but you might be surprised to learn that it also includes being “overnourished.”

Undernutrition results in a short stature for your age. This means it is the most frightening form because you cannot gain height or weight. It is not changeable in physical and mental health damage that can be passed down to future generations.

Smile India Trust Organization Sharing Impact of Malnutrition on Children’s Development

  • Reduce muscle health & fatigue
  • The immune system doesn’t work 
  • Poor fertility and 
  • Poor socio-economic status

Smile India Trust Organization: Hope for Malnourished Children

Our NGO understands the importance of nutrition and the dangers that malnourished children encounter. Moreover, They are more open to infections, have less energy, and have less power. Therefore, This position needs more attention and a more universal approach to be resolved, including proper nutrition for pregnant women for a year.

Smile India Trust Organization is aware of the slum areas where children are in bad condition. Mainly focused on their nutrition, and divide our work in a systematic manner with 4 A’s.

  • Awareness:
  • Action
  • Access
  • Advocacy

Altogether, we are helping 168 community health volunteers, with a balanced diet, nutrition, hygiene, food production, and other topics. Understanding how serious it is to give good nutrients to slum children. The most serious threat to living in slums is malnutrition.

Energy malnutrition, anemia, and vitamin D deficiency are all examples of nutritional issues. A deficiency still affects a large number of children. The nutrition level in urban slums is shameful.

Nevertheless, we can see that the urban movement has not improved and has not provided them with a way out of poverty. However, Our NGO is doing the best work for slum children and mothers by giving them food on a daily basis.

Altogether we have even collaborated with Amazon Noida for the poor children, introducing many activities with them and giving them food in order to brighten their day and bring smiles to the faces of this little sunshine. We take every action possible to help them.

To ensure food hygiene, we have our own kitchen where food is prepared for them while keeping their hygiene in mind. Malnutrition is caused by various factors, including poor infant feeding habits, food and health security, and poor environmental conditions.

Smile India Trust Organization: Discussing India’s Positioning in the Hunger Index

In the global hunger index, India’s position is 107 out of 121 countries with a score of 29.1 and falls under the serious area. We are even behind Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

The Global Hunger Index is a tool to track hunger at the global and local levels. Global Hunger Index based on 4 indicators.

  • The population whose calorie intake is insufficient.
  • Children who have low height for their age.
  • Children under the age of 5 have low height for their age.
  •  The morality of those under the age of 5 years.

It is unfortunate that India, a newly developing power, is the only country in South Asia that has a better position than Afghanistan. India has the highest child wasting rate, at 19.3%, which is higher than last year, and undernutrition has increased to 16.3%.

Global Nutrition Report 2020

The Global Nutrition Report a drive started to end malnutrition in all forms. During the Global health assembly in 2012, 6 goals were set to remove malnutrition by 2025…

  • 40% reduction in reduce of height under the age of five.
  • Achieve a 50% reduction in anemia in reproductive-age women;
  • 30% reduction in low birth weight; and no increase in childhood obesity.
  • Increase the rate of breastfeeding to at least 50% in the first 6 months.
  • reduce and keep childhood waste to less than 5%

Government Initiative

To fight malnutrition, the government designed a three-phase strategy. The Public Distribution System will provide grain allowance to the poor, allowing them to purchase food. Therefore, the second phase includes Integrated Child Development Services in Anganwadi centers for children aged 6 months to 3 years and morning snacks for children aged 3 to 6 years. Women and Child Development are in charge of this program. In the third phase, students are provided with a midday meal program at school.

India’s PM while talking to World Economic Forum 2018 announced India to be $ 5 trillion by 2025 which seems impossible with 38.5% under 5 years of age children and 35.8% underweight.

The government has launched PoshanAbhiyan in 2018 with the aim to remove malnutrition by 2022. But in spite of this initiative, we are lacking behind

We believe that malnutrition at a young age is critical in order to take the necessary steps to remove its harmful effect in the near future. Hunger has a greater impact and increases the risk of disease spreading.

To get updates about our activities around Delhi/ NCR follow the Smile India Trust organization’s Facebook page. Visit our page to know more about us.




Smile Organization for Infant Child Protection | SIT

Ngo Smile

We all feel our child is the most beautiful creation of God. His/Her smile makes life worthy. The Smile Organization has always been working for the protection of Infant children.

Smile Organization is a well-known NGO that believes we should transform the world into a safe haven. We are constantly working to improve the lives of infant children and, provide them with all of the basic necessities for a healthy life.

On November 7th, Infant Protection Day is observed to commemorate the protection and development of children from infancy to age one, which is the most vulnerable period of their lives. The development of an infant begins at birth. In the first three months after birth, an infant goes through a lot of development. He reacts to a variety of stimuli, including facial expression, vision, hearing, and forming bonds with his parents. Despite improving statistics, India’s infant mortality and female foeticide rates remain concerning when compared to global figures, with experts attributing the leading causes to the country’s low healthcare spending, as well as illnesses such as pneumonia, and severe malnutrition.

After delivery, however, children confront a variety of difficulties that put their lives in danger owing to a lack of safety and care. One-sixth of all births worldwide—65,385 infants born each day—occur in India. One of these newborns per minute passes away. In only one other large nation, India, do more girl babies die than boy babies. Currently, there is an 11% gender gap in child survival.


Smile Organization Offers Assistance to Infants

As India observes Infant Protection Day, our NGO raises awareness about the security of children and the value of appropriate protection and care in order to reduce both newborn and mother’s death at a young age. According to a 2022 report, which shows that the number of deaths among infant children has decreased by 3.61% from 2021, India has made significant progress in lowering its infant mortality rate (IMR). Inbirths,  27.695 deaths per 1000 live births, whereas births, 021 births.28.771 deaths per 1000 live births

Our organization’s goal and mission are to offer a helping hand to the needy and young children who live in poverty in slums. In order to give their infants a purposeful life, we have a moral obligation to assist them. Infants need to be protected in order to raise notice of the issue. The main obligation that needs to be handled is Infant Child Protection which seeks to take care of infants and provide them with adequate health services.

As a result, the smile organization has taken the initiative to develop great baby care services, including appropriate health care systems that will guide them through any difficulties.

Our non-profit organization has announced a successful strategy to reduce infant mortality. Due to a lack of access to basic health care, a lack of understanding, and the expanding population load, infant mortality has not decreased as anticipated. Future citizens, and infants need to be protected because they are the future of the world. To assist new mothers, we have started a variety of projects.

Why Do We Need Protection of Infant Children ?

With 1.37 billion inhabitants, India is currently the second-most populous nation in the world, placing it among the IMR’s most vulnerable nations. An estimated 26 million babies are born in India each year.

According to the 2011 census, children in India who were 6 years old or younger made up 13% of the country’s overall population.

Improving maternal nutrition, modernizing the nation’s medical infrastructure, which the pandemic has damaged, and running public awareness programs to teach mothers about childbirth can all significantly improve India’s newborn health results.

 Area where trauma faced by infants:

  • Underweight babies brought on by premature birth
  • Injuries sustained during pregnancy
  • Infections

According to RTI statistics, over 920,000 children in India are “severely acutely malnourished,” with the majority living in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Experts worry that the economic hardship brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak will have worsened India’s health and nutrition crisis.

Typical Risks to Infants

●    Cold and Flu

Infants have weak immune, which puts them at a high risk of contracting illnesses like the flu and the common cold. Make an appointment with a doctor if you notice cold or flu symptoms in your child, such as a runny nose, coughing, and other similar symptoms. A cold or the flu can develop into pneumonia in newborns if it is not cure. Infant-safe flu and cold treatment may be recommend by the doctor. Under no circumstances should medication be provided to children without first consulting a doctor.

●    Jaundice

One of the most common conditions affecting newborns is jaundice, which usually appears three to four days after birth and lasts for a week to ten days. Infants’ undeveloped livers induce jaundice, which manifests as high bilirubin levels throughout the body and yellow eyes. The condition becomes better in a week. But if jaundice appears within 24 hours of delivery or persists for more than three weeks, the pediatrician will investigate the cause and take the appropriate action.

These elements primarily causing an increase in the death rate are the burden of the population with a complementary deficit in the health service infrastructure, and lack of sufficient awareness. Breastfeeding is a blessing for babies since the mother’s milk is the primary source of protein and vitamins and acts as nectar for her child.

However, in, as a result, children who lack sufficient nourishment are more susceptible to today’s world, breastfeeding is not seen as unfashionable, and infections may even pass away if they don’t receive timely medical attention or care.

Simile organization admits that without providing a sufficient amount of nutrition to the mother, you can’t keep an infant healthy.

If you have any questions regarding support you can write us at [email protected]. visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on know more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We hope this blog will change your perception of Smile India Trust reviews.












Smile India Trust uplifts the lives of poor

Smile India Trust

Smile India Trust is helping the poor and needy families of society. We strive to provide the basic amenities to slum-dwellers. Smile India Trust brings new hopes and smiles to their faces. Through our blogs we aware people of the services and benefits we provide to poor families. They are unable to manage the resources of their need. That is why we help and support them in living their life easily. 

Helping them will enhance their life quality. We make sure to avail the basic needs of human beings. Especially to those who are unable to help themselves and their loved ones. Our NGO had taken an oath that we will help as many poor families as possible. Our NGO welcomes those who want to help us in our initiatives.

Covid had disturbed the source of income of such deprived families. This is a matter of concern because India exports many things to other countries. But its people are dying due to hunger and poverty. Despite being an agriculture-driven country, many children are dying due to malnutrition. India is one of the largest exporters of cereals and 2nd largest exporter of rice. 

We export these things to countries that are not agriculture-driven. Like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE, and Bangladesh. Smile India Trust is one of the leading NGOs to support needy families. These families are already suffered a lot due to Covid Pandemic. Hence, we support them by providing education, food, and other necessities.

How Smile India Trust helps in reducing hunger and poverty in society?

This is a very serious issue that needs to be tackled as soon as possible. Here are some steps by which we can tackle this issue.

  1. Bring self-employment

As our government dreams of “AATM NIRBHAR BHARAT,” we also educate people for the same. Volunteers of our NGO visit several areas to aware people importance of employment. We all know that because of insufficient money these families are unable to get their needs. These families hardly earn for their survival and this is why we help them by providing skills. We provide skills like crafting, painting, and others to make them self-dependent. 

  1. More schools and collages 

The government needs to build more schools and colleges for poor children. Education will give them the power to enhance their standard of living. Because of Covid and lack of technology, these children got deprived of education. Volunteers camp and teach children to enhance their knowledge. Education will help them in bettering their situation by getting a good job.

  1. Food Distribution

The Smile India Trust always comes forward to feed hungry stomachs. We do not judge people based on their caste, or color. We understand only one thing that they need help and we have to help humanity. Food is the basic need for human survival and that is why we distribute the healthiest meals to people in slums. The food distribution is not strictly limited to basic meals. Sometimes along with the food, we distribute milk, pastries, and packets from Mac D. That brings smiles to their faces. 

You can come forward in helping poor families. Visit our website more. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for daily updates.


Smile India Trust | Distributing Happiness to the needy in slums

Smile India Trust

Smile India Trust is distributing happiness in the form of various services. Serving poor people is an act of good deed. We always come forward to help those who are in need. Every year, millions of people die due to hunger. Because of Covid, many families’ lives got devoted. Our initiative is to provide dry rations, sanitation kits, and essential kits to those in need. These things will help them in their easy survival. Smile India Trust tries to make people access all the basic things for their survival. Our NGO volunteers reach a slum area and provide them with the necessary supplies. Smile India Trust is working for the betterment of society. Our NGO is the best in India for providing basic facilities in slums. 

What does Smile India Trust Foundation do?

Our NGO provides, free of cost medical help to children and women of our Nation. As a renowned NGO, we try to tackle the problem related to health issues. Maintaining good health is very important for leading a healthy life. We camp at several locations in Delhi/ NCR, U.P,  And Meerut. Volunteers organize free medical checkups at certain intervals of time. 

We start several programs for making easy survival for needy families. These families hardly earn for fulfilling their basic needs, and in this condition how will they get treatment in big hospitals? That is why we provide the necessary support to give them a healthy life. During Covid, our NGO supported these families by distributing masks, sanitizers, and food. 

Our NGO is now stepping out of the Covid zone and now counseling people to maintain a healthy life. One can live a healthy life, healthy life can be managed if he/she eats nutritious food which our NGO plays an important role in. Our volunteers serve daily food and another service to poor families. 

Along with the food we focus on educating the young youth population of India. Most families in slums directly or indirectly engage their children in working. We strongly object to this and acknowledge people for sending children to schools. The school will provide them with education. This is the only way by which they can come out from the wheels of poverty. 

Women Health & Hygienic

Maintaining women’s health is very important. They are the root of a family. They maintain a healthy discipline in their family. If they are healthy then only they can keep others healthy. This NGO is best for protecting and empowering women and children. We live in a society where women are sometimes treated differently. Our NGO tries to fill this gap by empowering women. 

Women are the base of a new life. Since giving birth to a new life, women’s bodies need to be healthy. That is the main reason we are always aware of women taking good care of their health. We provide skills so that they can earn money. The more girls become financially independent, the more it will empower them. At last, we would like to urge people to come forward and help needy families. You can visit our website helping poor families. Get daily updates from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.