Master Ayush

Age: 1.6 Year
Master Ayush, 1 year and 6 months old little boy came in contact with hot milk accidentally. Due to this incident, he has incurred burns on his right-hand, face, neck and ear areas. The doctors declared that his body got 2nd and 3rd Degree deep 31 % thermal burn injuries. Being only 18 months old, he is tolerating a high level of pain. The parents are from an economically weaker section of the society and hence unable to provide the treatment cost of Rs 1,90,000/-. Would request all donors to come forward for Master Ayush and save him so that he can lead a normal life. For more medical details click here Read More.

Baby Pihu

Age: 58 Days
Financial help required for Baby Pihu, who is just 58 days old. This girl child has severe infection due to blood leukemia symptoms. She has suffering from severe nose bleeding, excessive sweating, swollen liver. This baby girl was brought to the hospital in a critical state on 13 Jan 2022 and is currently in NICU (Nursery ICU). The total cost of her treatment is Rs 33,768. She belongs to a poor family in Muzaffarpur. Her father being a farmer is not in a condition to bear the overall expenses as he is a daily wage laborer and earning just Rs 9300/- per month to run his family. Currently, the child Pihu's condition demands immediate help, you can view the medical history of this child by clicking her. Read More.

Master Kaushal

Age: 2.9 Years
Master Kaushal Mathur, 2 years 9 months old accidentally came in contact with hot water and his body got up to 30% thermal burns and was given an estimate of Rs 2,50,000/- for the overall treatment and skin surgeries. He belongs to a financially feeble family. His family is not in a condition to bear the overall expenses. Please come forward to help this needy child. Read More.

Baby Khushi

Age: 3 Years
Baby Khushi, 3 years old female child accidentally came in contact with fire flames while her mother was cooking and got burnt. She got approx. 30% thermal burn injuries on her face and neck areas. The nature of the injury is critical and doctors recommended immediate debridement procedures and further surgeries costing Rs 2,23,000 for a speedy recovery. The child is in a lot of pain and the family are helpless due to their economical conditions, as they cannot bear the child's medical expenses. To know more on the details you can view here. Read More.