Baby Archana

Age:19 Days
Financial help is required for Baby Archana, a 19 days old female child. Unfortunately, the child from birth is suffering from Congenital heart defect, Pulmonary artery disorder, blocking blood from getting to lungs. Other organs are under developed and has intestinal obstruction too. She was bought to the hospital, in a critical situation, and the doctors recommended severe observations in NICU and medications. His parents, being from a financially weak family, are unable to provide the treatment cost of Rs 1,49,200/-. To know details on this case click here. Read More.

Baby Akriti

Age:1 Year
Baby Akriti, 1 year old female child accidentally came in contact with hot milk and got burnt. She got approx. 15 % thermal burn injuries on her chest and abdomen areas. The nature of the injury is critical and doctors recommended debridement procedures and further surgeries costing Rs 1,90,000 for a speedy recovery. To know more on the details you can view here case history here. Read More.