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Smile Organization make efforts to empower the underprivilege women

Smile Organization

Smile Organization is making rigorous efforts to help the children escape the devastating situation. With that we are always looking at broadening our scope and we wish to focus on more such issues. Which highlights social discrimination in society. Empowering women is one of those efforts that the smile organization has undertaken. To help women gain an equal status in society. Smile Organization is taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes by trying new things. Pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence in our own terms.

Smile Organizations are continuously taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes. By trying new things, pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence on our own terms.

Keeping these things in mind, Smile Organization started a new initiative, Project Garima, under which girls and women will learn skills in a practical manner. Under this program, they will learn about tailoring. This project is focusing on economically weaker sections of girls and women. In this, we are trying to cover all age groups of women and adolescent girls.

Smile organization recognises the need for a woman to be independent:

The smile organization believes that well-educated women will have confidence in their minds. With an ability to achieve various milestones in life apart from being a housewife. Here are the reasons why the women need to be independent or take steps to become independent:

Sense of security:

A working woman has a sense of financial security. She stood up to her family for her rights. Women are less educated to men in ancient times. After marriage, if they faced domestic violence, they couldn’t go anywhere else. As they didn’t have the knowledge or education to get a proper job to feed themselves. Smile organization realizes this cause and helps women to get an education. With experience, they can get a job on their own.

Stop feeling powerless:

Even today women face domestic violence from husbands. Their in-laws, are financially independent and have knowledge of Indian law. Proper education is a must to empower them to stand against this kind of cruelty.

Not to become a liability:

From the time she is born and married to. Society views women as a liability to the family. No one wants to be a liability for their family in this modern world. Education and employment prevent women from becoming a liability to their families.

To make one’s own identity:

Everyone wants to have their own identity and work hard day and night to gain a position in society. Society gives a strong identity to males, not women. They have to make a way for themselves to make their own identity. Smile organization focuses on giving women a platform to educate them. To get a proper job to grab a decent status in society.

Smile Organization efforts to make women empowered and independent:

Education as a catalyst:

Smile Organization has a set of schools in rural areas in which girls get support to get an education. NGOs take care of their education if they are good.

Vocational training or skill enhancement:

Smile Organization focuses on providing education and knowledge.  The organization knows that knowledge without skills is of no use.  Smile organization sets up various workshops for women to gain hands-on experience on various fields of work.

Drive to generate awareness in society:

Smile Organization organizes various drives and awareness campaigns to generate awareness among the masses. To inform them about the benefits of educating and empowering women to make them independent. This awareness drive has proven to be fruitful as many families have come forward. They have shown a positive attitude toward women’s education. On the idea of women doing the same job as men in society.

Smile organization has pressed forward various ways for women to become independent:

Bring Equality to the society:

Discrimination and inequalities always begin at the base. If a boy attends school his sister stays home. She is a girl, it plants the grain of discriminatory practices in the boy’s mind. He believes he is superior as he is a man.

Girls participating in education with boys create a feeling of equality, not superiority. Educating men and women helps promote the concepts of justice.

We have come through actions of unpaid or underpaid women workers. Women’s allowance is less of the men’s.  Breaking this stereotype and negative practice awareness and proper education is the need among the public.  They can know that there is no difference between men and women only the biological one.

Being Ready:

More women are putting issues into their own hands, the majority lack the same. Life-changing events frequently come as a surprise to women. Prepare in advance for a variety of life events, like relocating after marriage, or starting a family. Trying to decide to leave your job, having your own child, choosing to be a single parent. Finances can be challenging even with a loving spouse or family. You must have a solid strategy and the ability to act quickly if you want to succeed.

Self-education is essential:

It is essential for personal growth and economic expansion. Our education gives us the tools we need to pick up new talents and interact politely with others. We must not make distinctions based on gender or sexual orientation. Giving educational opportunities as education is a vital human right.


Approximately half of the population is women. This is a  problem because, without education, a country will not grow and develop. Educating women will contribute to the development of the country. And with women education, we can make sure and rest sure that the upcoming future is in good hands. A well-educated and highly knowledgeable woman can never undereducate her children. She will make efforts to make them good citizens of the nation. Through Project Garima, the Smile Organisation will offer women and girls the chance to develop strong financial foundations.

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