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We provide Ngo Service in India and try to get smile on helpless people

NGO Services India? When we think in terms of NGOs we feel about a helping aid. Aid for poor people who have no hopes just because of a lack of financial help.

There are various NGO Services India working in different sectors just to improve the lifestyle. And TO provide basic needs to people living in underprivileged societies and in difficult situations.

NGO Services India

We Smile India Trust promise to deprive Indian children, that they will get proper educational facilities along with free medical support and shelter. In many places, we have seen that children get exploited by some people living in upper-class society by making them work for long hours and don’t give them enough money in return. Every child has a right to get an education, and we at Smile India Trust believe it, but our volunteers also go to people in the slums where we counsel them and show them the value of education. As volunteers, we convince them to educate their children, no matter what their gender is. Read More

Smile India Trust always participates in the welfare of our society and the Meals of Happiness Program is a small contribution of getting a smile on underprivileged and slum areas people by daily distribution of food in November 2021 month.  We, have also distributed hygiene kits including mask, clothes distribution to extend support for the underprivileged people of our society.  To view our activities this month click here.