One of the strategic goals of the organization includes early intervention in the life of the a child living in the streets and slums and providing them adequate facilities to bring them out of cycle of poverty.

Our Holistic Education Programme for underprivileged children in the slums of Delhi and Howrah is a major programme formulated to ensure basic educational rights of disadvantaged children in the age group of 3 to 18 years.

The programme has five major components:

Community mobilization and
Capacity building

Our goal:

To ensure mainstream education for all children of vulnerable communities.


Educating Underprivileged children’s of age 3-5 through early intervention centre.
Providing best coaching assistance to the needy students of vulnerable community, through coaching centres.
Organize campaigns among different levels of society to spread awareness about importance of education and importance of sending children to formal schools.
Ensuring all People of Deprived community is aware of the government’s schemes and is being utilized by the people effectively.
Increasing awareness of child protection through making people aware about the rights of children.

Making parents and children aware of importance of Nutritional value and health benefits for our body’s sustainability.

Provide ample amount of opportunities through different Co-curricular activities to realize their own interests and potential.
Formation and Capacity Building of Peer Educator Groups and Parent’s Committee.

Smile India Trust Education South


213 children from Smile India Trust Coaching appeared for their final examination in schools.
Only 2 children could not be promoted to their next class in school, 17 of the children have been promoted to next class but they were not given the results from the school.
The grade-wise distribution of 195 children in the formal school examination results shows that 22% in Grade A (80-100 percent), 29% in Grade B (60-79 percent), 43% of them are in Grade C (25-59 percent) and 6% in grade D.
26 drop outs from coaching centre’s and majority of have taken Private tuitions which shows there seriousness towards education and earning opportunity for parents have increased.
Over 14px of students scored more than 50% marks in quarterly test at coaching Centre’s.

235 students received 100 days coaching and out of which 222 students have been promoted to next class which is 94.45%.

80% of children have improved their weight in crèche.

Smile India Trust Education North


311 children from Smile India Trust Coaching appeared in the annual examination in school. Out of the, 7 have not been promoted to the next class, 13 children have lost their results, 2 children did not receive the results from school and 4 children have appeared for Madhyamik Examination this year in February 2014.
The Grade-wise distribution of the remaining 285 children shows that the highest percentage of children are in Grade C (25-59 percent), which is 63%, followed by 20% in Grade B (60-79 percent), 11% in Grade D (below 25 percent) and 7% in Grade A (80-100 percent).
14 children from Narkeldanga area have received Minority Scholarship due to their good results in school. They have been provided a sum of Rs. 1240 through cheque from their formal school.
Average percentage of attendance in the crèche and Coaching during the period is 95% and 86% respectively.
100% of children received nutrition, who all were present in the crèche.

80 % of children have improved their weight for age in crèche and 64% of children in coaching have improved their weight.

95% of students have scored more than 50% in quarterly test at coaching Centre’s.

45% of the parents in the crèche and 50% of the parents in the coaching, who regularly attended the parents meeting within the centre are those parents who understand the importance of education in the life of their children and give their best efforts to do the maximum for their children, in spite of their several constraint in economic and intellectual level.

5 children in the age group of 3-6 years have been linked with the ICDS programme to ensure their pre-primary education and supplementary nutrition service.

27 adolescent girls have been linked with the Sabola Project under ICDS, to address their adolescent health related problem and get the supply of IFA (Iron Folic Acid) Tablets ensured to them under the project.

37 out of school and drop out children from the community have been enrolled to formal school.

The Annual scholarship for sc/st children is Rs 500, given by central Government form school. Minority Scholarship is given to girls of Rs 1240 twice a year, through Cheque from the school. Scholarship is also given to BPL Children by Government, Many Smile India Trust children have Got this Scholarship.

Integrated English Medium Center


95% of students scored more than 50% in quarterly test at Coaching centre.
Average attendance of students in crèche and coaching centre were 70% and 80% respecvely.
85% of students (17 out of 20) have been promoted to next class.
ASER stands for Annual Status of Education Report. This is an annual survey that aims to provide reliable annual estimates of children’s and basic learning levels for each district and state in India.

Empowering and Protecting the children

Child Development Khazana

Street children being the most vulnerable and underprivileged section of the society demands protection at the highest level. Nabaasha have partnered with Butterfly, a Delhi-based organisation to implement a child saving programme with the street children of the Nabaasha Project named Child Development Khazana . The children act collaboratively and they are empowered to save an amount for themselves. The children are trained to manage and promote CDK. They maintain cashbook, ledger, passbook, and monitor advance and loan under adult guidance. It creates a sense of saving in the children. Another aspect to this project is adding the component of health, wherein selective CDK members are trained on various health issues and problems that they later share with the peer to spread awareness in the community. Presently, 130 children from the Nabaasha project is enrolled under the CDK programme and the total savings during the reporting period is Rs.6475 (81 Euro).