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Smile India Trust celebrates International Day of Peace

International Day

Every year on September 21, the world observes International Peace Day. The goals of the 2023 International Day of Peace are to recognize individual and social responsibility and to foster peace.

The observation of the International Day of Peace on September 21st  in a world that is plagued by turmoil and bloodshed. On this day, people and organizations from around the world unite to promote peace for each individual. The Smile India Trust is a non-governmental organization (NGO) serving to helping the underprivileged. It enthusiastically observed this day in 2023. Expressing its dedication to building peace and putting smiles on people’s faces throughout India.

International Day of Peace 2023

Every year on September 21, the International Day of Peace is enthusiastically observe all across the world. Today’s International Peace Day theme is “Eradicate Racism and Establish Peace. The United States General Assembly established International Peace Day in 2023. To promote the values of non-violence, peace, and ceasefire among various states and peoples.

The focus of International Peace Day in 2023, to the preamble provided by the UN, is the absence of violence. And harmony among others.

2023’s “International Day of Peace” will be a special occasion.

Smile India Trust made a significant effort to observe the International Day of Peace this year.  To spread happiness and raise awareness of the value of peace in Indian society. The group, driven by the idea that peace begins with simple acts of kindness.

Smile-Propagating Initiatives:

The “Smile Spreading Campaigns” that were venue in various places around the nation were one of the celebration’s high points. To help individuals in need, volunteers and organization members went door-to-door handing out free hygiene kits, food baskets, and clothing. These deeds of kindness were a reminder of the influence that acts of kindness. It have on peace to bring smiles to the recipients’ faces

Awareness Motivators:

The purpose of the Smile India Trust is fundamentally based on spreading awareness of the value of peace. The group carried out many awareness campaigns in conjunction with the International Day of Peace. Volunteers work with local communities, schools, and colleges to value nonviolent conflict resolution and to spread tolerance and understanding.

Teaching for Peace:

Smile India Trust is famous for its commitment to using education to improve communities. On this day, they unveiled the “Education for Peace” program. It aims to give impoverish kids who are victim of violence and poverty educational possibilities. The NGO wants to end the cycle of violence and conflict in vulnerable areas by educating these young minds.

Partnerships for Peace:

Smile India Trust works with other NGOs, and community leaders to promote peace. They collaborated to plan peace talks, roundtable discussions, and workshops to discover long-term resolutions for many.

Using social media:

Digital communication is essential, Smile India Trust uses social media to convey its message of peace in the world. We urged individuals from all walks of life to share their experiences of pleasant deeds. How they help create a more peaceful community with us.

Peaceful Smiles, Hopeful Hearts, is the conclusion.

Smile India Trust embodied the genuine meaning of the day by encouraging hope. Sharing smiles on the 2023 International Day of Peace. Their unwavering passion for enhancing the lives of the least fortunate and their dedication to fostering peace. Through educational campaigns and teamwork serve as an inspiration to all of us.

Organizations like Smile India Trust serve as a constant reminder of the value of compassion. Understanding, and cooperation in the fight for peace in a world that frequently appears to be separate. Let us keep in mind that peace starts with a smile and a good act. It is our duty to continue promoting peace as we consider how extraordinary their celebration Day of Peace was.

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Patient Engagement for Patient Safety on World Patient Safety Day 2023

World Patient Safety Day

On September 17, 2023, World Patient Safety Day will highlight the subject “Engaging patients for patient safety,”. In acknowledgment of the critical role that patients, families, and caregivers play in health care safety. Smile India Trust will observe this day as a day for its patient’s care. SIT focuses on providing basic health care to the sick and disease-stricken people. On World Patient Safety Day, Smile India trust will try to help their existing patients. They will take out drives to manage the health of the poor. This healthcare drive is for the poor to get basic medical treatment. As they do not have financial assistance to get treatment in private hospitals.

Smile India Trust believes that patients are partners in their care. By becoming active members of the healthcare team, patients can contribute to the safety of their care.

“Elevate the voice of patients!”

WHO, under the slogan “Elevate the voice of patients!” calls on all stakeholders to take the steps require. To guarantee that patients are involve in policy development, and represent in governance structures. This is possible by creating forums and chances for various patients families, and communities. To express their concerns, expectations, and preferences to enhance safety and patient-centeredness.

Background of the World Patient Safety Day;

World Patient Safety Day is one of the World Health Organization’s worldwide public health days. The 72nd World Health Assembly formed it in 2019 with the approval of resolution WHA72.6 – “Global action on patient safety.” Its goals are to raise public awareness and involvement and encourage Member States to work together to improve medical safety.

The Goals of World Patient Safety Day 2023;

  1. Raise global understanding of the importance of active patient, family, and caregiver engagement. In all settings and at all levels of health care to promote patient safety.
  2. Involve policymakers, healthcare leaders, civil society, and other stakeholders. In efforts to involve patients and families in safe healthcare policies and practices.
  3. Encourage patients and families to be active participants in their own health care and in the enhancement of healthcare safety.
  4. Encourage all partners to take immediate action. On patient and family participation in accordance with the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030.

Smile India Trust welfare and medical services on World Patient Safety Day 2023;

Smile India Trust has proved its commitment to make a significant difference. In the lives of patients, of those who cannot afford proper medical treatment.

Raising Awareness of Patient Safety:

Smile India Trust promotes patient safety through workshops and seminars. Involving medical professionals, patients, and the community, to minimize errors. Maintain hygiene standards, and ensure a safe healthcare environment.

Providing a Healing Hand to Those in Need:

The genuine desire to serve the needy is at the heart of Smile India Trust’s goal. In honor of World Patient Safety Day, the charity organizes life-changing medical camps in remote and neglected locations. These camps offer free medical check-ups, consultations, and treatments. To those who cannot afford healthcare. Smile India Trust provides medical aid and hope to families facing health issues.

Innovative Crowdfunding for Critical Treatments:

Using current technology for a good cause is one of the most motivating features of Smile India Trust’s approach. On World Patient Safety Day, the NGO organizes crowdfunding initiatives in keeping with its commitment to inclusivity. These initiatives provide financial assistance for important treatments and procedures for patients who cannot afford them. Smile India Trust develops a platform where anybody can contribute to saving lives. By leveraging the power of social media and community solidarity.


Smile India Trust’s efforts serve as a beacon of hope and transformation in a world where healthcare access remains unequal. Their message on World Patient Safety Day sends a message that everyone deserves quality treatment and a safe medical environment.

Let Smile India Trust’s extraordinary efforts inspire us as we approach World Patient Safety Day. They remind us that a healthier, safer world is a practical reality. Within reach by supporting patient safety awareness and providing compassion to the least fortunate.

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SIT pledges to provide best NGO services in India to the underprivileged ones.

NGO services in India

Thinking of the best NGO service in India is a welfare group. We think of an organization that selflessly works for the welfare of society. Doing the service without any compromise results in SIT being one of the best NGO services in India. Smile India Trust tries to stand out as one of the best NGO service providers in India. By doing all the welfare activities at a large scale with a motive to help the helpless.

What makes Smile India Trust one of the best NGO services in India?

Smile India Trust promises to underprivileged Indian children with suitable educational facilities. We have witnessed numerous instances where adults from upper-class social classes force children to labor.  Every child has the right to an education, and at the Smile India Trust, we believe this to be true. Our volunteers visit residents in slums to offer advice and highlight the importance of education. We persuade them to educate their children, of any gender.

Children of today are the future of tomorrow, Smile India Trust realizes this view. Efforts are made to provide education to children and help them in the building process. According to numerous statistics, a large number of youngsters in India live below the poverty line. They primarily originate from low-income neighborhoods. An NGO for kids in India called Smile India Trust has vowed to support kids’ education and change the country.

Food drive:

The NGO provides food for those who cannot afford it. By setting up meal points daily and by providing midday meals to the poor children at school.

Clothes drive:

SIT takes in various used clothes from its donors and distributes them among the poor people. Who lives in the streets and who cannot afford a piece of cloth on his body.

Green India and Clean India drive:

The trust creates an awareness among the people regarding the need for a healthy environment. And the importance of sanitation in leading a disease-free life.

Road safety drive:

The trust teaches children the road safety measures. Teaches them to cross a road in traffic. This knowledge helps children to cross the roads with precaution lowering accidents on the road.

Cancer Awareness Drive:

Making people aware of cancer and the scope of early detection.

Education drive:

It creates an awareness about the benefits and advantages of education. In the working sector, it tries to engage the children in educational activities. To make them a knowledgeable citizen of the future.

Along with these drives, Smile India Trust also organizes camps. The camps organized by Smile India Trust are;

Counselling camp

Career counseling camp to guide the kids on the right path.
Disaster Relief Camp- providing financial support, shelter, and distribution of relief materials.

Blood Donation Camp

To raise awareness that we all have the power to save people’s lives by donating blood.

Health & Hygiene Camp

Creating awareness regarding health care and hygiene.

Blood Donation Camp

To raise awareness that we all have the power to save people’s lives by donating blood.


With special care to be provided to the poor children to make their lives slightly better. The trust is thriving because of our donors, trustees,  partner organizations, and volunteers. Who work relentlessly to create a just and equitable society where people can live a quality life with dignity. We believe that we have to prevent the barriers hindering the growth possibilities of poverty-stricken children. This is why we strive for the best NGO service in India.

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Smile Organization make efforts to empower the underprivilege women

Smile Organization

Smile Organization is making rigorous efforts to help the children escape the devastating situation. With that we are always looking at broadening our scope and we wish to focus on more such issues. Which highlights social discrimination in society. Empowering women is one of those efforts that the smile organization has undertaken. To help women gain an equal status in society. Smile Organization is taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes by trying new things. Pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence in our own terms.

Smile Organizations are continuously taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes. By trying new things, pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence on our own terms.

Keeping these things in mind, Smile Organization started a new initiative, Project Garima, under which girls and women will learn skills in a practical manner. Under this program, they will learn about tailoring. This project is focusing on economically weaker sections of girls and women. In this, we are trying to cover all age groups of women and adolescent girls.

Smile organization recognises the need for a woman to be independent:

The smile organization believes that well-educated women will have confidence in their minds. With an ability to achieve various milestones in life apart from being a housewife. Here are the reasons why the women need to be independent or take steps to become independent:

Sense of security:

A working woman has a sense of financial security. She stood up to her family for her rights. Women are less educated to men in ancient times. After marriage, if they faced domestic violence, they couldn’t go anywhere else. As they didn’t have the knowledge or education to get a proper job to feed themselves. Smile organization realizes this cause and helps women to get an education. With experience, they can get a job on their own.

Stop feeling powerless:

Even today women face domestic violence from husbands. Their in-laws, are financially independent and have knowledge of Indian law. Proper education is a must to empower them to stand against this kind of cruelty.

Not to become a liability:

From the time she is born and married to. Society views women as a liability to the family. No one wants to be a liability for their family in this modern world. Education and employment prevent women from becoming a liability to their families.

To make one’s own identity:

Everyone wants to have their own identity and work hard day and night to gain a position in society. Society gives a strong identity to males, not women. They have to make a way for themselves to make their own identity. Smile organization focuses on giving women a platform to educate them. To get a proper job to grab a decent status in society.

Smile Organization efforts to make women empowered and independent:

Education as a catalyst:

Smile Organization has a set of schools in rural areas in which girls get support to get an education. NGOs take care of their education if they are good.

Vocational training or skill enhancement:

Smile Organization focuses on providing education and knowledge.  The organization knows that knowledge without skills is of no use.  Smile organization sets up various workshops for women to gain hands-on experience on various fields of work.

Drive to generate awareness in society:

Smile Organization organizes various drives and awareness campaigns to generate awareness among the masses. To inform them about the benefits of educating and empowering women to make them independent. This awareness drive has proven to be fruitful as many families have come forward. They have shown a positive attitude toward women’s education. On the idea of women doing the same job as men in society.

Smile organization has pressed forward various ways for women to become independent:

Bring Equality to the society:

Discrimination and inequalities always begin at the base. If a boy attends school his sister stays home. She is a girl, it plants the grain of discriminatory practices in the boy’s mind. He believes he is superior as he is a man.

Girls participating in education with boys create a feeling of equality, not superiority. Educating men and women helps promote the concepts of justice.

We have come through actions of unpaid or underpaid women workers. Women’s allowance is less of the men’s.  Breaking this stereotype and negative practice awareness and proper education is the need among the public.  They can know that there is no difference between men and women only the biological one.

Being Ready:

More women are putting issues into their own hands, the majority lack the same. Life-changing events frequently come as a surprise to women. Prepare in advance for a variety of life events, like relocating after marriage, or starting a family. Trying to decide to leave your job, having your own child, choosing to be a single parent. Finances can be challenging even with a loving spouse or family. You must have a solid strategy and the ability to act quickly if you want to succeed.

Self-education is essential:

It is essential for personal growth and economic expansion. Our education gives us the tools we need to pick up new talents and interact politely with others. We must not make distinctions based on gender or sexual orientation. Giving educational opportunities as education is a vital human right.


Approximately half of the population is women. This is a  problem because, without education, a country will not grow and develop. Educating women will contribute to the development of the country. And with women education, we can make sure and rest sure that the upcoming future is in good hands. A well-educated and highly knowledgeable woman can never undereducate her children. She will make efforts to make them good citizens of the nation. Through Project Garima, the Smile Organisation will offer women and girls the chance to develop strong financial foundations.

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International Literacy Day, SIT believes Education breaks poverty cycles

International Literacy Day

LI. Every year on September 8th, the world celebrates International Literacy Day. A day dedicated to improving literacy awareness and advocating education as a fundamental human right. With 775 million individuals worldwide without basic reading and writing abilities. And 152 million children not attending school, addressing literacy gaps is critical.

This day serves as a reminder of literacy’s transforming power. Literacy is about reading and writing. It is about opening doors to new knowledge, possibilities, and personal growth. It allows people to actively participate in their communities, make educated decisions, and better their livelihoods.  Literacy is a driving force behind the achievement of many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It includes goals like poverty reduction, gender equality, and reduced inequality.

International Literacy Day promotes governments, organizations, and communities to collaborate and implement literacy-improving projects. Smile India Trust sets a goal to ensure mainstream education for all children of vulnerable communities. And we take initiatives to provide basic education for the children in the rural and suburban areas.

We celebrate the importance of literacy in shaping the world by commemorating this day. International Literacy Day reminds us that every step made to improve literacy is a step toward empowering individuals.

Background of International Literacy Day;

From 1967, International Literacy Day (ILD) has taken place to remind the public of the importance of literacy. It is a matter of dignity and human rights, to push the literacy agenda toward a more literate society.

After steady improvement, literacy issues persist. With 763 million young people and adults lacking basic literacy abilities by 2020. The COVID-19 crisis, and other crises like climate change and conflicts, have exacerbated the problems.

SIT’s marking objectives in the field of spreading knowledge this International Literacy Day

Educating Underprivileged Children Aged 3-5:

One of the most impactful ways to improve the lives of underprivileged children is through early intervention centers. As it focuses on educating kids between the ages of three and five. By providing access to quality education and support systems, we can help level the playing field for these children. And give them the tools they need to succeed in life. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference. For the individual children and society as a whole.

Providing the best coaching assistance:

Coaching centers are essential for helping vulnerable students reach their full potential. They provide guidance with homework, test prep, and academic support to overcome any obstacles. With the right coaching, students can achieve great things and reach their goals.

Organize campaigns:

Organizing awareness campaigns can promote education and encourage parents to send their kids to school. Different communities and demographics can target to spread the message about the benefits of education. Public events and outreach programs can use partnerships with local schools to create a culture of learning. And empowerment that transforms lives and contributes to society’s development.

Increasing awareness of child protection through education:

Protecting children requires increasing awareness and educating people about their rights. We can create a safer environment by providing access to education, healthcare, and support for families and communities. Implementing laws and policies can prevent abuse and neglect. It is us who can help a child for a better future.

Break the vicious cycle of poverty through education:

Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty through education is crucial to improving the lives of individuals and communities. Education provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure better job opportunities, higher wages, and improved living conditions. It helps to improve health outcomes, reduce crime rates, and promote social inclusion. Investing in education is a moral obligation and an economic necessity. By providing equal access to education for all, we can create a more just and equitable society. Where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the common good.


Smile India Trust acknowledges the need for education in the modern world. The cycle of poverty is unbreakable for the poor if they remain uneducated. Smile India Trust believes that education opens the door to multiple opportunities for people. The NGO’s major motive is to help the slum children. We wish to open up schools in various slums to provide education to these children.

In this International Literacy Day SIT pledges to continue the spread of education to the poor. With the help of our generous donors, we will take our mission to make it a great success.

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August 2023

Serving the needs of the needy serves our purpose of creating a just and equal world. Like other months, in August also we worked hard to achieve our mission. We feel glad to share with you the work done by us in the month of August. Our August activities include special educational activities, free distribution of nutritional food and clothing, distribution of women’s hygiene kits, the Maa Dham program for elderly women, and the Garima Project, which teaches women tailoring and stitching and provides assistance to underprivileged people in our society. For more knowledge on the August activities click here.