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Smile Donations a light to Destitute People

Smile Donations

Poverty is the worst situation in people’s lives. To this problem, the only solution is to lend a helping hand to these destitute people. The best way to be a helping hand is to be part of Smile India Trust initiative Smile Donations. It’s a gesture of kindness to the misfortunate ones.

The children are the worst affected by this situation. Life is a beautiful things full of challenges and struggles. Nevertheless, after the division in caste and criteria, the situation has worsened.  Smile Donations is the most effective solution to these issues. Donating to an NGO will benefit people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

People are dying from hunger, poverty, inadequate education, and even destitution, which is a tragic condition.By helping the underprivileged so that they might live a wise and beautiful life.  Life is a blessing because while some people live luxurious life, others barely make ends meet.

According to the report, over half of Indians skip dinner before bed. Now, that hurts not just the people who are suffering but also their sensitive minds and hearts. If you’re a compassionate person, you should think about giving some of your money to others in need.

Smile India Trust even before and still helping many homeless children and families through their initiatives. On a daily basis through our donors’ help, we feed families residing in slum areas.  All donors help us in our initiative smile donations.

Through Smile Donations, we help children residing on the streets who are not even able to get basic life necessities. The best possible way to show your love and support is through making a small contribution that has a huge impact on society.

Smile Donations on Importance of Donations

A fantastic method to extend your worldview is to invest time in improving your town. You can learn so much about how the world functions by being involved in society and surrounding yourself with individuals who are committed to making the world a better place. Serving individuals around you, gives you a certain sense of purpose that frequently shows up in other aspects of your life.

 Nevertheless, since the universe has granted you what you desire in life, you should express gratitude to it. Donating to a deity is absurd because they are rarely hungry or in need of money. In reality, you ought to lend a hand to others who are less fortunate. Moreover, doing it would be the wisest thing you have ever done.

Always surround yourself with people who dedicate to the noble cause of donations. Volunteering at the local food bank or shelter benefits the community’s less fortunate people. Giving back to the community where you live can help to close some divides.

Charity signifies a sense of obligation to contribute to the welfare of the world. You are thinking incorrectly if you think that the propaganda spread by numerous organizations and governments would end all poverty and issues.

In addition, you can only make that happen if you start giving right away. You experience psychological motivation when you give money away because giving makes your mind happy. The givers will really get, as the rule of nature states. That implies that you will receive more as you offer more. That, in essence, is indeed the law of return.

How you can get Involve in this Cause?

Unquestionably, you can give money to some homeless persons on the street, but that won’t help because you have to make sure that donations are given out properly. Consequently, you should make a donation through a charity that focuses on aiding the needy.

There may be thousands of these groups, but you must be able to identify the proper and genuine organization in order to make sure that the donated money to the underprivileged actually reaches them. Simile India Trust is one of such organization with a cause Smile Donations.


It’s time to practice a little gratitude and accountability because, without responsibility, anyone can affect change in the world. You can keep talking about reform and aiding the underprivileged, but words alone will not bring about change.

In contrast, if you truly want to assist, you should give money to the underprivileged. Just visit Smile India Trust website and here you can get all the information about the donation cause.

Apart from donations for underprivileged children, we also help girl children in the education sector. Apart from the education sector, there are numerous cases registered of mishappening with children. The families of these kids are from weaker sections and have lower incomes due to this they are unable to get their child treatment done.


For this purpose, our NGO Smile India Trust helps these needy people. We are only raising public awareness of the need to help the poor and destitute so that when one person starts helping, thousands of others will follow. Together, let’s make the world a better place.

We also distribute food and other basic stuff needed for an individual to survive.  During this chilled winter seasons we distributed blankets and warm clothes to destitute families to make their winters safer and warm.

If you have any doubt about our ngo you can simply visit the website and go through all cases. Donations might give you a greater sense of purpose than anything else. Your assistance will benefit the neighborhood and improve the quality of life in our nation.

For any kind of guidance or support, you can write us at [email protected]. Visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on to know more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on FacebookInstagramTwitter

Smile Donations| Things you can offer to support Charity Giving

Smile Donations

Donating to an NGO is an act of noble work. Smile Donations provide help to the misfortunes. Also, your small act of help is going to help many misfortunes. For donating an individual does not need big pockets all you need is a big heart. A donation does not mean that you have to financially help a needy. You can help them in other ways too. Let’s discuss some other donations rather than Money:

  1. Distribution of Blankets and Clothing in Bulk

The first and the foremost difference you can start making from your society. Homelessness and poverty are the most disheartening problems across the globe. Furthermore, things like Blankets and socks are definitely going to use. We utilize our assets in the form of Smile Donations to help the weaker section of society. This is so simple to understand that clothing is one of the most important necessities. Providing them with the basic necessity brings smiles to their faces. 

      2.Organ and Blood Donation for the Needy

As an NGO, we obviously take care of all kinds of necessities. A regular donation will help you along with the person in need. Every individual can donate blood after every 3 months. But only then when the donor’s condition is good and not suffering from any kind of problem. The Smile India Trust keeps organizing Blood camps to support the patients.

    3. You can volunteer with us

It is definitely not compulsory that you had to support a poor person financially. You can volunteer your time with us. Time is the most important factor of happy survival. You can volunteer with us and help the aged and disabled children. Besides this, you can distribute food to the needy in slums. You will observe that when you support these children & families they become happy. 

4. You can donate your hair to patients

Donating hair, especially when it comes to Girls is one of the toughest activities to get done. Patients who have Cancer, or other hair conditions had to go through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that contains hard chemicals to kill fast-growing cells. You need at least 8 to 10 inches of hair for hair donation. 

 5. Gifts for the needy on your special day

Many donors celebrate their special day at our rehabilitation center. It’s not necessary that you have to give them some luxurious gift. You can gift them cookies, food, play with them, any gesture that shows your love and care to them. These families and children are all alone and gifting them a ray of hope. 

6. Donate your skills to the children in the slum.

Donating your skill means that you are giving your knowledge and skills to the children. If you have any kind of special skill like cooking, dancing, photography teaches this to the child. The volunteers of our organization train the children at our rehabilitation centers. 

      Why support Smile Donations?

Reasons you should support the Smile India Trust are:

  • Smile India Trust provides food to approx 5000 to 6000 poor people on a daily basis. We provide nutritious food which is rich in fibers and proteins. 
  • The Smile India Trust provides clothes to the poor. Dirty clothes are also a reason for various kinds of diseases.
  • Smile India Trust supports the homeless. It is so heartbreaking that some people survive on roads.
  • The Smile India Trust education facilities to children. Education is the key by which these kids can get knowledge and skill for their better survival.
  • Our NGO supports Girl2B educational support which states that girls have equal rights. Education is important, but educating a girl child is more important. 
  • This NGO provides health care support to the old and needy persons. We had distributed medical and vitamin capsules for meeting the necessary calcium.

All these activities need financial as well as social help. Donation is the art of giving. We urge you to help us to help these needy people with their necessities. 


Lastly, our NGO urges all their readers to contribute to Smile Donations. We need to raise our funds to help more needy children and their families. To help us in raising the funds for the poor donate to us at

For detailed information and queries visit our website at For daily updates, you can follow our social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 



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