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Top Ngo in India helping poor children in winters

ngo in India,

Winter has spread its wings throughout northern India and in light of the bone-chilling cold conditions here in north India, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have stepped forward to provide sweaters and woolen clothes for all poor children in slum areas. Smile India Trust emerging, as the top ngo in India today will discuss initiatives, problems, and solutions for the same.

Children in Delhi and the NCR are dealing with a large number of displaced children, and winter temperatures regularly drop below freezing. According to the aid organization, many of these children will force to face the bitter cold in makeshift tents, inadequate housing, or out in the open. In the worst-case scenario, and without immediate assistance, these situations can be bad.

We all spent time during the winter in our beds and covered our bodies with warm clothes and blankets. We stop thinking about others when we are in our comfort zone. However, have you ever thought about the frosty weather condition, which is extremely unbearable for poor and homeless children?

Poor children who are fighting alone to survive in freezing winters, many top ngo in India assist these homeless people to survive the cold weather. They are homeless due to a lack of space and spend the night outside in the cold.

Many of these people burn bonfires to keep themselves warm. As it is often difficult to find space for rest, assisting people who cannot afford to rent a house and sleeping at road shelter homes are the best arrangements made. 

Smile India Trust top ngo in India during winter distributed blankets and warm clothes to children. As this is the best thing we can provide to these little butterflies.

Top NGO in India Provides Warmth for the Homeless in the Bitter Cold 

Increasing temperatures following a severe cold spell that affected the country’s capital this year have come as a huge relief to all residents of Delhi.  Few would have been relieved, however, as the thousands of homeless individuals who have made the roads their home. They are among the first to encounter the unpredictability of severe weather events, whether it be cold weather, extreme rain, or an abnormally warm summer. Winter, on the other hand, is the most dangerous of all. Claiming dozens, if not hundreds, of lives each year as the homeless are frequently left to fend for themselves.

NGOs play an important role in this situation because they assist needy people at the grassroots level. This is a critical situation because we are attempting to provide warmth for homeless people who have migrated from neighboring states. When we look at the facts, we can see that the situation is getting worse by the year, as more people die on the streets. This is because they lack access to primary health care, which adds fuel to fire in their hard times.

These people are among the most vulnerable, as they are subjected to the hard times of seasonal conditions, undernutrition, and an absence of other basic needs. As a result of which they struggle and drown in the streets.

As the temperature is dropping fast, few NGO is a responsible person shifting helpless and homeless people to shelter homes that sleep under the sky.  Homelessness is among the most severe forms of marginalization, with the majority of homeless people being malnourished and in extreme poverty. Access to healthcare facilities, as well as their affordability, is another barrier. Absurdly these harsh living conditions have a negative effect on one’s mental well-being in many cases.

Smile India Trust Sharing Data on Homeless People and Shelter Homes


The 2011 census found nearly 17.7 lakhs homeless people; however, the census does not include the entire homeless population. Furthermore, this information is a decade old because censuses are every ten years.

 As stated by the Supreme Court Commissioners, 37 lakhs people, or one percent of the urban population, is homeless. In 2019, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs conducted a 3rd survey to find urban homeless people. It is approximately 23.93 lakh, homeless people.

A report of the National Urban Livelihood Mission Shelter 2017 Supreme Court observed that the condition of shelter homes in India. However, with the effort of top Ngo India homeless people are getting shelter to live in. A place called home for them as the NGOs provide nutritious food and warm clothes.

Smile India Trust one of the top ngo in India takes care of these smiling faces by providing fresh food. Apart from this, we also distribute blankets in frosty climates.

Concerns raise about unequal wealth distribution. Several people possess too much, while others do not have enough. Due to a lack of resources, the latter must deal with a variety of issues. They cannot even obtain basic necessities. Slum dwellers are frequently viewed sleeping outside on roads in the bitter cold, trying to cover themselves . Commuters notice and disregard them. However, some people are taking time from their hectic schedules to help the needy. Providing a blanket or something similar to keep them warm. Primarily, the administration should consider and reserve some funds to provide slum dwellers with food and shelter.


If you want to help these needy people and especially the children and make their winter brighter and warmer winter. You can donate any amount you feel is good to help them.  Smile India Trust top ngo in India will help you to guide and donate the amount.

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Education NGO in Noida helps poor children in becoming literate

Education NGO in Noida

In the previous blog, you get to know how an education NGO in Noida helped a child in getting an education. Smile India Trust organization makes sure that all slum children get free education. Due to a lack of money or other conditions, they are unable to get educated. We find out those problems and try to solve them. Getting an education is the fundamental right of every individual. As an NGO we work to protect all the basic fundamental rights of a citizen. Right from food, clothes, and medicine to education, we try to solve every problem. 

After so much awareness of education’s importance, there are many illiterate children. Data says that about 35 million children aged between 6-14 years are illiterate. For any country, such a huge number of illiterate people is not good. We have to work to decrease this number. Increasing a greater number of educated children means a more stable and developed economy. Hence, we should take care of such issues if we want to grow more business or employment in India. 

Many people in India are well-educated but still unemployed. They either go outside India for their livelihood or wander from one place to another for the job. Lack of employment so many times influences people for going wrong work for the sake of survival. Yes, survival is crucial but for that opting the wrong path is not at all appreciated by education NGOs in Noida. We make sure that if a person is not able to learn or does not want to get educated, we teach them skills. Skills will make them able to earn for their survival. If they have enough to survive, they will never opt for the wrong path. 

Education NGO in Noida support children

Our Volunteers support them with necessary items like books, copies, pens, and pencils. The most important thing that we do for their regular studies is video classes in slums. Yes, you heard right. We visit slums and from time to time, we make children and people aware of new technologies and news. As they do not have that much money to buy an Android phone, they stay unaware of so many things. We make them aware of them, which helps them in staying connected with happenings in India.

In this article, we will understand the ten best needs of Education NGOs in Noida for a child. 

Though there are many things to discuss, let’s move on to the crucial ones. 

1) Provides Stability

Education provides stability to a person. This is a skill that once you acquire no one can take away from you in your life. If you are well educated then it increases the chance of a better career. A better career opens new paths and opportunities to improve and uplift yourself. 

2) Provides Financial Security

Who on this earth does not know this? Right…!! 

This is a fact that people can get high-paid jobs if they are well educated. Education provides financial security, especially in today’s society. A good education tends to lead to a higher-paying job, as well as provide you with the skills needed to get there. 

3) Needed For Equality

For the entire world to become equal, it needs to start with education. If everyone has the access to same educational facilities then there would be fewer gaps. People will see fewer social gaps among themselves. Just because poor families do not have that access, they feel low on others. Everyone should have access to and an equal chance to get higher-paying jobs. 

4) Allows For Self-Dependency

Which person of this current generation does not want to be self-independent? Hardly a few…!! Or maybe no one. 

So is an evident skill that helps a child to become self-independent. If we are well educated then what we want can belong to us. It helps to fulfill our choices. We have met many children while our distribution who want to become self-independent. 

5) Make Your Dreams Come True

A famous quote says “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. Education is the most powerful weapon you can have, and with it, you can make all your dreams come true. Everyone on this planet dreams of something. It may be luxurious or a thing for survival. Whatever it is education will surely help to achieve that. Education will take you as far as you’re willing to go.

6) A Safer World

An education NGO in Noida asks people to send their children to school. Why… because this is the tool that will give their children a better society to live in. The need for education is not at all limited to a personal level. It is crucial at the global level as this will help to make the world a safer and more peaceful place to live in.

7) Confidence

Being self-confident is a major part of being successful in life or the workplace. What could be a better way to gain that confidence than with an education? Your level of education can be easily observed by people in your confidence. 

Suppose you are participating in any debate competition and have no clue about the topic. This is sure that you will start to stammer in front of others. This is why you need to have the education to improve your confidence.

8) A Part of Society

Being well-educated is highly appreciated in our society. Society generally respects those who have high-paid jobs. They without making effort become a respectful and trustworthy part of society. Whereas those who help a family to build their house the laborers do not get the same treatment.

9) Economic Growth on A National Level

As we had discussed that education plays an important role in the upliftment of society. The more the people of a country are well educated the more economic growth is there. We need people motivated to continue to learn and research for economic growth. With more educated people, more employment opportunities can generate.

10) Can Protect You

Education can protect you during your financial growth. If you know then you can take the best decisions based on your understanding. It will safeguard you from being deceived by any other person. You can easily take your decision on your better understanding.

Binding up: –

Education NGO in Noida urges every parent and reader to motivate their child to read. Education is the tool by which they can make their dreams come true along with the upliftment of society. 

We hope this article will justify the reasons for the need for education in your life. Come forward to support a child in getting access to education in schools. Many deprived children dream to live a better life. Your contribution can bring big changes in their and their family’s life. Visit for contribution. 

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Non Governmental Organizations in India| Reduce Poverty & Inequality

Smile India Trust is a non-governmental organization in India helping needy people. We as an organization keep an eye on the problems arising in society. We are working only for the welfare of society and the country. Our goal is to make the world “a place where it should never hurt to be a child”. Our NGO is working for making children of India literate.

  Non-Governmental Organizations in India


In today’s world where almost everyone is busy making their life comfortable and cozy, our NGO is making these children’s and family lives easier. Our trust is trying to make children’s life happy and give them a better future. There is immense concern that monetary growth is not truly shared. And the financial emergency has widened the gap between rich and poor. We as a non-governmental organization in India try to reduce this gap between the Rich and the Poor. 


Economic development, agriculture is the most notable means in nations to reduce the need and work on personal satisfaction. Growth can create moral circles of success and opportunity. Smile India Trust focuses on the growth of children and families. Reducing poverty and inequality in society is a successful strategy to sustain economic growth. 


Research shows that all the developed countries follow these strategies to reduce or remove hunger from their country. This is the main reason why India needs to focus on reducing poverty and inequality in society. Beginning degrees of income equality is significant in deciding how strong an impact development has in diminishing poverty. 


Some Measures to Reduce Poverty & Inequality:


  • Increase in the least wage allowed by law.
  • Increase earned income tax. 
  • Creation of resources for working families.
  • Investing in school education.
  • Make the tax code more liberal. 
  • End personal isolation.
  • Provide sick and paid leaves.
  • High-quality medical aid. 
  • The better justice system of the country. 


There is a positive relationship between poverty and inequality. Smile India Trust strives to reduce poverty and inequality in society. We are keen to help the people in need. We have served many poor families. Our NGO urges you to support us as we are planning to increase our work. 

Smile India Trust, a non-governmental organization in India is trying to build a bridge between society and the government. We are aware people of various initiatives of the government that help them in their empowerment. Our NGO supports GIRL2B education. Which states that every girl should enjoy a healthy life and get equal opportunity. Guaranteeing standard instruction for all descendants of the vulnerable network.


Smile India Trust urges its donors to keep supporting us. Our NGO is thankful to our donors for supporting us. Our trust is ready to serve 24*7 to the persons in need. Do follow and share our work. You can get our daily updates on our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For more information, check our website. For Donation Click on the given link