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Smile India Trust | provides Face Masks to the needy people in Delhi/NCR.

smile India trust

Face Masks are being distributed to the needy people by Smile India Trust. This face mask is distributed in needy people to protect them from diseases like corona virus and other flu. We are corona warriors Team Smile India Trust has taken a step to distribute mask for those who doesn’t have mask we have been distributed it at multiple locations in Delhi.

Smile India Trust | Distributing Food to the underprivileged people in Delhi/NCR.

food distribution

Smile India Trust has taken an amazing initiative to distribute food kits to 100 people. The volunteers in the NGO have been doing a commendable job to help people during this pandemic.

Smile India Trust volunteers work selflessly. They get the required food and then make packets for distribution and help us in distributing to the needy. Our volunteers are our support system.

Let’s Feed just one and see the spiritual transformation within you.

Smile India Trust aims to eradicate under nutrition, food wastage, and hunger from India. Smile India Trust has devised strategies to combat the problem of hunger. They’ve taken so many grassroots initiatives to feed the needy. Many people willingly come forward to support such organizations for a change.  Hunger has become an issue of worry pervasive in every nook and cranny of India. Go anywhere in your country, and you will get to see the people living without getting even a two-time meal daily. Seeing all this, the Government has also tried making efforts so many times but failed badly. After all, no government can bring a change alone. Hence, the participation of civil society organizations is equally important. In recent time, few organizations have taken initiatives to combat hunger. Also, Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India joined the league.


                                                  Joint efforts can bring positive results

Every time we look at the poverty-stricken families in the world, we realize that many people neither have clothes to wear nor they have food to eat. They are roaming with a hope that someday someone will come to fight for their rights and help them in managing the food for them as well. Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India, is determined to fight for the rights of underprivileged people. Furthermore, Smile India Trust is providing food to them to combat hunger. Also, Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India, encourages capable citizens of the society to offer help to the underprivileged ones. After all, the joint efforts of people from all the communities, along with the NGOs assistance can bring effective results.


With their consistent efforts, Smile India Trust is adding good fortunes in the lives of needy people during lockdown and post lockdown by distribution of food. Those who have faced problems like hunger, malnutrition, and food wastage will get rid of all these problems. Contribution of every individual can bring the change. To see the activities by the volunteers at Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India do visit the website-

Distibution of Ration in Delhi/NCR By Smile India Trust

smile india trust - food distribution

Selfless services of providing Ration for helpless People in various regions of Delhi by Smile India Trust. We are continuously trying to fulfill all of the people who are hungry and waiting for help during the lockdown.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success. The importance of teamwork even when it’s socially distant, is what we believe in, and that has helped us continue till now! Help us keep up the spirits high and stomachs full.