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Education NGOs in Noida on Raising Awareness to Educate Slum Children

Education NGO in Noida

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one” said by Malcolm Forbes.

The main cause of discrimination is illiteracy since people who are not fully literate often face this problem. Smile India Trust is an Education NGOs in Noida that is taking many initiatives to educate children residing in slum areas.

Education is a goal oriented activity, which requires a strategic plan to ensure of promoting skills and developing of personality traits. The main purpose of education is to bring an overall improvement in a human.

The education will give you a sense of ability to think right and take a decision that is good for you.  It helps you to make a better standard of living. The most effective tool that has shaped who we are now is education.

As a result, it is accurate to state that education is the benchmark for success in many countries around the world. The ultimate aim of human development is useless without it. It transforms us on the inside. It aids in character development, moral uplift, outlook expansion, and setting a country up for a bright future.

Education NGOs in Noida creates awareness about education in slum areas as it creates a human, which is, differentiate from others through this. It is critical to support the child’s and their families’ educational endeavors. High illiteracy rates tie nations together because of poor jobs.

Education NGOs in Noida on Purpose of Education

One of the most important factors in someone’s success is their education. It has the power to mold a person’s life in the proper way. Education is the method of obtaining knowledge and honing one’s analytical and moral faculties.

It intellectually prepares developing youngsters for a life that includes a much more comprehensive understanding and sensitivity to concerns around them.

There is immense importance in education. It has a huge impact on one’s life. People benefit from high-quality learning opportunities throughout their lives. It instills information, conviction, ability, moral principles, and values.

It enhances the quality of life and elevates people’s social and economic standing. Education improves and pacifies life. It alters people’s personalities and gives them a sense of assurance.

It enhances not only the individuals’ personal life, but also the community in which they reside. Therefore, it is impossible to undervalue the value of education in both daily life and society.

Sustainable Development Goal  Target to Achieve

People now have the ability to express their opinions and show off their true abilities. Giving people the means to take part in the electoral process, it improves democracy. It serves as a unifying factor to promote societal cohesiveness and nationhood.

The majority of the issues we face today—such as corruption, injustice, oppression, and poverty—are man-made, which means they can be primarily linked—directly or indirectly—to the educational system that gave rise to the issue’s perpetrators.

It is a well-known fact that educating children is essential for the growth of a country, and the two go hand in hand. In other words, a country’s education system reflects its economic health and level of development, whereas a country’s education system also indicates how forward-thinking and developing it is.

If the nation needs to meet the “Goals of Sustainable Development by 2030, “it must increase its educational spending on children. Despite the fact that things are getting better, much work remains.

Reason Why Education is Necessary

However, education plays a crucial role in society’s development. There is a thin line between learning and education. We encountered many things that are known as learning from the time we were born. In contrast, we begin receiving education at a certain age. Learning is a continuous process; we evolve with our experiences.

Develop Confidence

Children build confidence through education, which is a lifelong process of learning. Children gain various skills from their exposure at school, and confidence is one of them. They gain new knowledge, analyses it from their own viewpoint, and, if necessary, express their doubts.

They participate in a variety of extracurricular activities as well, including sports, painting, and drawing. All of these activities help kids gain confidence and prepare them for the future. On the other side, an illiterate child loses the courage to face life’s obstacles.

Self Assurance

Children develop feelings of pride and self-worth as a result of education. Children communicate, gain confidence, and engage in competition during their formative years to get praise and incentives from their parents and teachers.

Such compliments and awards strengthen a child’s personality as a whole and are essential to the growth of their self-esteem. For a youngster to develop into a successful adult, a strong sense of self-worth is essential.

Power and Durability

Early childhood education helps children grow emotionally and mentally, preparing them for the difficulties of the future. Children who receive an early education under the direction of parents and teachers will become more tolerant of life’s challenges and have the fortitude to overcome them. An illiterate and underprivileged youngster, on the other hand, lacks the self-assurance needed to face problems in life.

Smile India Trust Education NGOs in Noida

SIT is one of the best education NGOs in Noida, doing a commendable job for unprivileged children by providing them with education free of cost. This segment of society is purposefully ignored by our society because they are given less preference. This is somehow not good for a nation looking towards achieving greater success and growth in the long term.

If we have to achieve the UN sustainable development goal of 2023, which aims to provide inclusive and equal education to promote learning opportunities for all girls and boys until secondary education free of cost.

An education NGOs in Noida is providing the best coaching facilities to vulnerable people through coaching centers. We set up campaigns at various levels of society to raise awareness about the value of education in life. Apart from this, it is crucial to send children to school to get an academic education. Making them aware of all educational programs so that they can reap the benefits of all of them.  

A child’s education not only provides him with text content but also helps to develop his general personality and increase his awareness of his environment. An educated child is better able to distinguish between positive and negative behaviors as well as between rewards and dangers.

A child learns how to lead a healthy life through education, preventing illnesses, and lowering child mortality. Children who lack education are always at risk because they lack the knowledge necessary to lead a safe and healthy life; as a result, child mortality rates are higher in nations with low levels of education for children.


Smile India Trust education NGOs in Noida sees education for children are crucial for both them and the country as a whole. Children are a country’s future, thus how it teaches and prepares them for the future will determine its social and economic progress. The most crucial element of a child’s life, and the one on which his or her future rests, is education.

A country that doesn’t invest heavily in the education of its children will always be ensnared by poverty and misery, suffering now while losing its future. The success of a country depends on its children, and the success of a child depends on education. The country won’t succeed until children learn.

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