Smile India Trust is run by a team that has the passion, creativity, and skills to impact change in our society.  People from different walks of life who have all come together with their varied experiences to work towards one mission to improve the lives of those in need.  We are also lucky to have support from many amazing volunteers.  Our work is lead by the senior management team:


Mr. A Bhardwaj firmly believes that meaningful literacy with equal opportunities for every child is the only way to progress the country. It’s a need of the hour that “Padeega India.. Badegaa India ..“ He is enriched with 8 years experience in various organization like NDPL (North Delhi Power Ltd), ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, BSES Rajdhani /Yamuna Power Limited.  Mr. Bhardwaj also has a strong interest in serving humanity, and initially supported various nonprofit organizations. With an objective, to bring a change in our society, and his passion of working on inequality and social issues facing India he started the initiative of Smile India Trust.  His past experience of interacting and handling customers and strong working knowledge acts as a catalyst to achieve the vision and mission to bring a change by good deeds through dedicated team and volunteering support.  He is working from the grassroot setup of the Organization, handling all the activities  to develop, manage and maintain a programme of community fundraising to service the needs of the charity and our supporters.


Mr. Akshay Ahuja, a social worker has been responsible for all activities at the center mentoring 60 needy children from underprivileged society. He brings his creative expertise and intuitive understanding of children to enhance various facets of teaching methodologies.  A believer in structures and processes with an analytical mind he takes responsibility for our organization center mentoring around 60 needy children.


Mr. Vij, he has worked on issues of rural and urban development in Delhi and NCR. He comes with a lot of grassroots experience.  He is committed for social change; and is having more than 12 years of experience in social field and helping people in difficult circumstances.

Apart from this we have our volunteers, who educate and mentor children from slum and village community centres, street kids, across Delhi & NCR region to give them a better future, which will benefit them as well as our country.