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Is Smile India Trust Fake? Question Most People Wonder To Know

Cooked Food Distribution Camping

Well, serving poor families for so many years is what we get. Is Smile India Trust Fake? Doing a social service without asking anything in return gives us this. 

Those who are reading this blog, do they answer that this is the way you treat someone who offers you help. First of all, kindly know that sometimes those we help do not have access to a phone i.e. They are extremely poor. Those who write surely have access to the internet and mobile phones. So whosoever asks us this question is this justified?

We don’t know what causes people to think that our organization is fake. Our NGO regularly updated its work with the area’s time, date, and location. Instead of that, we have to clarify such things. 


Do you think that in a world where no one cares about others without any reason how can an NGO help? Is this your mentality towards an organization who are serving the poor in survival? We are not here to make a profit. NGOs are not businesses, we only and only provide services in order to help slum-dwellers. These people do not have access even to basic needs. Is helping them with this wrong? 

Is Smile India Trust Fake…!!Why such thinking is still in the minds? Yes, we understand that for helping a child we ask you, to come forward to help. But all of that is for the needy whom we want to protect from the death bed. We are a non-profit organization that works with full transparency with our donors. But saying or writing these comments sometimes stops a person willing to help. Sometimes we do miss out on a child due to a lack of funds facing which is miserable for us. 

Certain discussion to prove wrong this statement- Is Smile India Trust Fake?



The first thing we would love to know is that, does everybody has time to help. From our point of view, the answer is NO. People do not have time to do the house duties they have maids at their houses how can we expect they will go to slums?

The next thing is Does everyone has the willingness to go into that hazardous condition of living? The answer to this question is also NO. 

So, we want to ask such people who say Smile India Trust is Fake what you want. Neither you help nor do you want to let someone help them. Why…?? Are they not humans?

Surely not in your eyes. But for us, we treat them as equally as we all are. If you cannot help and do not want to help that is your choice. But do not show us as culprits that we are doing some kind of scam. We are so sure that in the future these little efforts will change your mindset toward the poor.

Helping them in their need is our responsibility. They are not a burden on our society they are the most laborious sector of our society. They help us in making our dreams come true by building our dream homes, and other facilities. Can’t we help them at least with their basic needs? 

Do they demand so much that all of us together cannot fulfill? Our NGO need donations and collaborations for helping as many people as we can. Please come forward to support. Make their festivals the real festivals as well. Those who support and have faith in us our NGO request them to continue their support. 

If you have any questions regarding support you can write us at [email protected]. You can visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on know more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We hope this blog will change your perception of Smile India Trust reviews.



About NGO Smile India Trust a charitable foundation for poor Community

About NGO

This article is about NGO Smile India Trust. Smile India Trust NGO takes care of the underprivileged section of our society. Many people are fighting for daily survival. We help them by providing them with their daily basic needs. Families living in slums are so poor that they cannot afford their basic expenses. Our volunteers support them in meeting their expenses. 

There is a lot of work that as an NGO we conduct to support them. Some of them are: –

  • Conservation of Human rights and child rights
  • The goal of Poverty eradication
  • Awareness of Animal Rights
  • Prevent Social Injustice
  • Conservation of Environment and Nature
  • Empowerment of women and girls
  • Awareness of Disease Control and others
  • Health and Nutrition Importance
  • The importance of conservation of Wildlife 
  • Benefits of hygiene and Sanitation conditions
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Education plans and literacy

Our NGO strives for the socio-economic development of our country. Rich or poor every single individual is an unbreakable part of our country. We cannot entirely depend on rich people for progress or on the poor. Both have to make their way altogether to see a better future and a better India.  About NGO, this is the best thing that our initiatives are causing changes in society 

We always try to make you aware of various topics that are important for you to know. In this article, we will discuss why is it important to eat the right food. 

Why is it important to have the right food choices?

If you will ask a healthy person what is his/her secret, then they will answer that they eat a balanced diet. No doubt, people know this already, but the problem is they cannot stay following the diet or exercise. 

Ask yourself what is the most pathetic situation of the current generation.

Your answer will depend on what you think is most important for your survival or status. This may be food, clothes, a better lifestyle, money, or anything depending upon your desire. 

But from our point of view, the most important thing at any stage and age of life is your health. The Healthier you are the wealthier you will be in the future. 

Do not go on our word, experience it yourself, change your routine a little bit and see the drastic change. 

How sad is this, at an age of 45-50 people run after making money, and after 50 they run after making health. Isn’t this true? Didn’t you have seen this scene before? Old people running and waking in parks and roads. At a young age when the body is ready to gain muscles and lose fat people at that time become obese. This is mostly happening due to their regular 9 to 5 job and then eating junk. Eating junk today is becoming a necessity. Most people who live alone and far from their family for any cause start eating junk food. 

Healthy habits and healthy food will always give you the best results. You must have heard that those foods that our taste buds like are not that good for us as compared to those that are not. It’s your decision whether you want to make your taste buds happy or your body happy. 

Here are reasons why eating healthy is important

  • What we are eating provides all the essential nutrients to our body. This supplies our body with the right amount of energy for doing our daily work. All these nutrients come only from healthy food, not anything and everything we eat (Junk food).
  • Healthy food is essential to brace the growth hormones. This will help in increasing our height gradually with age.
  • Nutritious food is also needed for the functioning of our system. All the nutrients derived from healthy food trigger the body and brain cells. This helps in the active performance of our daily tasks. 
  • Healthy food improves the immune system, preventing you from falling sick easily. A strong immunity,y fights against all disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • It is generally advised to cut out fat from our diet. This is the biggest mistake in fully excluding fats from the diet. There are two types of fats one is healthy and another is unhealthy, fat. The unhealthy fats that should be eaten very less are saturated, and trans- fats. Whereas,
  • Monounsaturated fats,
  • Polyunsaturated fats, 
  • Omega 3, and 
  • Omega 6 fatty acids are very important for our health, just like proteins and vitamins. These fats get stored under skin cells. This gets transformed into energy required for physical and mental activities. We must include these good fats in our daily diet. 
  • Healthy food can help you maintain a well-shaped body. Without a healthy diet, we will fall into the evil trap of fat and obesity. 

Some of the few indisputably healthy foods to incorporate into your meals and snacks:

  •     Fruits

Berries, Banana, citrus, mango, Kiwi, apples, melons

  •     Vegetables

Leafy greens like S, arugula, 

collard greens; peppers; carrots; sweet potatoes; mushroom; squash

  •     Legumes

Beans, lentils, dried peas, hummus

  •     Whole grains

Brown Rice, wild rice, whole-grain bread, quinoa, amaranth, millet, bulgur

  •     Nuts and seeds 

Almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, Chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin seeds

We should try to include all these things daily in our diet. We should try filling our plates with plant foods like 

  • Vegetables 
  • Fruits
  • Legumes 
  • Nuts
  • Seeds, and
  • Whole grains 

This will protect your body against chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Avoid high fat and oil diet food that are short-lived and unsustainable.

“Our body’s mission is to keep us alive,” but our goal is to keep our body healthy. “We can help our body do that by eating food loaded with nutrients and minerals. It is important to keep our body healthy, so we can feel great every day and every time. 


Reading the article, you must have the idea of the need to eat healthy food. If you are someone who lives alone do such things as high consumption of oily and fried food then change today. 

There are many articles published on our website that help you in understanding our work. Along with our services, you can read blogs also that will help you in protecting prior from diseases. 

We hope that whatever you learn from us about NGO working will enhance your lifestyle. If you like to serve the poor communities visit our website. Visit details. For getting daily updates, visit our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Non Governmental Organizations in India | Measures To Reduce Poverty

Non-Governmental Organizations in India

Smile India Trust is a Non-Governmental Organization in India that helps the helpless. Our NGO is working for the upliftment of poor society. These are deprived of their basic survival needs. Volunteers of our NGO help them by giving tasty cooked food. Poverty leads to illiteracy and many problems. We help them in their survival, but now, we are running out of funds. These days we need your support to help these needy families. All are busy making their life safe and sound. But smile NGO is taking little steps in making the poor’s life beautiful. 

You look and tell me what did you see? Do you see hobs in the city, outside shops, and on the streets? What can be said about people who pull a wheelbarrow with a customer for an extra ten bucks? Can it be said that you are aware of the crime percentage and drug addiction by children in our general public? At present, there can be many reasons for this, yet the lack in India is the obvious reason behind these issues.

More than 800 million in India are considered poor. India is second on the list of most the population after china. Poverty in India is increasing along with more number of uneducated people. We strive to give low-income families a happy and respectful life. Individuals in society treat these families very badly. They do not pay any attention to them. As if they are not even part of society. But as an NGO we are working to make people aware of the problems faced by poor people living in slums. Our goal is to make the world “a place where it should never hurt to be a child”. 

Let’s discuss some ways to reduce poverty in society:

  • By bringing employment

As we all understand that due to insufficient money these families get less employed. This happens because due to insufficient funds. These families hardly earn money to eat daily. Can you understand their situation and the bad time they are facing? No, we can just imagine the situation, but they are facing it. Due to the absence of money people are unable to educate their children. And without education, you cannot get a good job. 

Big companies need big skills along with experience. So there is an urgent need for jobs for uplifting the poor people. We as a Non-Governmental Organization in India make the poor’s skillful. We provide them with various skills to enhance their knowledge. Smile NGO provides them with skills like crafting, tailoring, and computer knowledge. We make them self-dependent and self-reliable for their expenses. 

  • By focusing on agricultural improvement

Agricultural improvement means that we have to make available good seeds to farmers. If the seeds are high-yielding then the crops from them also will be of good quality. Good quality crops will benefit the produce, transport, the purchaser, and the nation. Producing high-yielding crops will increase the purchasing of products. And this will increase the money flow and demand for products in the market. 

India is the second most crowded country on the planet with about 1.2 billion people. Our country has experienced growth of up to 10% over many years and is the largest economy on the planet. Be that as it may, only a small section of the Indian population has so far benefited from the period of prosperity. Most of the people in India live in pathetic conditions. This is why it is fundamental to understand the idea of ​​necessity as a test in India.

  • Development of Infrastructure

Infrastructure development means that government need build more schools, hospitals, and parks. Poor families have less money to get treatment in big private hospitals. Their charge for one day is so high that sometimes even middle-class families cannot afford it. 

We do request the government to look out for the concerns of poor families. Building new infrastructure will bring employment as well as new development. Due to fewer infrastructure people in rural areas suffers the most. 

  • Stabilize Human Resource

Besides physical infrastructure, we need to stabilize Human Resources. Poverty can also reduce through human resource development. Improving human assets requires a more prominent interest in many things. Some of them are schools for further education, professional universities, Hospitals, etc.

This human asset not creates a fair plan of business, but also raises efficiency and pays for poor people.

  • Special Employment Schemes for the Poor

The government had inaugurated many schemes for the betterment of poor families. The First scheme is The JawaharRozgarYojana (JRY), now named as Jawahar Gram StimridhiYojana. The Goal of the scheme is the goal of improving the quality of life of the rural poor. By offering more productive work to poor people in the slum. 

The second employment scheme is IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Scheme). The program aims to provide employment opportunities to the poor. This scheme gives opportunities to develop their skill to improve their living conditions. 


The third scheme is TRYSEM (Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment). The main aim of this scheme was to provide technical and business expertise to rural BPL people. And to those who are in the 18-35 age group. 

If these schemes are used effectively then the problem of poverty will reduce. The government had already launched programs, but unfortunately, they are not running efficiently. 

What do we do as a Non-Governmental Organization in India?

As Non-Governmental Organization in India, we arrange nutritious meals and educational supplies. We make poor people of rural and slum areas aware of all these schemes. These schemes will give them new hope. Awareness drives are run and make available the necessities for their better survival. Poverty reduction is very important to improve the condition of our Nation. As a developing country, we need to take care of every single as much as possible. Taking care of poor families is not the alone duty of the government. Being a part of society we are equally responsible to help these families.


We hope we all will become a support system for each other. Volunteer with us and help the families in need. Visit our website at  Get the daily updates from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



NGO Services India

Smile India Trust is easing the lives of poor people through NGO services. Our NGO looks after families who live in slums and ghettos and fight for their survival. We as a charitable organization help them in getting at least the necessities. Helping them at least with their basic necessity is what our NGO services are for. India is a country with a huge population, but among them, 35.2% population lives in slums. We try hard to ease up their life, both the volunteers and donors help us a lot. 

The issues faced by the people living in the slum in India have become a great concern for the public authority. Slums are seen as a significant issue within many metropolitan areas. That is why we visit door-to-door to understand the problem and solve them. Considering the current poor metropolitan ecological quality in India what we observe is:-

Most of the families affected by metropolitan improvement projects are in the ghetto. There is a need to look at the ghetto areas and their everyday environment. The Indian government has no option but to address the issues. That is plaguing the entire population of the Indian slums and we are trying to help these people. 

Some of the problems faced by People living in slums:-

  • Poverty and Social Exclusion

For some special cases, the need for the ability to pay is thought of as a focal feature of ghetto areas. It is not yet seen as a cause of the ghetto’s status as an intrinsic quality of the ghetto. Slum conditions are physical and legal forms that hinder the human and social turn of events. In addition, ghettos are areas of social rejection that are often viewed as having high levels of wrongdoing and other social distancing measures. In some definitions, such areas are related to specific vulnerable segments of the population. Like daily wage workers, uprooted people, ethnic minorities, etc.

  • Unhealthy Living Conditions and Hazardous Locations

Unwanted day-to-day environment results in absence of fundamental administration. Noticeable open sewers, absence of paths, uncontrolled unloading of waste, contaminated conditions, and so forth, their homes can be in critical areas or land unsatisfactory settlement. This is why Smile India Trust NGO services work for them to give them a better life as soon as possible. 

  • Lack of Basic Necessity

The absence of necessities is perhaps the most referenced quality worldwide. Lack of access to developed disinfection offices and water sources is the main component. The poor living in villages do not have a proper power supply, roads, and sewerage. We supply them with properly cooked food and safe drinking water. 

  • More Population, Less Space

Overpopulation means less space for each person living in a space, and higher house rates. Those are co-living by different families, and countless single-room units under the same roof. People living in Slums are generally seen living with 6-7 members in a room. This is a disastrous situation, especially, when the impact of Covid keeps coming. 

  • Increase in Illiteracy

Due to the lack of income, these families are not able to make their children literate. Lack of education brings more unemployment to society. More unemployment means an increase in poverty. Education gives person skills to earn and understand things in a better way. Making the Indian Population educated is the goal of our NGO. 

How did NGO Services impact the lives of the people living in slums?

Our NGO Services provide food to poor families daily. We distribute food to 7000-8000 people a day in Delhi/NCR in different locations. This brings smiles to their faces and helps them in defeating their hunger. Food provided to the children helps them in protecting them from malnutrition. Providing them with food, clothes, medical assistance, and education is our ultimate duty. We had helped many families and given new hope to them.

You can look into our smile stories to know how many lives we successfully saved. For getting the updates you can follow our social media accounts. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For donating or volunteering to us you can visit our website at


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Smile India Trust| what does Smile India Trust Do?

Smile India Trust Organization

Smile India Trust has been in the public eye as one of the best charitable giving non-profit organizations. Our organization is committed to Helpaid children and their families for a better future. To help them in bringing them out of the chain of poverty. Grievously, the highest number of these people belongs to poor children. Till now our volunteers successfully rescued numerous cases in which are adults and children. These underprivileged children and families cannot afford their basic needs for their survival. Smile India Trust is consequently committed to providing food, shelter, clothes, medicines, and accommodation. And other essential services to these socially weakened parts of our society. To continue, these initiatives Smile India Trust executes several camps around Delhi& NCR Regions. Read More

Smile India Trust| Best NGOs in India| Food is the Basic Necessity

best NGOs in India

Smile India Trust| Best NGOs in India| Food is the Basic Necessity 

Smile India Trust is one of the best NGOs in India for food distribution on daily basis. Food is any substance that is consumed to provide healthful support for a life form. Food is the basic need for human survival. Protein-rich food helps human body in building immunity. The food contains elemental supplements such as carbs, fats, proteins, nutrients, or minerals. 

The population of India is increasing so as there are demands for every product. The most common demand is meeting the food supply. As these families and children live in slums most of them sleep on empty stomachs. Imagine this situation; this is heartbreaking that is why we came up with an initiative. The “Meals of Happiness” under which we feed approximately 6000-7000 people on daily basis. 

Responsibility as One of the best NGOs in India. 

The Smile India Trust is responsible for food distribution for the poor living in slums. Our volunteers visit various parts of the Delhi slum area. These people are deprived of their necessities like food, clothes, and medical help. Our charitable organization is working for the betterment of poverty-stricken people. Our volunteers make sure that every child and family gets food. These families are not able to earn so much so that they can fulfill all their needs for their survival. 

As we all suffered from the wave of Covid but the people living in slums and ghettos suffered the most. Covid divested their family income as most of them works on a daily wage. They hardly earn Rs. 200 a day and are not able to feed their families. Our NGO makes sure that no one sleeps hungry stomach. Along with food, Smile India Trust, one of the best NGOs in India provides several services. 

Why Food Distribution in slums is necessary and how best NGOs in India promote this?

Children in slums suffer the most from malnutrition. This happens due to a lack of nutritious food. According to the survey in The Hindu, nearly 33 lakhs children are malnourished. And more than half of them belong to Bihar, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The Women and Child Development service, assess that there are 17.76 lakes malnourished kids.

India has slipped to 101st place in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2021 of 116 countries. From 94th in 2020, and is behind its neighbors Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. To handle the high persistence of Malnutrition in the country food distribution is important. Smile India Trust launched the “MEALS OF HAPPINESS” program, to reduce low birth weight, handicap, malnutrition, and disease among youth, adolescent girls, and women.

During the pandemic, Smile India Trust provided monthly rations to families. We strive to help the poor and needy in their difficult time. Our first step is to make hunger-free India so that we could be able to reduce the number of hungry people. It has been almost 2 years since the pandemic started, but still, the poor section is affected heavily. We had planned to continue to support the people living in a slum in the future too.

In India, 44% of the youth under the age of 5 are underweight. 72% of newborns and 52% of married women have weaknesses. Research has shown that starvation during pregnancy leads to an extended gamble of future illnesses. Like Real handicap, the reduced mental capacity of the child, and malnutrition. \


Protecting children from illness is necessary because these children are the future country. Hence, this is important to serve them as one of the best NGOs in India. The research suggests increasing GDP we tackle the problem of malnutrition. A hungry stomach cannot think well and this will hamper their learning. 

Similarly, our analysis suggests that focusing on child nutrition should be an important factor. Because the rise in child malnutrition; will definitely lead to a slowdown in the economic growth of India. That is why it is important to focus on nutritional food for development. 

For getting daily updates on our all ongoing activities you can visit our social media sites. Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For volunteering and donating to us kindly visit our website For donating you do need big pockets all you need is a big heart. Help us in continuing our humanitarian work. 


Smile India Trust, Working with a Holistic Child Development Approach to Put Smile on Each Needy Children’s Face as a Smile Organization for Development

NGO, Smile India Trust established in 2017 for the protection and development of children on the street and in difficult circumstances. Smile India Trust works for bringing a Smile Organization for these underprivileged children, for their all round development by providing them shelter, nutrition, Education, Medical & Healthcare services.
Smile Organization

Smile Organization For various families and children in slums are directly benefitting by various projects and campaigns run by them. We live in a country where we see too many differences in the living standard of the people. Also, when we look at the educational background of different people, we observe the difference between educated and uneducated groups of society. Fortunate are those people who receive love from everyone around them. Above all, those who get the chance to go to school, colleges and learn new things are the lucky ones. The reason why we are calling them luckiest ones is that they get a proper education in schools, able to discover their talents and utilize that in the right direction. Besides this, they make some good friends to play, laugh, cry, share, and live every moment with them.

But ask yourself that, have you ever thought of those children who are uneducated? Don’t you think that even the poorest ones deserve a fair chance to go to school? Our Smile India Trust main Smile Organization is “Help Transform Lives Of Poor kids On the Streets Of Delhi and NCR Region.”What’s your take on education for everyone regardless of the economic status of an individual? I must say these thoughts-provoking questions will shake your mind for sure. But we should take responsibility at our level. Moreover, it’s our moral obligation that we should come forward and assist those who want to learn, but they are unable to pay for their education. Yes, many homeless children in India are willing to learn, but destiny is playing games with them. However, it’s good to see that India has got an NGO for the needy like Smile India Trust who is not only educating children, but counselling parents to send even a girl child to school.

Best child rights protection ngo in india is shaping future of underprivileged children

It’s disheartening fact that despite our country has achieved a lot, in the last few decades, many underprivileged children are still present who are yet to get their rights in society. Moreover, in this modern age also there is discrimination of children in our society.  Many impoverished children are striving for their survival in slum, rural, and even in semi-urban areas of India. We have taken an initiative to work for the betterment of these best child rights protection ngo in india

Smile India Trust, is playing a significant role in shaping the future of underprivileged children. Also, we strive to help them in getting their rights. Their rights mainly include right to nutrition, right to education, right to medical facilities,right of gender equality for vulnerable and socio-economically disadvantaged children etc.

best child rights protection ngo in india

Our NGO working for child rights protection ngo in india ensure that we will protect the children from exploitation and abuse. Smile India Trust is leaving no stone unturned in availing the quality education to underprivileged children. Along with its alliance partners, Smile India Trust focuses on the all-round development of disadvantaged children of poor communities.

Can you even think of a nation’s bright future without educated children and youth? Education is for everyone. Therefore, everyone should get a chance to study and learn regardless of the family background. Our NGO for children in India has considered this point. Additionally, Smile India Trust is providing free food for needy families and encouraging the families to send their children to school.  We believe that by availing free food for needy families, we can help them in combating hunger. Above all, we hope that one day we will be able to give a better future to underprivileged children.