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About NGO in | Empowering Parents Poor Children to Make Difference

about NGO in

Every child deserves access to a top-notch education that equips them with the knowledge and abilities they need to support them and make wise decisions. Compared to someone who never got formal education, an educated person is more equipped to deal with adversity and advance society. About NGO in help poor children to make difference in their life and make the, self reliant.

The best way to make a difference in the lives of poor children is to make changes in the lives of their parents.Children and families living on the streets are among the most impoverished and susceptible people and they are in great danger to become statistics that reflect actual lives.

The definition of empowerment is the capacity of a person, particularly the least fortunate, first to have possession of productive assets that allow him or her to raise earnings and receive the services and products he or she requires, a

Secondly, to engage in the development phase and the choices that impacts him or her. These two elements are interrelated, and we believe effective and long-lasting empowerment requires both.

We wholeheartedly concur with the widespread belief that impoverishment and marginalization go hand in hand. Giving those in need, i.e., the poor, more power is the best method to combat poverty. In Delhi and the NCR region, we consistently advocate for bringing individuals out of poverty. More than just giving them food, drink, and shelter will be involved in this. Although many families’ health and survival depend on this practice.

About NGO in on Why Empowering is Important?

Nevertheless, Smile India Trust is developing an approach to assist them in becoming self-sufficient, an action to lift them all out of poverty so that they are no longer dependent on anyone for monetary assistance or other forms of support. It will take those who care enough just to teach and help the impoverished become self-sufficient for this to happen.

In any empowering setting, people have the ability to relate their own successes to their efforts toward accomplishing predetermined goals. A summary, among the most important instruments that can be utilized to improve people’s abilities, are to better combat the effects of poverty, promoting health is a way to empower the poor.

In this way, the empowerment that results from the possessions and skills that the poor lack is crucial to their sense of self-worth, happiness, and safety.In a society, empowerment is crucial because it equips people—especially the poor—with the resources and skills they need to face obstacles.

The inability of the poor to increase their resources and skills prevents them from being able to manage, influence, and bargain with the organizations that have an impact on their life.

The material and monetary limitations of deprivation prevent the poor from having assets, making them susceptible and subject to severe limitations. People with abilities can use their resources in a variety of ways to improve their happiness.

Human capacities include ability to produce, learn, and maintain good health. Additionally, people require social skills, including social connectedness, leading, and social relationships as well as a sense of identity.

In addition, they must have access to knowledge and engage in local or national politics. Lack of resources prevents the poor from organizing and mobilizing to address issues that directly impact their lives.

Reason of Poverty

Inadequate Education

The second main cause of poverty is illiteracy. People cannot escape this downward spiral of destitution and enhance their quality of life without education.

Lack of Employment Opportunity

Unemployment has a number of negative repercussions, including poor health, illiteracy, young people’s discontent and despair, and family conflict. Discrimination, skill impairment, and personality loss are further effects.

Social Mistreatment

The most vulnerable groups include women, religious minorities, and people of colour, according to the U.N.’s most current assessment of under development by the Institute for Economic and Social Research.

Infrastructure Failure

Services and resources connect people, and in order for this to happen, infrastructure is needed. Without good roads, getting from one point to another takes forever. Finding a job that suits you or even just getting to the supermarket may be next to impossible without a means of public transit. Circumstances for those who live in distant areas don’t improve without technology.

How Smile India Trust Empower Families of Poor?

The lives of countless kids from disadvantaged households are being transformed by the empowerment of poor children via education. So, comprehensive reforms are required to strengthen governance and alter the uneven system or process that reflects the inequality-based culture.

The first step in eradicating poverty is to earn a living. By empowering individuals and providing them with a quality education that would enable people to pursue a better profession and future, poverty can be eradicated. People can obtain decent employment that lets them earn a nice living with the aid of education.

They will be in a better position to give their kids a better life in this way. In order to combat poverty, people should have simple access to public infrastructure and services like transportation, information, communications, and technology.

Smile India Trust educates poor children, and families about the power of empowering to families.

In addition to ensuring that slum children receive a high-quality education, our goal is to reduce the high dropout rate among members of the underprivileged social strata.

Everyone in this NGO is working with a mission, passion to change the lives of young people. Mold their destiny in the correct way. Reading the article, you must have the idea of empowerment.

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Smile Organization Begins Journey for Making Her Independent

Smile Organization

As each of our readers is well aware of the Smile Organization efforts for underprivileged families and children, we are broadening our scope. Our initiative will eventually impact the lives of many girls and women. We are taking a step forward in breaking stereotypes by trying new things, pushing our limits, and charting our own course to gain independence in our own terms.

Breaking stereotypes and pursuing your dreams is central to independence. It is about being the best version of yourself and having equal work, responsibilities, and opportunities regardless of gender.

Smile Organization believes that being the master of one’s own life is true freedom for any woman. This will eventually lead to no marking of a special day for inspiring women. When we achieve gender equality in our society, there will be no need to commemorate our accomplishments!

Women have traditionally relied on men for monetary assistance. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Many women nowadays work for themselves and strive to be independently wealthy. Financial independence comes with the ability to make and help one’s decisions.

Keeping these things in mind, Smile Organization started a new initiative, Project Garima, under which girls and women will learn skills in a practical manner. Under this program, they will learn about tailoring. This project is focusing on economically weaker sections of girls and women. In this, we are trying to cover all age groups of women and adolescent girls.

Smile Organization Why Women Need to Be Independent?

The Smile Organization believes that it will automatically inspire family members. She will demonstrate to her family that gender bias is simply a product of society. When a girl from her early years is in charge of her own life, she will be confident, sure, and can achieve many things in life. As soon as a child sees their mother or another female family member as an earner, they understand the need to be financially independent.

Own Identity

Apart, from this, we all are aware that to establish an identity, it became essential in order to earn your own money. Non-working women accidentally adopt the positions of mom or wife to their men or kids. They may even lose their identity as a result. As a result, it is critical to generate income and be independently wealthy.

Sense of Security

Women who are financially independent develop a sense of social security. In our patriarchal system, women frequently have fewer opportunities than men. Women earn less than men for the same job, even if they are paid the same. Furthermore, women frequently have to deal with multiple positions and duties, including child care, domestic chores, and high employment.

Women may encounter further obstacles, including such obsolete family structures that place men in charge of household finances. This can make acquiring the expertise and abilities needed to become financially self-reliant difficult. Fortunately, women can take steps to achieve financial independence.

Become an Asset not Liability 

This is a harsh truth: no one needs to have liability in their life, whether it is their parents, their partner, or even if they accept them. You will not have enough freedom of choice. Because of the absence of financial independence, many women are subjected to physiological, personal, mental, and financial abuse.

Stop Feeling Powerless

Even today, numerous women accept disrespect or domestic abuse because they rely monetarily on their spouses. In addition, it becomes difficult for them to leave their abusive marriages. Being financially self-sufficient enables them to make sensible choices and feel self-worth.

Here are Some Ways to Become Financially Independent

Educate Yourself- 

Education is self-development and economic expansion’. Education equips us with the ability to learn new skills and communicate civilly with others. Because education is a fundamental human right, we must not discriminate based on gender or sex when providing opportunities for education.

Be Ahead of Time- 

Whereas more women are taking things matters into their own hands, most still lack the economic confidence that men have. Women are frequently caught off guard by life-altering crises. Plan ahead of time for various life scenarios, such as moving after marriage, establishing a family, trying to decide to leave your position, having a kid of your own, selecting to become a single parent, getting divorced, or losing a job.

Finances may be difficult regardless of a supportive spouse or family. Therefore, in order to be successful, you’ll need to have a foolproof plan as well as the capacity to make swift decisions.

Bring Equality to the society

‍Discrimination and inequalities always begin at the base. When a boy attends school and his sister stays home since she’s a girl, it plants the grain of discriminatory practices in the boy’s mind. He believes he is superior simply since he’s a boy, with really no rational justification.

When girls participate in education by attending schools and colleges alongside boys, the boys learn about their basic educational rights and do not create a feeling of superiority. As a result, educating both men and women helps promote the concepts of justice.

Women account for roughly fifty percent of the population as a whole. If they’re not educated, a large portion of the population will not contribute to the nation’s development, so this is a significant issue. As a result, educating women will aid national growth. Smile Organization through Project Garima will be given opportunities to women and girls to become financially strong.

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Child Rights Protection NGO Against Child Marriage in India

Child Rights Protection NGO Against Child Marriage in India

Child marriage is a societal practice that is still prevalent in some areas of India. A very young girl child under the age of fifteen marries an adult man in these events. The arrangement of the boy and girl’s future united by both sets of parents constitutes another type of child marriage. The boy and the girl in this type of marriage are not permitted to meet until after the wedding ceremony has been held until they reach marriageable age. Child Rights Protection NGO will discuss all these issues related to child marriage in India.

The frequency of child marriage in Indian society is mostly due to several factors, including poverty, gender disparity, a lack of education, societal standards, concerns about the safety of girls, and sexual control. Girl children in rural settings are more impacted by child marriage than those in urban ones. Yet if one of the partners marries when they are still extremely young, they ask for the marriage declared null and void.

Marriage is a terrific means to bring together two souls who grow enough to handle life’s obstacles. It is a genuine relationship of love and harmony. Child marriage, however, is an immoral approach to joining two individuals that don’t even understand the realities of life. They somehow persuade to be wedded to an unidentified individual even if they have no idea how to deal with good and terrible scenarios.

Child Rights Protection NGO Smile India Trust helps many children who are in trouble situation and rescue them from these hazards. As we see, child marriage is a curse in society that ultimately leads to a decline in economic, social & personal health.

Child Rights Protection NGO on Ill Effect of Child Marriage

The career and future of the children are ruined by child marriage, and even though they are ill-equipped to handle the obligations, they are expected to. A girl child typically endures a lot of hardship. She is expected to live in a home that is fairly difficult for her. Child marriage has several other negative effects, thus the Indian government and other groups should take action to raise awareness of this problem to eradicate it entirely.

The stark evidence of pervasive inequalities and prejudice against women that early marriage, a culturally entrenched societal custom, gives. It is the outcome of the interaction of social and economic factors. Married to a girl as a young child is a common practise in societies.  Where social standards and attitudes demonstrate low regard for girls’ human rights.

Girls are thought to have no other role outside of getting married since standards place less emphasis on them than they do for boys. They expect to assist with household duties and chores to get ready for their marriage.

The young age of the marriage has an impact on the girls’ education; child marriage causes problems for the girl. For girls, finishing their education is nearly impossible due to early marriage. There is a significant correlation between girls’ educational achievement and child marriage.

It is very challenging for ladies to continue their education after marrying in the majority of poor nations. The girl’s capacity for education will probably influence whether she marries young or not.

For instance, compared to intellectually excellent girls, girls with lower educational abilities may be less motivated to pursue their studies. Since they anticipate earning less money in the future. Some females are more eager to marry young or their families may be more likely to encourage them.

Statistics on Child Marriage in India

  • According to the National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5), 23% of women aged 20 to 24 married before 18. 
  • In NFHS-3 (2005–06), this percentage was 47%; in NFHS-4 (2015–16), it was 27%; and in the most recent poll, it was 23%.
  • The Child Marriage Restriction Act, of 1929 established the first official ban on child marriage in India.
  • According to the 1929 Act, it was illegal for boys and girls under the age of 18 to marry.
  • The age limit raised in this Act’s 1978 amendment to 18 for girls and 21 for males. Along with the identical minimum age restrictions, the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act of 2006 replaced the 1929 Act.
  • With the passage of the Prevention of Child Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2021, the legal age of consent to women’s marriage would rise to 21. On December 21, 2021
  • The Bill submits to the Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth, and Sports.

Punishment under Child Marriage Act

  • If a male over the age of 18 marries a girl under the age of 18, he sentence to two years in a hard labour prison. A fine of up to one lakh rupees, or both.
  • A two-year sentence of hard labour in prison, a fine up to one lakh rupees,
  • A combination of the two may impose on someone who conducts or assists in child marriage.
  • Anyone who encourages or facilitates child marriage penalize with two years in prison, a fine that can reach one lakh rupees, or a combination of the two. 


Due to an upsurge in child bride cases in India, the administration passed this law. On the other hand, despite attempts by the government. The populace to help the country develop and prosper, issues like child sexual abuse and child marriage continue to impede our country’s progress.

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March 2023

We at Smile India Trust along with donors and volunteer implement the welfare schemes and work for the overall development of people of our country.  In March 2023, not only we celebrated Women’s day and Holi with people in slums but we did educational activities, food distribution, clothes distribution, Garima Project for teaching tailoring in slums, stationary distribution, Computer Literacy program, Maa Dham program for old aged women etc . To view our activities this month click here..