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The Smile India Trust was established in 2017 for the protection and development of children on the street and in difficult circumstances.
Smile India Trust works for the all round development of street children by providing:

Smile trust Shelter

smile India trust1  Nutrition

smile India trust2 Education

smile India trust3 Medical & Health care

smile India trust4 Counselling

smile India trust5 Recreational activities

smile India trust6 Awareness on children’s rights

smile India trust7 Life skills training

smile India trust8 Reintegration into family life

smile India trust9 Support and love

‘Help Transform Lives Of Girls And Women On The Streets Of Delhi’

Children living on Delhi streets are deprived of basic rights of Survival, Protection, Development, and Participation (UN Convention: Child Rights).
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 Our Mission:

Holistic care and development and protection of human rights of severely underprivileged children/persons in India.

The four approaches we take as an organization are:

smile India trust Protection Protection

smile India trust education Education

smile India trusthealth care Health care

smile India trust skill training Skill based training for livelihood

  Our Vision :

A world where it should never hurt to be a child

What We Do

The Smile India Trust works to free street children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse and poverty

Over 250,000 children are forced to exist on the streets of Delhi. Around five million people live in horrific conditions in slums. They do not have clean water; children are often hungry and diahorrea and skin diseases are common.

To survive, children scavenge in rubbish dumps to find scraps to sell or beg on the streets. Most are not in school and have poor health. Many children are abandoned and are at high risk of abuse, exploitation and child trafficking.

We work with committed people and organisations to change these children’s lives. We fund and support projects in health, nutrition, child protection and education. We also advocate for better services and seek ways to support access to Government programmes.

Smile believes in sustainable development. We partner with 16 local Indian NGOs and currently fund over 60 projects for street and slum children and their families in: education, healthcare, child protection, nutrition, drug rehabilitation and vocational training.

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Our Protection Homes directly benefit abandoned children; runaways, orphans, victims of child trafficking, children of sex workers and at risk street and slum children.



Out of 38 Girls, 27 girls are in the age group of 10 years to 18 years. They get direct benefits of 24 hours care and protection, education, nutrition, medical insurance, health care, counselling support, celebration of their birthdays.



One of the strategic goals of the organization includes early intervention in the life of the a child living in the streets and slums and providing them adequate facilities to bring them out of cycle of poverty.


Child Watch

253 street children yearly have access to “Right to Education, Play, Expression, Skill Enhancement programme” through Nabaasha – Center at four police stations in Delhi.



The Smile India Trust takes several approaches and strategies to ensure improvement to the health conditions of people living in South, North and Howrah Delhi regions.


Medical Assistance

Aims at ensuring proper medical treatment to the underprivileged people below poverty line and is deprived of required medical treatment, in and around Delhi and Howrah.


Child Watch

The Smile Child Watch programme aims to create a safety net for vulnerable children, through ensuring child protection through Rescue, Rehabilitation, Repatriation and Restoration.


Life Skills Projects

Lifeskills Training Program for disadvantaged young people has the aim of helping every young Indian to be employable, have selfworth and lead a dignified and productive life.

Our Impact

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