The Smile India Trust works to free street children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse and poverty.

Over 250,000 children are forced to exist on the streets of Delhi. Around five million people live in horrific conditions in slums. They do not have clean water; children are often hungry and diahorrea and skin diseases are common.

To survive, children scavenge in rubbish dumps to find scraps to sell or beg on the streets. Most are not in school and have poor health. Many children are abandoned and are at high risk of abuse, exploitation and child trafficking.

We work with committed people and organisations to change these children’s lives. We fund and support projects in health, nutrition, child protection and education. We also advocate for better services and seek ways to support access to Government programmes. 

Smile India Trust believes in sustainable development. We partner with 16 local Indian NGOs and currently fund over 60 projects for street and slum children and their families in: education, healthcare, child protection, nutrition, drug rehabilitation and vocational training.

As well as these front line projects, Smile India Trust has created innovative programmes to highlight and tackle complex cultural issues, such as child labour and child trafficking.