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SIT pledges to provide best NGO services in India to the underprivileged ones.

NGO services in India

Thinking of the best NGO service in India is a welfare group. We think of an organization that selflessly works for the welfare of society. Doing the service without any compromise results in SIT being one of the best NGO services in India. Smile India Trust tries to stand out as one of the best NGO service providers in India. By doing all the welfare activities at a large scale with a motive to help the helpless.

What makes Smile India Trust one of the best NGO services in India?

Smile India Trust promises to underprivileged Indian children with suitable educational facilities. We have witnessed numerous instances where adults from upper-class social classes force children to labor.  Every child has the right to an education, and at the Smile India Trust, we believe this to be true. Our volunteers visit residents in slums to offer advice and highlight the importance of education. We persuade them to educate their children, of any gender.

Children of today are the future of tomorrow, Smile India Trust realizes this view. Efforts are made to provide education to children and help them in the building process. According to numerous statistics, a large number of youngsters in India live below the poverty line. They primarily originate from low-income neighborhoods. An NGO for kids in India called Smile India Trust has vowed to support kids’ education and change the country.

Food drive:

The NGO provides food for those who cannot afford it. By setting up meal points daily and by providing midday meals to the poor children at school.

Clothes drive:

SIT takes in various used clothes from its donors and distributes them among the poor people. Who lives in the streets and who cannot afford a piece of cloth on his body.

Green India and Clean India drive:

The trust creates an awareness among the people regarding the need for a healthy environment. And the importance of sanitation in leading a disease-free life.

Road safety drive:

The trust teaches children the road safety measures. Teaches them to cross a road in traffic. This knowledge helps children to cross the roads with precaution lowering accidents on the road.

Cancer Awareness Drive:

Making people aware of cancer and the scope of early detection.

Education drive:

It creates an awareness about the benefits and advantages of education. In the working sector, it tries to engage the children in educational activities. To make them a knowledgeable citizen of the future.

Along with these drives, Smile India Trust also organizes camps. The camps organized by Smile India Trust are;

Counselling camp

Career counseling camp to guide the kids on the right path.
Disaster Relief Camp- providing financial support, shelter, and distribution of relief materials.

Blood Donation Camp

To raise awareness that we all have the power to save people’s lives by donating blood.

Health & Hygiene Camp

Creating awareness regarding health care and hygiene.

Blood Donation Camp

To raise awareness that we all have the power to save people’s lives by donating blood.


With special care to be provided to the poor children to make their lives slightly better. The trust is thriving because of our donors, trustees,  partner organizations, and volunteers. Who work relentlessly to create a just and equitable society where people can live a quality life with dignity. We believe that we have to prevent the barriers hindering the growth possibilities of poverty-stricken children. This is why we strive for the best NGO service in India.

For any kind of guidance or support, you can write us at [email protected]. Visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on to learn more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on FacebookInstagramTwitter

Ngo in India Helping to Reduce Poverty | Smile India Trust

ngo in India,

In India, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are helping the government in reducing the burden of helping the needy. India is among the most populous countries in the world. The growing population is always a problem, as it may also increase the load on the developing country. Whereas resources may not increase by the same amount that  required. It is where NGOs in India becomes an important factor in society.

Smile India Trust, welfare NGOs in India, strives for the continuous relief of poor families during difficult times. We provide them with continuous support through our program, which is important to reduce lack. We are committing our full energy to this mission to help them get bread and butter.  Aside from that, we want to create a wonderland for poor families to enjoy every moment. 

While our country has shown a terrific increase in the poverty rate and viewing this serious problem for many decades. However, there is a decline in the poverty rate in recent times but still, we are far behind the goals we are targeting.  This is all due to the ignorance of the poor section for many years. The below poverty line criteria fixed need fix.

We think it’s important to keep working toward our goal of bringing about permanent social change, particularly in India’s economic and socially underdeveloped regions.

Following that, our findings would result in the movement of poor people toward economic self-sufficiency and the establishment of links between them and those living in developed communities. For us, pulling the miserable lives out of the wall of poverty is beyond everything. 

NGOs in India Uplifting Poverty-Driven Families

As social welfare, humankind NGO in India, we are aware of our duty to improve the lives of as many of the poorest and poorest people and families living in rural or slum areas as possible.

Smile India trust is aiming to build an economy that supports, protects, and inspires the active involvement of the weakest sector of India’s backward regions. Additionally, we are providing poor families and individuals with the best solutions to the problems and the difficult situations they may face in the future.

The organization has been on a determined journey to work for the upliftment of those less fortunate people whose lives, as well as their income, have been shaken and damaged to a great range by disaster and conflict in order to fight poverty and take command of the vehicle of their future.

 Our NGO for social welfare in India, Smile India, serves the severely affected poor and helpless families in order to help them stand tall and walk ahead with a heart full of hope and brightness in the hours following the worst kind of unfortunate events. 

Indian Poverty Statistics: Facts and Figures

Typically, census ratios—the ratio of the population living below a preset poverty line—are used to calculate poverty levels. The standard definition of the poverty line is a minimum basket of necessities that can be turned into a nominal consumption expenditure using reasonable pricing.

Since the calculation of poverty started in the 1950s and was improved upon in the 1970s, India adopted this approach. In other words, the poverty line is set using the monthly per capita consumer spending. In passing, income data are unreliable, as is typical of survey data in other nations.

This does not suggest that the only way to check poverty, which has many features, is through utilization. As a result, many efforts made to create geographical measures.

  • According to the World Bank Poverty Line, the poverty rate in India is declining fast; in 2011–12, it was 58%, and in 2017–18, it was 37%.
  • The Tendulkar Poverty Line shows that from 14.9% in 2011 to 7% in 2017, poverty decreased.
  • 7% of the population in India’s rural areas are below the poverty level. On the other hand, 13.7% of the population in India’s urban areas consider below the poverty level.
  • In India, there are more than 1.77 million homeless people.
  • In India, the unemployment rate among 20 to 24-year-olds is 63%.
  • In India, the rate of unemployment reached 7.1% in January 2020.
  • India has a population undernourished 14.9%.
  • Malnutrition was to blame for 69% of under-five death in India.
  • According to a UNICEF report In India, 8,82,000 children under the age of five perished in 2018,
  • As a result, multiple efforts taken. However, due to a lack of data, these efforts have not been very successful.
  • The tried-and-true census ratio is as solid a scale as any. Particularly when combined with other data like the human growth index (HDI).

Challenge for Indian Child

Children in India are fighting poverty and lack of educational resources, putting their very lives and futures in danger. India’s children urgently need your help.

  • India is home to 30% of the world’s extremely poor youngsters.
  • In India, 1.4 million kids pass away before turning five each year.
  • About 25% of kids lack access to education.
  • Malnutrition and death affect 4% of children.
  • The country still has a problem with child labor, which prevents school-age children from attending.
  • Malnutrition, poor access to health care, child marriage, and poor cleanliness are common problems for kids in tribal communities, urban slums, scheduled castes, and rural areas.
  • Amenities, cleanliness, and reach to better water.
  • India is quite at risk of earthquakes, flooding, droughts, and refugee impact on children’s lives and access to important resources.

 Smile India Trust a renowned NGOs in India is appearing as a strong foundation for slum children and giving its best to provide children all that they deserve. We appeal to you all to make a difference in life if you are not financially stable volunteer us in this great cause, which will automatically help them in an indirect way. 

To get updates about our activities around Delhi/ NCR follow the Smile India Trust organization’s Facebook page. Visit our page to know more about us.



We provide Ngo Service in India and try to get smile on helpless people

NGO Services India? When we think in terms of NGOs we feel about a helping aid. Aid for poor people who have no hopes just because of a lack of financial help.

There are various NGO Services India working in different sectors just to improve the lifestyle. And TO provide basic needs to people living in underprivileged societies and in difficult situations.

NGO Services India

We Smile India Trust promise to deprive Indian children, that they will get proper educational facilities along with free medical support and shelter. In many places, we have seen that children get exploited by some people living in upper-class society by making them work for long hours and don’t give them enough money in return. Every child has a right to get an education, and we at Smile India Trust believe it, but our volunteers also go to people in the slums where we counsel them and show them the value of education. As volunteers, we convince them to educate their children, no matter what their gender is. Read More