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Top NGO in India | Smile India Trust| what we can do for poor families?

top NGO in India

Smile India Trust is a top NGO in India for helping poverty-stricken people. Poor people suffer the most from any kind of inequality. They get the lowest level of services even from the hospitals. We as a charitable foundation work hard to make available the necessities. They live in extreme poverty which made them, enforce to send their children to work. At the age when they have books in their hand, they had to care for family responsibilities. Isn’t this is an injustice to treat them like this??


Millions of families are struggling to fulfill their necessities. As an NGO this is our first and foremost duty to help them in their bad times. About 400 Indian Population is below the age of 18 years also which is the largest in the world. This is also the reason why India is called the land of Youth. Poor child needs special attention because at a very young age, they see the harsh reality of the world. Poor children lose their rights which develops the situation of depression to them. Poverty is the first cause that they have to face all these difficulties. And the second thing that compiles them to live like this is a lack of education. 


Absolute & Relative Poverty

As a top NGO in India, we strive to motivate children toward education. This is the only way we can give them a better life on theown. Before moving forward, let’s understand the types of poverty. So the first one is absolute poverty and the second one is relative poverty. In absolute poverty, people are poor and unable to meet their basic needs of food and shelter. Relative Poverty is people who are living below a certain income in a particular country. 


A child born in a poor family means exposed to malnutrition and poor inferior living. Although the child is not responsible for the poor inferior life he pays. The main reason for poverty is overpopulation, unemployment, and shortage of capital. Not only the government but also the people need to look after the situation of the poor’s education. Implementing new laws is not going to change anything. But we have to change our attitude towards the poor and their necessities. 


We are working for underprivileged families. But our efforts will pay nothing if you will not come forward to support them. This will happen because there is a lack of people’s participation in noble work. Everybody is busy building their palace and nobody cares for these families. 

How can we help as a top NGO in India?

Rather than the imaginary things we focused our strategies on the grass-root level. We followed the simple and practical way to tackle this problem. We brainstorm and tried to find out the basic cause of poverty and then on the practical solution.


Steps that can improve their condition:- 

  1. Spread Awareness

The government has launched many schemes for the betterment of poor families, but most of them are unaware of that. Our task is to visit several slum areas and make them aware of those schemes. This will benefit them in their betterment. They will be able to live along with the society in a better way. 


  1. Economic Liberalization

Implementing Property protection right is very important for the nation to reduce poverty. This right will help the poor people sustain themselves in one place and in reducing poverty. 


  1. Employment and productivity

India is a country of youth and youth need jobs for survival. Our country needs to have more job givers rather than job seekers. Top NGOs in India make the families learn some sort of art. Like painting, Tailoring, and Beautician to become financially independent. They will now not be dependent on others for financial help. 

  1. Scholarship in private colleges/schools for poor children

Many schools and colleges offer scholarships.  The main problem is still, that many don’t give entry to poor people. There should be some rule that will help the poor families in enrolling in good schools/colleges. 

As a top NGO in India, there are many responsibilities, one of the main aims is to come forward in helping poor families. Have a look at our work by visiting our official website:- Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, Instagram for daily updates.