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Smile India Trust| Best NGOs in India| Food is the Basic Necessity

best NGOs in India

Smile India Trust| Best NGOs in India| Food is the Basic Necessity 

Smile India Trust is one of the best NGOs in India for food distribution on daily basis. Food is any substance that is consumed to provide healthful support for a life form. Food is the basic need for human survival. Protein-rich food helps human body in building immunity. The food contains elemental supplements such as carbs, fats, proteins, nutrients, or minerals. 

The population of India is increasing so as there are demands for every product. The most common demand is meeting the food supply. As these families and children live in slums most of them sleep on empty stomachs. Imagine this situation; this is heartbreaking that is why we came up with an initiative. The “Meals of Happiness” under which we feed approximately 6000-7000 people on daily basis. 

Responsibility as One of the best NGOs in India. 

The Smile India Trust is responsible for food distribution for the poor living in slums. Our volunteers visit various parts of the Delhi slum area. These people are deprived of their necessities like food, clothes, and medical help. Our charitable organization is working for the betterment of poverty-stricken people. Our volunteers make sure that every child and family gets food. These families are not able to earn so much so that they can fulfill all their needs for their survival. 

As we all suffered from the wave of Covid but the people living in slums and ghettos suffered the most. Covid divested their family income as most of them works on a daily wage. They hardly earn Rs. 200 a day and are not able to feed their families. Our NGO makes sure that no one sleeps hungry stomach. Along with food, Smile India Trust, one of the best NGOs in India provides several services. 

Why Food Distribution in slums is necessary and how best NGOs in India promote this?

Children in slums suffer the most from malnutrition. This happens due to a lack of nutritious food. According to the survey in The Hindu, nearly 33 lakhs children are malnourished. And more than half of them belong to Bihar, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The Women and Child Development service, assess that there are 17.76 lakes malnourished kids.

India has slipped to 101st place in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2021 of 116 countries. From 94th in 2020, and is behind its neighbors Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. To handle the high persistence of Malnutrition in the country food distribution is important. Smile India Trust launched the “MEALS OF HAPPINESS” program, to reduce low birth weight, handicap, malnutrition, and disease among youth, adolescent girls, and women.

During the pandemic, Smile India Trust provided monthly rations to families. We strive to help the poor and needy in their difficult time. Our first step is to make hunger-free India so that we could be able to reduce the number of hungry people. It has been almost 2 years since the pandemic started, but still, the poor section is affected heavily. We had planned to continue to support the people living in a slum in the future too.

In India, 44% of the youth under the age of 5 are underweight. 72% of newborns and 52% of married women have weaknesses. Research has shown that starvation during pregnancy leads to an extended gamble of future illnesses. Like Real handicap, the reduced mental capacity of the child, and malnutrition. \


Protecting children from illness is necessary because these children are the future country. Hence, this is important to serve them as one of the best NGOs in India. The research suggests increasing GDP we tackle the problem of malnutrition. A hungry stomach cannot think well and this will hamper their learning. 

Similarly, our analysis suggests that focusing on child nutrition should be an important factor. Because the rise in child malnutrition; will definitely lead to a slowdown in the economic growth of India. That is why it is important to focus on nutritional food for development. 

For getting daily updates on our all ongoing activities you can visit our social media sites. Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For volunteering and donating to us kindly visit our website For donating you do need big pockets all you need is a big heart. Help us in continuing our humanitarian work. 


An NGO for disabled in India is bridging the gap between rich and poor

The gap between those who have sufficient and those who have nothing is ever-widening every day. In India, many people are living a miserable life. Unfortunately, we can see children who are the future of our nation are not getting their rights in this godawful society. Neither they are getting two meals a day, nor they have got clothes to cover their body. Most of the underprivileged kids living in our country are devoid of fundamental needs of life. Nevertheless, giving them a quality life has become the most pressing need in recent times.

There is no need to analyse the research work and data to understand the lives of poverty-stricken people. Just look around yourself, and you will find that on the one hand, rich people have all the riches of life. They have A.C., luxurious cars, branded clothes, one smartphone for all the family members, etc. On the other hand, poor people are living a life in which they are devoid of food, clothes, shelter, medicines, etc. Forget about the luxuries as they are unable to manage the necessities for themselves. Don’t you think that life is too unfair for those who are living under reduced circumstances? Can’t you feel the pain of underprivileged people even for once? Haven’t you ever thought of coming forward and support these destitute children?

The gap is stretching everyday

The gap between rich and poor is stretching with time, and thus, it has formed a cavity in society. Therefore, Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India is aiming to bring a change in the lives of underprivileged people. Also, our NGO working for children rights has taken multiple initiatives to assist needy people with timely food, medical facilities, clothes, and other means. People living in our country who have luckily got everything should understand their responsibility towards the communities. The communities include underprivileged children, women, disabled kids, etc.

To put it another way, Children are the backbone of any nation. Also, we can say that healthy, educated children will make the nation healthy. Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India, has sent some of its volunteers to interact with the underprivileged children under education awareness drives. Under those drives, the volunteers of Smile India Trust make the children aware of their responsibilities. Besides this, the volunteers at our NGO working for children rights used to develop value-based behaviour amongst children, who are the guardian of the nation’s future. Apart from education, their overall grooming is an equally significant factor to be considered. For this reason, the teachers working for Smile India Trust focus on recreational activities. The volunteers associated with our NGO working for children rights mostly belong to the middle class and prosperous families, i.e., obviously the privileged section.

An equal India for everyone

Smile India Trust, an NGO for disabled in India, is putting its efforts to act on growing inequality as it can hamper the growth of the nation. In other words, the target is to create an equal India for everyone. Like the volunteers working with Smile India Trust with a common goal in their mind to serve the helpless people of society, you can also support if you want.
Find out how Smile India Trust is supporting communities by assisting the underprivileged children and women. The purpose is to give them a better life and also creating equal opportunities without any discrimination.