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Smile India Trust celebrates Women’s Day by empowering the core

International Women’s Day

March 8th was officially declared as International Women’s Day and celebrated as a holiday in many places across the world. The day was created to reduce gender inequality between males and females, and build confidence in their hearts, as well as to appreciate the progress made by women in society. Smile India Trust is blessed to be a part of this wonderful event as their well-wishers.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day falls on March 8; its purpose is to celebrate the success, struggle, and rights to equality of women. Throughout history, women have gone through many sacrifices and still popped up as a motivation for others. International Women’s Day spreads awareness among society of their sacrifices and how we should appreciate them.

Why International Women’s Day is Important

In the past time of the Cold War era, the circumstances for women were not good, as the world has always been a male-dominated place where women have always had to suffer through many problems, including gender equality, basic rights, opportunities, violence, and more. International Women’s Day (IWD) spotted these issues and wanted to solve them.

This is why CLARA ZETKI, founder of International Women’s Day, the Socialist Party of America, took the responsibility to fix all this, and by their unmatched dedication to helping women, a step was taken, and as a result, International Women’s Day was formed.

Smile India Trust, keeping the mentality further

Empowering women is the most important thing. Not only for her but for the community and its wealth also, Smile India Trust believes that a woman can be useful for the betterment and welfare of society, and we as an NGO aim to help helpless women and adult girls reach their maximum potential, as we offer them fundamental needs like food, education, training, and a path for their evolution. And continuing the legacy of International Women’s Day.


Education plays a crucial role in the evolution of societies, as an educated community always seeks evolution and innovations. The old community of male-dominated groups always felt like the women were only fit for indoor work. Smile India Trust is changing the thoughts of million of minds, as we provide free education to women who want to do something in their lives, along with development training.

Not only this, an educated society of women is far ahead of an educated community of males. The organization offers free tailoring training to underprivileged females for their practical knowledge so that they can be self-reliant and independent.

Human rights fight against violence

International Women’s Day’s approach to stopping violence against women and not giving them proper rights was a marvelous step toward a new society. Human rights are essential for anyone to pursue a better and equal life. For centuries, urban females were unaware of these. Smile India Trust is working effortlessly to bridge the gap between male and female. We believe every woman has the right to speak, the right to raise, the right to do whatever she wants, and the right to be whatever she wants to be.

Healthy meals for energy

We understand how important it is to nourish the body and soul. For helpless women, the organization provides healthy meals and runs food camps throughout areas like slums and streets.

Medical services

If we are aiming to build a society where women are in the lead role. We need to make sure that their health is good. We, as an NGO, offer medical facilities to women, and free medicine and treatment.

The goals don’t just end here but are far greater than this. We want to make sure that our services reach a larger audience. The organization runs medical camps and medical clinics of our own, so every woman should be healthy.

Evolution of women’s

If we compare today’s independent women to women of old, the difference is tremendous. Where primitive women relied on men for their basic needs. Today women shouldn’t have to, with the proper education and opportunities that are available at this time for females. Every female at this time could make a living on her own.

Where the primitive woman was unaware of her rights. Today women knows their rights well and use them when in need. International Women’s Day is just a medium to celebrate the evolution of women, which they have made till this century.


Women are more capable than men in many fields. We just have to take them out of the shadows and give them a chance to prove themselves. They can make everyone proud, whether it’s their family or society. We have great examples in the Indian female community, Who have done unimaginable feats as women. It’s a wake-up call for everyone, and Smile India Trust is always there for such women.

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