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Smile Organization for Infant Child Protection | SIT

Smile Organization

We all feel our child is the most beautiful creation of God. His/Her smile makes life worthy. The Smile Organization has always been working for the protection of Infant children.

Smile Organization is a well-known NGO that believes we should transform the world into a safe haven. We are constantly working to improve the lives of infant children and, provide them with all of the basic necessities for a healthy life.

On November 7th, Infant Protection Day is observed to commemorate the protection and development of children from infancy to age one, which is the most vulnerable period of their lives. The development of an infant begins at birth. In the first three months after birth, an infant goes through a lot of development. He reacts to a variety of stimuli, including facial expression, vision, hearing, and forming bonds with his parents. Despite improving statistics, India’s infant mortality and female foeticide rates remain concerning when compared to global figures, with experts attributing the leading causes to the country’s low healthcare spending, as well as illnesses such as pneumonia, and severe malnutrition.

After delivery, however, children confront a variety of difficulties that put their lives in danger owing to a lack of safety and care. One-sixth of all births worldwide—65,385 infants born each day—occur in India. One of these newborns per minute passes away. In only one other large nation, India, do more girl babies die than boy babies. Currently, there is an 11% gender gap in child survival.


Smile Organization Offers Assistance to Infants

As India observes Infant Protection Day, our NGO raises awareness about the security of children and the value of appropriate protection and care in order to reduce both newborn and mother’s death at a young age. According to a 2022 report, which shows that the number of deaths among infant children has decreased by 3.61% from 2021, India has made significant progress in lowering its infant mortality rate (IMR). Inbirths,  27.695 deaths per 1000 live births, whereas births, 021 births.28.771 deaths per 1000 live births

Our organization’s goal and mission are to offer a helping hand to the needy and young children who live in poverty in slums. In order to give their infants a purposeful life, we have a moral obligation to assist them. Infants need to be protected in order to raise notice of the issue. The main obligation that needs to be handled is Infant Child Protection which seeks to take care of infants and provide them with adequate health services.

As a result, the smile organization has taken the initiative to develop great baby care services, including appropriate health care systems that will guide them through any difficulties.

Our non-profit organization has announced a successful strategy to reduce infant mortality. Due to a lack of access to basic health care, a lack of understanding, and the expanding population load, infant mortality has not decreased as anticipated. Future citizens, and infants need to be protected because they are the future of the world. To assist new mothers, we have started a variety of projects.

Why Do We Need Protection of Infant Children ?

With 1.37 billion inhabitants, India is currently the second-most populous nation in the world, placing it among the IMR’s most vulnerable nations. An estimated 26 million babies are born in India each year.

According to the 2011 census, children in India who were 6 years old or younger made up 13% of the country’s overall population.

Improving maternal nutrition, modernizing the nation’s medical infrastructure, which the pandemic has damaged, and running public awareness programs to teach mothers about childbirth can all significantly improve India’s newborn health results.

 Area where trauma faced by infants:

  • Underweight babies brought on by premature birth
  • Injuries sustained during pregnancy
  • Infections

According to RTI statistics, over 920,000 children in India are “severely acutely malnourished,” with the majority living in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Experts worry that the economic hardship brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak will have worsened India’s health and nutrition crisis.

Typical Risks to Infants

●    Cold and Flu

Infants have weak immune, which puts them at a high risk of contracting illnesses like the flu and the common cold. Make an appointment with a doctor if you notice cold or flu symptoms in your child, such as a runny nose, coughing, and other similar symptoms. A cold or the flu can develop into pneumonia in newborns if it is not cure. Infant-safe flu and cold treatment may be recommend by the doctor. Under no circumstances should medication be provided to children without first consulting a doctor.

●    Jaundice

One of the most common conditions affecting newborns is jaundice, which usually appears three to four days after birth and lasts for a week to ten days. Infants’ undeveloped livers induce jaundice, which manifests as high bilirubin levels throughout the body and yellow eyes. The condition becomes better in a week. But if jaundice appears within 24 hours of delivery or persists for more than three weeks, the pediatrician will investigate the cause and take the appropriate action.

These elements primarily causing an increase in the death rate are the burden of the population with a complementary deficit in the health service infrastructure, and lack of sufficient awareness. Breastfeeding is a blessing for babies since the mother’s milk is the primary source of protein and vitamins and acts as nectar for her child.

However, in, as a result, children who lack sufficient nourishment are more susceptible to today’s world, breastfeeding is not seen as unfashionable, and infections may even pass away if they don’t receive timely medical attention or care.

Simile organization admits that without providing a sufficient amount of nutrition to the mother, you can’t keep an infant healthy.

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