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Famous NGOs in India | Let’s bring equality to poor people in society

Smile India Trust

The Smile India Trust is one of the most famous NGOs in India. We serve low-income families. These people have very limited access to resources. Our NGO provides them with their necessities. These families are already suffering a lot due to their living conditions. Further, if people will discriminate against these people this is not good to look. Smile India Trust NGO acts as a bridge and tries to fill the gap to bring equality to society.

We all are aware of the law of the Right to equality. The Right to equality comes under Article 14 of Indian law. This is one of the fundamental rights. The right to equality ensures equal protection of the laws of every person. It is not only the right of Indian citizens, but also the right of non-citizens. Article 14 defines no one is above the law. All are equal in the eye of the law. 

Equality is all about ensuring equal opportunity for every individual. This helps individuals in bringing the best out of themselves. Equality helps poor people as well as to have equal rights to improve their condition. Through our continuous initiatives, we have moved forward in bringing equality to society. 

Gender Equality prevents violence against women and girls. This is essential for economic prosperity. Societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier. Gender equality is a human right, working together we can give a happy and healthy life to underprivileged families. 

Vision as Famous NGOs in India 

The Smile India Trust vision for gender equality is for all Victorians to:

Education NGO in Noida

  • Our NGO wants the poor to live in a safe and equal society.
  • We want to have equal access to power, resources, and opportunities.
  • They should be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.

Gender equality is not going to take place in one day. This will happen, but it will take time. That is why Smile India NGO is taking measurable steps to improve the condition of society. We are working for the betterment of society. We expect your love and support from our readers and donors. This is important because your help will save so many lives. 

Inequality affects everyone living in society. It is not restricted to particular gender or society. You can’t even imagine how worse it is at some places. Smile India Trust is among the famous NGOs in India as they always think for the betterment of society. Let’s discuss how gender inequality affects at various stages. 


  • Gender Equality influences children’s identity from the very beginning.
  • Men are given many times more attention than younger women in the study room.
  • Young women get 11% less pocket cash than young men.
  • Youth group business and practice, as intended.
  • Orientation generalizations affect conduct and focus on decisions, desires, and mindsets about relationships.
  • Girls are more willing to participate in coordinated sports.
  • Young women are more likely to do advanced math subjects in their last longer school years.
  • 1 in 3 women over the age of 15 has faced physical violence. 
  • Women with disabilities face family abuse.
  • They are bound to be unemployed or underemployed.
  • They are not paid as much as disabled men and women with disabilities.
  • Our Smile India Trust NGO helps them fight on their own by making the self-employed. 


What does The Smile India Trust do to stand out as a Famous NGO in India?

Smile India Trust NGO tries to tackle every problem faced by women and children of our society. One is the base of new life and the other is that child on which the future of the economy depends. We make sure that we help every person in their difficult times. When you are among the Famous NGOs in India it brings lots of responsibilities. Here are some which we had already initiated in society for the welfare of poor people.

  • Food Distribution

A vital need for a human to conduct their activities. But, due to a lack of money poor families are unable to buy rations. This is not their current problem this was even worse during the pandemic. But, by following every precaution volunteers distributed rations and other supplies in slums. 

  • Education

Food helps in improving physical abilities, whereas education helps in improving mental ability. It gives humans a sense of differentiating between right and wrong. Lack of education sometimes indulged the children on the wrong paths. Volunteers provide free-of-cost education to children living in slums. 

  • Girl2B educational support

The Smile India Trust NGO supports the Girl2B initiative in which we educate the girl child. There is an old quote that says if you are educating a girl, you are educating a family. Smile India Trust NGO works for the welfare of families. We strive to give a healthy and wealthy life to poor families.

  • Health Access

Low-income Families are not able to earn so much money that they can afford a good hospital for treatment. Smile India Trust NGO has a team of good doctors who selflessly visit slums and treat poor families. Not only do they treat them but educate them on the ways to stay healthy. Volunteers distribute them vitamin capsules, Sanitary pads(female), and other medical support. During Covid, also we distributed masks, sanitizers, and gloves to protect them. 

  • Child Watch

This service act as a safety net for poor children. Volunteers patrol at night and if they identify cases, they immediately bring them. Because of this service, many children get food, counseling, and other care. Smile India Trust NGO is ready 24*7 to support and uplift the life quality of poor people. 


Why support Smile India Trust?

NGOs are not doing anything for themselves, we are doing it for improving the living standard of the poor. We urge all of you to come together to support our initiatives. Alone we cannot help them in their fight for a longer period. We have supported and improved the lives of many people whose stories are there on our website. You can visit our website for reading such stories, blogs, and articles. Click on this link to visit our famous NGO in India website  You can get daily updates from our social media sites. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Smile India Trust Organization| Take Care of your Mental Health

Smile India Trust Organization

Smile India Trust Organization is helping poor families. We are camping at several locations in Delhi/NCR and U.P. . This is important to talk about as this is the most ignored topic. People of old mentality mostly ignore saying all these things do not happen. Mental health does not refer to mental illness. Many people see both things in one frame. But, in reality, both are different. Your mental health can affect due to many reasons. Some of them are your family problem, financial issues, etc. 

In 2018, India has the most number of depressed people in the world. Taking about this topic will bring awareness to society. This will also give them a better understanding of serious mental issues. Our volunteers arrange camps at several locations in Delhi, U.P., and Meerut. In the camps, the doctors make aware people of the need of bettering their mental health. During our night watch, we found many adults and children. When we met them, they were very sacred. Our volunteers counsel them and bring them to the doctors for proper care. You never know how a simple issue in your life can disturb your whole health. As an NGO we try to focus on both the physical and mental health of an individual. 

In India, 6.5 percent of the population suffers from some sort of serious mental illness.

If you belong to the middle class or high class your parents might give attention to this problem. But, if you belong to a poor family do not even think of this problem they do not look at this as a problem. But, as an NGO we try our best to reach every door and then treat children with such issues. 

What does Smile India Trust Organization do to protect children from this Issue?


top NGO in India

The Smile India Trust Organization will always come forward in helping poor people. 

  • Firstly, when we meet them, we console them and provide meals for them.
  • Secondly, after food, we send them to the doctor’s team. Where they give them various counseling sessions to improve their mental condition. 
  • Thirdly, we educate them and support them in bettering their livelihood.

According to research, 150 million people do not have access to any mental health care. Many people need medical help, but they do not get the proper treatment that they need. They are often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. This happens because of two reasons either weak finances or a lack of professionals. Mental illness is as serious as physical because kids nowadays face many problems. 

The average suicide rate in India is 10.9 for every lakhs of people. And the average age of the people who commit suicide is people who are under 44 years of age. People get scared to talk about their struggles. They fear being an outcast and not being heard. We encourage people to talk to their friends, families, or anyone to calm them. Smile India Trust Organization urges every citizen who is reading this blog, please, help to those who are in real need. It does not matter how you are supporting all that matters are that you came forward. 

If you want to support us in our ongoing activities kindly visit our website. Drop your query at  Visit our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages for daily updates. 


Non Governmental Organizations in India | Measures To Reduce Poverty

Non-Governmental Organizations in India

Smile India Trust is a Non-Governmental Organization in India that helps the helpless. Our NGO is working for the upliftment of poor society. These are deprived of their basic survival needs. Volunteers of our NGO help them by giving tasty cooked food. Poverty leads to illiteracy and many problems. We help them in their survival, but now, we are running out of funds. These days we need your support to help these needy families. All are busy making their life safe and sound. But smile NGO is taking little steps in making the poor’s life beautiful. 

You look and tell me what did you see? Do you see hobs in the city, outside shops, and on the streets? What can be said about people who pull a wheelbarrow with a customer for an extra ten bucks? Can it be said that you are aware of the crime percentage and drug addiction by children in our general public? At present, there can be many reasons for this, yet the lack in India is the obvious reason behind these issues.

More than 800 million in India are considered poor. India is second on the list of most the population after china. Poverty in India is increasing along with more number of uneducated people. We strive to give low-income families a happy and respectful life. Individuals in society treat these families very badly. They do not pay any attention to them. As if they are not even part of society. But as an NGO we are working to make people aware of the problems faced by poor people living in slums. Our goal is to make the world “a place where it should never hurt to be a child”. 

Let’s discuss some ways to reduce poverty in society:

  • By bringing employment

As we all understand that due to insufficient money these families get less employed. This happens because due to insufficient funds. These families hardly earn money to eat daily. Can you understand their situation and the bad time they are facing? No, we can just imagine the situation, but they are facing it. Due to the absence of money people are unable to educate their children. And without education, you cannot get a good job. 

Big companies need big skills along with experience. So there is an urgent need for jobs for uplifting the poor people. We as a Non-Governmental Organization in India make the poor’s skillful. We provide them with various skills to enhance their knowledge. Smile NGO provides them with skills like crafting, tailoring, and computer knowledge. We make them self-dependent and self-reliable for their expenses. 

  • By focusing on agricultural improvement

Agricultural improvement means that we have to make available good seeds to farmers. If the seeds are high-yielding then the crops from them also will be of good quality. Good quality crops will benefit the produce, transport, the purchaser, and the nation. Producing high-yielding crops will increase the purchasing of products. And this will increase the money flow and demand for products in the market. 

India is the second most crowded country on the planet with about 1.2 billion people. Our country has experienced growth of up to 10% over many years and is the largest economy on the planet. Be that as it may, only a small section of the Indian population has so far benefited from the period of prosperity. Most of the people in India live in pathetic conditions. This is why it is fundamental to understand the idea of ​​necessity as a test in India.

  • Development of Infrastructure

Infrastructure development means that government need build more schools, hospitals, and parks. Poor families have less money to get treatment in big private hospitals. Their charge for one day is so high that sometimes even middle-class families cannot afford it. 

We do request the government to look out for the concerns of poor families. Building new infrastructure will bring employment as well as new development. Due to fewer infrastructure people in rural areas suffers the most. 

  • Stabilize Human Resource

Besides physical infrastructure, we need to stabilize Human Resources. Poverty can also reduce through human resource development. Improving human assets requires a more prominent interest in many things. Some of them are schools for further education, professional universities, Hospitals, etc.

This human asset not creates a fair plan of business, but also raises efficiency and pays for poor people.

  • Special Employment Schemes for the Poor

The government had inaugurated many schemes for the betterment of poor families. The First scheme is The JawaharRozgarYojana (JRY), now named as Jawahar Gram StimridhiYojana. The Goal of the scheme is the goal of improving the quality of life of the rural poor. By offering more productive work to poor people in the slum. 

The second employment scheme is IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Scheme). The program aims to provide employment opportunities to the poor. This scheme gives opportunities to develop their skill to improve their living conditions. 


The third scheme is TRYSEM (Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment). The main aim of this scheme was to provide technical and business expertise to rural BPL people. And to those who are in the 18-35 age group. 

If these schemes are used effectively then the problem of poverty will reduce. The government had already launched programs, but unfortunately, they are not running efficiently. 

What do we do as a Non-Governmental Organization in India?

As Non-Governmental Organization in India, we arrange nutritious meals and educational supplies. We make poor people of rural and slum areas aware of all these schemes. These schemes will give them new hope. Awareness drives are run and make available the necessities for their better survival. Poverty reduction is very important to improve the condition of our Nation. As a developing country, we need to take care of every single as much as possible. Taking care of poor families is not the alone duty of the government. Being a part of society we are equally responsible to help these families.


We hope we all will become a support system for each other. Volunteer with us and help the families in need. Visit our website at  Get the daily updates from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


HelpAid India | Smile India Trust| Charitable Foundation| Helping hands

HelpAid india

NGO Smile India Trust acts as a helpaid India for poor and needy people. Helping others without any cause will give you immense pleasure. The poor families in slums are dependent on NGOs for their survival. They need our care and support for everything. These families suffer a lot in getting anything of need. That is why we take care of poor families and help them in their fights with needs. There are many benefits for yourself if you help someone.

You must have heard many quotes on the benefits of helping someone. Let’s have a look at what ideology our NGOs and volunteers work upon.

“Kindness and helping others will return to you when you least expect it, and maybe when you need it.”

You never know when you are going to experience tough times. But, remember one thing if you are helping someday it will definitely pay off you in your bad time. We live in a country with various kinds of ideologies and beliefs. You must have heard from your parents or grandparents that good deed never goes in vain. So keep doing your good deeds without asking anything in return. For understanding, these NGOs are the perfect example. We help everyone in need without asking them anything in return. Helpaid India concept is basically to support the poor families in slums.

India is a country with a huge population and also a number of unemployed people. Our NGO provides skills to the poor people to make them able to earn. It is very important to make the Indian population self-independent. Being independent leads to more confidence in own self. Let’s discuss some benefits of being self-independent.

Benefits of being an Independent:-

It leads to financial stability

When you have skills you are definitely going to have jobs. And when you have a job you will become financially independent. Education gives us the liberty to decide between right and wrong and skills help in smart work. We teach various skills ad counselling for self-confidence, this contributes to forming a better society to live in.

It supports your fearlessness and confidence

An expansion in fearlessness means that you trust yourself to face difficult situations. Also, increase in self-confidence gives an uplifting outlook on you. Freedom to learn provides certainty as you have confidence in the information.

It eases the burden you put on family, peers, and society

Assuming that you are fit to meet your needs with the help of innovation, you do not need to depend on others for help. Instead of being weight, you lessen the burden on others. Helpaid India eases families’ burdens by providing free food and other daily necessities.

It turns you into a resource for helping others

The need for help isn’t terrible. Everyone needs it sooner or later. Whatever the case, with freedom, comes the ability to really focus on yourself and help others with the information and abilities you have. People figure out how to count on you as a useful asset and ask for your help.

It raises your position among peers and partners

At the point when you prove that you are independent, others see you as a supporter of society rather than a ward. Today, education decides how far you can go in your daily life. Freedom makes a strong position.

If you liked our blogs then visit our website: for reading such articles & blogs. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for daily updates. Support us in supporting the families living in slums. These families need our support and care so that can grow better.


June 2022

We are glad to share that with activities undertaken by our team in June 2022, we’ve been significant in bringing a positive change in the lives of many needy ones. Our activities include the distribution of clothes, and nutritional food on daily basis in slums, women wellness drive, health drives etc in Delhi & NCR Region to extend support to save lives etc. To view our activities this month click here..