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Smile India Trust uplifts the lives of poor

Smile India Trust

Smile India Trust is helping the poor and needy families of society. We strive to provide the basic amenities to slum-dwellers. Smile India Trust brings new hopes and smiles to their faces. Through our blogs we aware people of the services and benefits we provide to poor families. They are unable to manage the resources of their need. That is why we help and support them in living their life easily. 

Helping them will enhance their life quality. We make sure to avail the basic needs of human beings. Especially to those who are unable to help themselves and their loved ones. Our NGO had taken an oath that we will help as many poor families as possible. Our NGO welcomes those who want to help us in our initiatives.

Covid had disturbed the source of income of such deprived families. This is a matter of concern because India exports many things to other countries. But its people are dying due to hunger and poverty. Despite being an agriculture-driven country, many children are dying due to malnutrition. India is one of the largest exporters of cereals and 2nd largest exporter of rice. 

We export these things to countries that are not agriculture-driven. Like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE, and Bangladesh. Smile India Trust is one of the leading NGOs to support needy families. These families are already suffered a lot due to Covid Pandemic. Hence, we support them by providing education, food, and other necessities.

How Smile India Trust helps in reducing hunger and poverty in society?

This is a very serious issue that needs to be tackled as soon as possible. Here are some steps by which we can tackle this issue.

  1. Bring self-employment

As our government dreams of “AATM NIRBHAR BHARAT,” we also educate people for the same. Volunteers of our NGO visit several areas to aware people importance of employment. We all know that because of insufficient money these families are unable to get their needs. These families hardly earn for their survival and this is why we help them by providing skills. We provide skills like crafting, painting, and others to make them self-dependent. 

  1. More schools and collages 

The government needs to build more schools and colleges for poor children. Education will give them the power to enhance their standard of living. Because of Covid and lack of technology, these children got deprived of education. Volunteers camp and teach children to enhance their knowledge. Education will help them in bettering their situation by getting a good job.

  1. Food Distribution

The Smile India Trust always comes forward to feed hungry stomachs. We do not judge people based on their caste, or color. We understand only one thing that they need help and we have to help humanity. Food is the basic need for human survival and that is why we distribute the healthiest meals to people in slums. The food distribution is not strictly limited to basic meals. Sometimes along with the food, we distribute milk, pastries, and packets from Mac D. That brings smiles to their faces. 

You can come forward in helping poor families. Visit our website more. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for daily updates.


Registered NGO Smile India’s ultimate suggestion for mental health

Registered NGO in Delhi NCR

Smile India Trust is a Registered NGO in Delhi NCR under the Indian Trust Act of 1882. Also registered under Section 12 (A) and 80(G) of Income Tax Act, 1961, Govt. Of India. Switching to healthy is the best thing you can do to improve your health. Today we will suggest ways to improve mental health. Taking care of your mental health is important to leading a happy life. How do you think affects your emotional, psychological, and sociological well-being? Prioritizing mental health is, of course, critical. Our mental health also contributes to our decision-making process. How do we cope with stress and how do we relate to others in our lives? 

 Why is emotional health important?

Maintaining emotional and mental health is very important. This is a vital part of our lives and impacts our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Staying healthy can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities like work. Mental Health plays an important part in the health of your relationships. This also allows you to adapt to changes in your life and cope with adversity.

How can you improve your emotional health day-to-day?

You can take to improve your mental health every day. Things like exercising, and eating balanced and healthy meals, will help you. Getting a good night’s sleep, can help boost your emotional health. 

Let us understand in detail why is mental health important and what we can do to keep it intact:

  • Better relationships

The link between mental health and relationships most compelling reason for its importance. Mental Illness might have an impact on how we interact with our friends and family. Mental illnesses result in aggressiveness, and incapacity to take part in social activities. This results in conflicts with our friends and family. Mental illness has the potential to compel us to overthrow our loved ones for no clear reason. Self-care is important for mental health. If necessary, medication can help us live a mentally stable existence.

  • Mental Health is inversely proportional to Physical Health

There’s an inverse link between our mental health and our physical health. Mental illness can induce stress and affect our immune systems. As a result, our body’s ability to cope with illness. A sick mind can lead to anxiety and sadness, both of which can make it difficult to move about and stay active. The mind and body are interrelated which is why mental health awareness is so crucial.

  • Mental Health is proportional to Emotional Well-Being

Every day, how you feel on the inside is very important as how healthy you are. Mental health advice demonstrates how a negative mind can make you feel down. Smile India Registered NGO in Delhi NCR suggests taking care of our emotional well-being. This can help us be more productive and effective at work and in our daily activities. Maintaining track of our emotions and well-being is important. We can seek mental health advice from friends, family, and a psychologist.

  • Mental Health Awareness to Reduce Suicide Rates

Approximately 8 million deaths each year, are because of mental disorders. It is critical to follow suggestions to maintain our mental health. To be aware of the mental health of those around us at all times. 

Examples of risk factors include:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Homelessness and unemployment.
  • Alcohol and other drug use.
  • Discrimination and racial injustice.
  • Family conflict or family disorganization.
  • Stressful life events.
  • Mental Health leads to crime

Poor mental health puts one at an increased risk of committing violent crimes. This leads to self-victimization and abuse. Sometimes mental health issue leads a person to commit a crime. A mentally unfit person can commit a crime against his/her family member. You find a person mentally unfit try to suggest him/her to visit a medical professional.


  • Mental Health leads to Productivity and Financial Stability

Mental Stability leads to an increase in productivity and financial stability. Less than 40% of people fall in good mental health. People are suffering from mental illness and suffering from less productivity. According to WHO, almost 200 million people lose their lives each year due to a drop in productivity. People facing depression generally start to live alone.

  • Mental Health is affected by Societal Factors

We had already discussed that poor mental health can lead to an increase in crime and violence. When we talk about children, they are the least expressive these days. They try to tackle all their problem on their own. But as parents, this is your duty to observe they’re natural change. If a child is in depression his/her social behavior will change. In conclusion, mental health problems can have a significant societal impact. 

  • Mental Health affects the Quality of Life

It is clear why it is important to take care of your mental health. An unhealthy mind can cause us to lose interest in the things we once enjoyed. This leads to ups and downs and overwhelms us to a point where one cannot carry on with even the most basic tasks. If you take care of your health seriously it is going to improve your quality of life. We as Registered NGO in Delhi NCR try to counsel people facing mental health issues. This has become a global issue and that is why we are aware people about mental illness.

What can be done to improve such conditions if you are suffering from mental illness?


  1. Make a social connection 

Phones are the best medium by which you can call and get connected to your loved ones. This acts as a mood booster for depressed people.


  1. Staying active 

This helps your body as well as your mind. Being regularly active has a major impact on your mental health. Exercising improves your emotional state and quality of sleep. 

  1. Talk to someone

Talk to them who you love to talk big thumps up start doing today. Talking to a person who cares for, you will release your stress and help you in sharing your thoughts.

  1. Take up a relaxation practice, practicing yoga and deep breathing can help you in reducing your stress level.


  1. Don’t skip your sleep

When we talk about it does not mean that you will in daylight. No, this means a good night’s sleep. It is proven that when you skip one-night sleep it will affect your next 3 days’ energy level. So, try, to follow the tips suggested by smile Registered NGO in Delhi NCR to live healthily.


Try to follow the steps suggested by us. Visit our website to support our website :- Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for daily updates.

One of the best NGOs in India| Problems poor face during the Monsoon

one of the best NGOs in India

Smile India Trust is one of the best NGOs in India for managing the problems of the needy. As we all know that during these months it rains heavily. People who have cemented houses might enjoy this beautiful season. But this season is not enjoyable to slum-dwellers. Slum-dwellers are those people who barely earn for their survival. Our NGO Smile India Trust support these kinds of families and children. 

 Yes, the monsoon is essential for balancing our ecosystem. But these families bear the maximum loss because of this season. They live in houses made up of shanties and Kucha. During the rainy season, their houses leak from several places. Think of a situation when you are sitting enjoying coffee sitting beside your window in rain. At the same time, a poor person is shivering because of the rain and because he has no shelter. Can you now enjoy your coffee and rain? The answer is “NO” if you are human with the least sentiments you cannot enjoy. 

 So this article is going to make you aware that what are the problems the poor face during Monsoon. With a thought that next time when you know that monsoon is coming you should at least help one person. This will for sure help you to enjoy your rain for real. The tag line from one of the best NGOs in India ‘s point of view is “Enough the fullest in rains after helping the poor”. 

 Monsoon is a very beautiful season among all the seasons. Let’s come together and make this monsoon as beautiful as the poor never thought of. Help us in our initiatives and bring big smiles into their lives.

Problems faced by Slum-dwellers, according to one of the best NGOs in India?

  •     Rich Diseases

According to a recent survey of the health services of the Delhi government

  1. A) Slum-Dwellers are no more untouched by the diseases of the Rich.
  2. B) Diseases of rich mean lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. 
  3. C) Minimum of 20 percent of the slum dwellers are suffering from hypertension. The rest 10 percent from diabetes. 
  4. D) The urban lifestyle is not only impacting the rich; but also, for the poor too. The stress levels at work are high for services performed by slum dwellers. This stress level leads them to hypertension. Fast food items like burgers are available at roadside stalls, resulting in diabetes. 
  5. E) These problems are spreading fast in slums as compared to a few years back data. 
  6. F) The team observed that the main reason for this is the irrational sewage system. 


When volunteers visit urban slums, this is the most common problem that even we face. There is no proper drainage system in slums. They live in extreme untidiness. The slum smells bad and these families live there and we asked that they do not feel it. Hearing the answer, we bowed our heads, they said we are habituated to it. Nobody is there for them to look after their problem. But this time Delhi government has taken a step to build a proper drainage system in slums. We are thankful to the government for taking such a great decision. 

  •     Proper Sanitation facilities

Almost every day volunteers visit the slums for food distribution. This is a common problem in every single slum. There is no proper sanitation facility. As the rains come life of these people becomes miserable. Leak in houses and floating of sewage and garbage into their houses makes their life like hell. People who have access to good homes and sanitation barely understand this problem. All the dirty water gets collected near their houses. 

This dirty water invites diseases with them. Due to an insufficient drainage system, this water gets collected and is stagnant. Stagnant dirty water invites diseases like malaria and typhoid. These diseases became deadly because they have insufficient wealth to get treatment. Treatment in hospitals is too expensive nowadays. Sometimes even middle-class families suffer a lot. As one of the best NGOs in India , we educate slum-dwellers about the dangerous impact of dirty water. 

  •     Lack of food-making resources

When it rains sometimes it rains too heavily. Mostly slum-dwellers prefer to prepare food on an earthen stove. Because if heavy rains their earthen stove sometimes breaks. If they are lucky enough to save it the wood (fuel) they store becomes wet. They are not so rich to buy new from the market, they roam around and then collect. This means trying to search for free sources to get their fuel for food-making. 


    Increase in prices of vegetables and fruits

This you very often have heard at your home. If it rains outside the prices of vegetables and fruits increase. As soon as it rains, the price of vegetables or fruits increases, which are of clipping nature. As they rely on the cheaper vegetables and fruits to survive here also rains play with them. Volunteers of our NGO are continuously supporting these families by providing food. No matter what season or what day it is we are only concerned to help them 24*7. 

  •     The problem in arranging wearable clothes

Along with the food we also avail them with clothes. Clothes are also very important as do not have places to keep their clothes dry during rain. they do not have almirah or safes to keep their clothes dry during rains. This is not possible that every time with the food we will avail them clothes. But we can do this at least this monsoon with your support and care. Please, make their monsoon a little better for them. Support them by joining us in our initiatives.

Binding up with a little conclusion from our point of view that what we can do together to help them: –

Yes, this is possible that if we came together, we will make their monsoon beautiful. Let’s join with one of the best NGOs in India  and brings joy and happiness to their life. Give their children a chance to enjoy the rain without worrying about anything. We urge you to help these families whenever you find them in any problem. They are also a part of our society help them so that our society can uplift. 

 We hope this article will draw your attention toward helping poor families. You can read such articles on our website  Get the daily updates from official social media pages. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let’s make their survival a little easy and joyful this season. All you need is a big heart to help them. 

Smile India Trust | Distributing Happiness to the needy in slums

Smile India Trust

Smile India Trust is distributing happiness in the form of various services. Serving poor people is an act of good deed. We always come forward to help those who are in need. Every year, millions of people die due to hunger. Because of Covid, many families’ lives got devoted. Our initiative is to provide dry rations, sanitation kits, and essential kits to those in need. These things will help them in their easy survival. Smile India Trust tries to make people access all the basic things for their survival. Our NGO volunteers reach a slum area and provide them with the necessary supplies. Smile India Trust is working for the betterment of society. Our NGO is the best in India for providing basic facilities in slums. 

What does Smile India Trust Foundation do?

Our NGO provides, free of cost medical help to children and women of our Nation. As a renowned NGO, we try to tackle the problem related to health issues. Maintaining good health is very important for leading a healthy life. We camp at several locations in Delhi/ NCR, U.P,  And Meerut. Volunteers organize free medical checkups at certain intervals of time. 

We start several programs for making easy survival for needy families. These families hardly earn for fulfilling their basic needs, and in this condition how will they get treatment in big hospitals? That is why we provide the necessary support to give them a healthy life. During Covid, our NGO supported these families by distributing masks, sanitizers, and food. 

Our NGO is now stepping out of the Covid zone and now counseling people to maintain a healthy life. One can live a healthy life, healthy life can be managed if he/she eats nutritious food which our NGO plays an important role in. Our volunteers serve daily food and another service to poor families. 

Along with the food we focus on educating the young youth population of India. Most families in slums directly or indirectly engage their children in working. We strongly object to this and acknowledge people for sending children to schools. The school will provide them with education. This is the only way by which they can come out from the wheels of poverty. 

Women Health & Hygienic

Maintaining women’s health is very important. They are the root of a family. They maintain a healthy discipline in their family. If they are healthy then only they can keep others healthy. This NGO is best for protecting and empowering women and children. We live in a society where women are sometimes treated differently. Our NGO tries to fill this gap by empowering women. 

Women are the base of a new life. Since giving birth to a new life, women’s bodies need to be healthy. That is the main reason we are always aware of women taking good care of their health. We provide skills so that they can earn money. The more girls become financially independent, the more it will empower them. At last, we would like to urge people to come forward and help needy families. You can visit our website helping poor families. Get daily updates from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


July 2022

In the month of July 2022, Smile India Trust, served humanity by serving food in various locations in Delhi & NCR region to those who are living in extreme poverty.  Our activities include the free distribution of nutritional food, healthy drink, clothes and books on daily basis in slums etc to extend support for the underprivileged people of our society.  To view our activities this month click here..