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NGO Smile: Child Abuse Horrifying Wound on Innocent Heart

Ngo Smile

The world is a wonderful place to live. It is the best present, which is given to humans. As a result, it is our responsibility to safeguard our planet’s elegance and honesty. Childhood is a fortunate aspect of both human life and the world.NGO Smile today is discussing about child abuse horrifying wound on these innocent heart.

Children are not only the hope for the future,  but also instrumental for maintaining our present happy status. These young minds are the source of betterment and newness in the world today and the time to come. Well, each one of us knows the value of children and respects their individuality.

However, few sick-minded peoples’ ill-treat children and take undue advantage of their credulity. They not only make these children work under unhealthy conditions, but also load them with hard work. It is looking at these dark truths of the society that governing bodies passed certain laws to protect children’s rights. These rights stand against any act that supports child abuse or affects mental or physical health.

Childhood is the most important stage of life. It has no concept of worry or anxiety, of good or evil. This is a period of both carelessness and pureness.


Ngo Smile, a foundation for children, is working on a holistic approach where the main focus is to provide care, help, and development for them.

NGO Smile: What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse is a criminal offense committed by those who are dissatisfied with their personal lives. A child’s exploitation is as severe as assassinating an individual since a child is naturally gentle, as well as any abuse he or she suffers in childhood leaves a permanent lasting impression on its mind.Our society is filled with despicable monsters, with the exception of one place where saints and happy people adore spreading the message of adoration and oneness.

Others are solely concerned with their own personal advantages. These really are self-centered individuals. One annoying offense done by money-hungry behemoths are involving small children in labour actions. They force these youngsters to work in mining areas, crackers, or building sites.

These people burgle such children of their innocence. Numerous individuals also coerce children into sexual, having to beg, or house cleaning activities. They rob kids of their innovation and naiveté and take control of their daily lives.

World Health Organization on Child Abuse

World Health Organization formed with the motive to protect vulnerable class divided child abuse in four types. Which we will discuss further in the article. Firstly, we will tell you about the definition of child maltreatments.

World Health Organization defines Child treatment, as “It is an abuse which children under the age of 18 years face. This has an adverse effect on health, survival, development, and dignity of a child.

World Health Organization defines Sexual Violence as  “Sexual violence is any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, or other act directed against a person’s sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim, in any setting. It includes rape, defined as the physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration of the vulva or anus with a penis, other body part, or object.”
World Health Organization defines Child Abuse as the involvement of a child in sexual activity that he or she does not fully comprehend, is unable to give informed consent to, or for which the child is not developmentally prepared and cannot give consent, or that violates the laws or social taboos of society”.

Child Abuse a Major Problem in Modern Era

A significant issue is that the judicial framework somehow doesn’t adequately protect kids from any further harm by the abuser. WHO also usually released while its reported incident is put on trial. This is extremely serious whenever the child required to recognize the abuser. Child abuse creates a variety of issues for children. The child is at direct risk of being severely killed or injured. Most molested kids, even so, suffer more emotional damage than physical injury. Abuse victims have lower academic performance (and are also more likely to drop out) and increased rates of youth crime .

They are more likely to use drugs and alcohol and have associated issues, as well as have much increased rates of mental health issues such as depression, anxiousness, and thoughts of suicide. Child sexual abuse can have long-term physiological, cultural, and psychological consequences.

Types of Child Abuse Innocent Heart Face

Pounding, punching, or strangling is examples of physical abuse. For most territories, any act, which causes bodily harm to a child. It  considered child abuse and is punishable under the law. This could involve cuts and bruises, fires, a skeletal injury, a head trauma, or vital organ harm.

Slurs, snide remarks, and moniker are examples of psychological and emotional abuse. It also contains disregarding the kid or making threats against the child. Once children are eyewitness to “act of violence or neglect among grownups, this type of cruelty can occur concurrently with domestic abuse.

Another variation is threatening to harm or kill a child’s mother, siblings, or pets, as well as a parent threatening to kill him or herself.

Sexual abuse includes any sexual intercourse that a child cannot understand or consent to, such as pleasuring, oral-genital contact, sexual relations, exhibitionism, and pornographic exposure.

Neglect can include threatening to withhold basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) as well as social and emotional necessitates or medical services for the child.

The crime against children around the India is increasing in pace According to NCRB data the crime rate against increased to 16.2% during 2020-2021.  You can probably imagine how serious the problem is where only 1.5 lakhs cases registered all over India.  Delhi the capital of India has registered most criminal cases as Union Territory.

You can probably imagine how many such incident happen, which are not register with concerned authority due to parents so called izzat. This is the main reason crime against children is increasing day by day. 

Seeing this cruelty increasing against these innocent hearts Government of India formulated some law to protect them. Recently, the case of child abuse is talk of the town. Many actions taken to eradicate crime against children. 

Juvenile Justice Act (Care and Protection) 2015

Juvenile Justice Act 2015 repealed JJA 2000 after the massive outrage in the Nirbhaya case, which became the talk of the town around the globe. At the time, juveniles were a few months younger than 18 years old.

 In 2014, an act passed in which the Minister of Women and Child Development stated that 50% of juveniles deliberately participate in criminal activities, but they get rid of them due to the umbrella of the law, which now reduced to 16 years. If a child between the ages of 16 to 18 years commits a heinous crime, he or she considers an adult.

Another amendment made in 2021 where both heinous and non-heinous crimes. This will now fall under the same criteria.  Where the maximum sentence is 7 years and there are no criteria for the minimum sentence. Now NGO Smile will further, discuss the law that is there to protect children.

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012

The POCSO Act implemented to protect children from any sexual offence like harassment, assault, and pornography and this lead to formation of Special Courts for the trial.

India is the home of 444 million children the state’s protection of children, assuring  Indian citizens by an expanding reading of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. It also require by India’s standing as a pledge to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Prior to the enactment of the POCSO Act, only one particular part of child abuse law was indeed the Goa Children’s Act of 2003.

As the law is made,  but there are many loopholes when it comes to protecting male children in IPC.

  • IPC 354- The punishment in this is very law and it doesn’t protect the modesty of male children
  • IPC 375- Which cover Rape it, doesn’t protect a male child or anyone except traditional penetration.

Ngo Smile founded to protect children holistic development and opportunity to grow. It  establishes  in 2017 to help children and working on our vision “A world where it should never hurt to be a child”.Though India’s law provides many ways to protect them in various ways.

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NGO Smile Creating Awareness About Mental Health

NGO Smile

Mental health is a major concern not only in India but around the world. Mental health awareness campaigns have had a positive impact on the NGO Smile. “There can be no true physical health without mental health,” said the World Health Organization’s first general secretary.

Monitoring the qualitative aspect of any situation can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to mental awareness. Because India is a diverse country with many cultures and languages, the problem is significant. Even after 68 years, there has been no improvement in this critical area, which is an alarming stage.

In India, mental health is still considered taboo. According to a 2016 survey conducted by the national mental health organization, 14% of India’s population required active treatment. According to the figures, approximately 200,000 people die each year, not including suicides.

Even before the Covid 19, the situation was deteriorating, but the Covid 19 exacerbated the situation and led to more serious mental illness. Many of us experience anxiety and stress. Many people have reported feelings of anxiety and depression. Or post-traumatic stress disorder. During this tough time, Smile India Trust came as Messiah to the poor people. 

India is the fastest -growing economy and the second most populous country in the world. India has the most no. of youth in the country. In terms of the adolescent population.

Even India’s last president Ram NathKovindStated  that India was “on the verge of a mental health epidemic.” According to one study, 14% of India’s population continued to suffer from mental illnesses during the same year, with 45.7 million suffering from depressive disorders and 49 million suffering from anxiety and depression.

NGO Smile Sharing Impact on Children’s Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this national crisis, with statistics from all over the world, indicating that the Virus and associated lockdowns had a significant impact on the population, especially young people.

There is a huge increase in mental health problems. About 50% of the cases increased in 3 decades. Now 5 out of 30 children are suffering from mental illness. The Children saw the suffering and uncertainty that no child should have to witness. Isolation and anxiety resulted from being away from family, friends, classrooms, and play. Not only have children being subjected to an emotional tragedy, but many are also at a higher risk of neglect and abuse

According to the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative, the burden of disease in India caused by mental disorders rose from 2.5% in 1990 to 4.7% in 2017. It was also the major contribution to YLDs (years lived with disability), accounting for 14.5% of all YLDs in the country (India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative, 2017). Women were found to have a substantially higher risk of poor, mental illnesses, and eating disorders. The link between suicidal behaviors and death was also discovered to be stronger in women.

Depression, as well as a lack of access, affordability, and awareness, results in significant gaps in intervention. According to the 2015-16 National Mental Health Survey (NMHS), nearly 80% of those suffering from mental disorders did not receive treatment for more than a year. This survey also discovered significant treatment gaps in mental health care, ranging from 28% to 83% across depression.

Some Stats

The Mental Health care Act of 2017 includes several guidelines aimed at improving India’s mental health. The Mental Health care Act of 1987 is repealed by this Act, which was critiqued for failing to acknowledge the rights and agency of those suffering from mental illness.

In accordance with WHO recommendations, the National Mental Health Programme (NMHP)2  in 1982 to provide mental health care as part of the overall healthcare system. Even though the scheme has been successful in generating community access to mental health care, resource limitations and a lack of infrastructure have limited its implications.

The state of mental health in India necessitates active campaign initiatives and service provision by the authorities. To reduce the stigma associated with mental health, we must take steps to educate and sensitise the community/society. This is only possible if we make a concerted national effort to inform the public about mental illnesses. We also need to take steps to connect patients with one another by attempting to form a peer network so that they can listen to and give assistance to one another.

NGO Smile Initiative for Mentally Challenged

The need of the hour is to educate the public regarding mental health and via initiatives such as the SwachMansiktaAbhiyan. This will enable them to address mental health issues in a timely and effective manner and continue living a stress-free life. The movement will also inspire people to communicate about their mental health and, if necessary, seek help from a therapist or psychologist.

Our NGO Smile always works for the mentally challenged who are not able to get proper help.  They left alone by society and their parents as well. We work with a holistic approach toward children.

While the administration has taken initial steps in this direction, the problem must be addressed on a war footing. We require a steady flow of funds to educate and raise awareness of mental health and the chronic issues that surround it.

We provide them with proper nutritious food and medical treatment from our side. They are the future of India and need nothing but just love and care for them. NGO Smile through certain activities to tackle this issue

  • Take care of Yourself
  • Be confident
  • Teach them Stress management

We all should understand that mental health is very crucial at every stage of life. Everyone should take care of their mental health. NGO smile will definitely love to contribute to this worthy cause.

Furthermore, people suffering from mental illnesses must have the same access to reliable and safe care as those suffering from physical illnesses. Furthermore, mental illness is from the same perspective as they do physical condition.

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