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International Literacy Day, SIT believes Education breaks poverty cycles

International Literacy Day

LI. Every year on September 8th, the world celebrates International Literacy Day. A day dedicated to improving literacy awareness and advocating education as a fundamental human right. With 775 million individuals worldwide without basic reading and writing abilities. And 152 million children not attending school, addressing literacy gaps is critical.

This day serves as a reminder of literacy’s transforming power. Literacy is about reading and writing. It is about opening doors to new knowledge, possibilities, and personal growth. It allows people to actively participate in their communities, make educated decisions, and better their livelihoods.  Literacy is a driving force behind the achievement of many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It includes goals like poverty reduction, gender equality, and reduced inequality.

International Literacy Day promotes governments, organizations, and communities to collaborate and implement literacy-improving projects. Smile India Trust sets a goal to ensure mainstream education for all children of vulnerable communities. And we take initiatives to provide basic education for the children in the rural and suburban areas.

We celebrate the importance of literacy in shaping the world by commemorating this day. International Literacy Day reminds us that every step made to improve literacy is a step toward empowering individuals.

Background of International Literacy Day;

From 1967, International Literacy Day (ILD) has taken place to remind the public of the importance of literacy. It is a matter of dignity and human rights, to push the literacy agenda toward a more literate society.

After steady improvement, literacy issues persist. With 763 million young people and adults lacking basic literacy abilities by 2020. The COVID-19 crisis, and other crises like climate change and conflicts, have exacerbated the problems.

SIT’s marking objectives in the field of spreading knowledge this International Literacy Day

Educating Underprivileged Children Aged 3-5:

One of the most impactful ways to improve the lives of underprivileged children is through early intervention centers. As it focuses on educating kids between the ages of three and five. By providing access to quality education and support systems, we can help level the playing field for these children. And give them the tools they need to succeed in life. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference. For the individual children and society as a whole.

Providing the best coaching assistance:

Coaching centers are essential for helping vulnerable students reach their full potential. They provide guidance with homework, test prep, and academic support to overcome any obstacles. With the right coaching, students can achieve great things and reach their goals.

Organize campaigns:

Organizing awareness campaigns can promote education and encourage parents to send their kids to school. Different communities and demographics can target to spread the message about the benefits of education. Public events and outreach programs can use partnerships with local schools to create a culture of learning. And empowerment that transforms lives and contributes to society’s development.

Increasing awareness of child protection through education:

Protecting children requires increasing awareness and educating people about their rights. We can create a safer environment by providing access to education, healthcare, and support for families and communities. Implementing laws and policies can prevent abuse and neglect. It is us who can help a child for a better future.

Break the vicious cycle of poverty through education:

Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty through education is crucial to improving the lives of individuals and communities. Education provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure better job opportunities, higher wages, and improved living conditions. It helps to improve health outcomes, reduce crime rates, and promote social inclusion. Investing in education is a moral obligation and an economic necessity. By providing equal access to education for all, we can create a more just and equitable society. Where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the common good.


Smile India Trust acknowledges the need for education in the modern world. The cycle of poverty is unbreakable for the poor if they remain uneducated. Smile India Trust believes that education opens the door to multiple opportunities for people. The NGO’s major motive is to help the slum children. We wish to open up schools in various slums to provide education to these children.

In this International Literacy Day SIT pledges to continue the spread of education to the poor. With the help of our generous donors, we will take our mission to make it a great success.

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