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Is Smile India Trust Fake? Question Most People Wonder To Know

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Well, serving poor families for so many years is what we get. Is Smile India Trust Fake? Doing a social service without asking anything in return gives us this. 

Those who are reading this blog, do they answer that this is the way you treat someone who offers you help. First of all, kindly know that sometimes those we help do not have access to a phone i.e. They are extremely poor. Those who write surely have access to the internet and mobile phones. So whosoever asks us this question is this justified?

We don’t know what causes people to think that our organization is fake. Our NGO regularly updated its work with the area’s time, date, and location. Instead of that, we have to clarify such things. 


Do you think that in a world where no one cares about others without any reason how can an NGO help? Is this your mentality towards an organization who are serving the poor in survival? We are not here to make a profit. NGOs are not businesses, we only and only provide services in order to help slum-dwellers. These people do not have access even to basic needs. Is helping them with this wrong? 

Is Smile India Trust Fake…!!Why such thinking is still in the minds? Yes, we understand that for helping a child we ask you, to come forward to help. But all of that is for the needy whom we want to protect from the death bed. We are a non-profit organization that works with full transparency with our donors. But saying or writing these comments sometimes stops a person willing to help. Sometimes we do miss out on a child due to a lack of funds facing which is miserable for us. 

Certain discussion to prove wrong this statement- Is Smile India Trust Fake?

Smile Trust Indi


The first thing we would love to know is that, does everybody has time to help. From our point of view, the answer is NO. People do not have time to do the house duties they have maids at their houses how can we expect they will go to slums?

The next thing is Does everyone has the willingness to go into that hazardous condition of living? The answer to this question is also NO. 

So, we want to ask such people who say Smile India Trust is Fake what you want. Neither you help nor do you want to let someone help them. Why…?? Are they not humans?

Surely not in your eyes. But for us, we treat them as equally as we all are. If you cannot help and do not want to help that is your choice. But do not show us as culprits that we are doing some kind of scam. We are so sure that in the future these little efforts will change your mindset toward the poor.

Helping them in their need is our responsibility. They are not a burden on our society they are the most laborious sector of our society. They help us in making our dreams come true by building our dream homes, and other facilities. Can’t we help them at least with their basic needs? 

Do they demand so much that all of us together cannot fulfill? Our NGO need donations and collaborations for helping as many people as we can. Please come forward to support. Make their festivals the real festivals as well. Those who support and have faith in us our NGO request them to continue their support. 

If you have any questions regarding support you can write us at [email protected]. You can visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on know more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn.. We hope this blog will change your perception of Smile India Trust reviews.