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Smile India Trust Fake a Myth on Peoples Mind

Smile India Trust fake

When someone thinks about others’ welfare, everyone probably questions their intentions. This is human nature, but it is not acceptable for people to circulate unnecessary comments and fake news about our honorable NGO. Is Smile India Trust fake? All our well-wishers, readers of our blog, and donors who care for the cause are aware that this is nothing more than a myth.

This article is going to be a two-way communication rather than just providing information about our services. Do those who read this blog respond that this is how you treat anyone who provides you assistance? To begin, please be aware that some of those we assist don’t have cell phone, implying they are poor or some are penniless. Those who write are almost certainly familiar with the internet and mobile. They are not even aware of how to operate mobile phones, or to read anything, as they are not educated. So, whoever keeps asking us Smile India Trust Fake it acceptable?

We are perplexed about why people ask and think about this. To keep you updated about our work and upcoming events and share our daily meal distribution photos, location, and time. We do all these things to provide authenticity to our work and to clarify all the myths that come into people’s minds. As these unclear myths create problems for our new donors and they get worried about if their valuable money is donated to the right one.

Smile India Trust an Ngo for children who work for unprivileged children and fight for the survival, protection,  and development of their human rights. Our NGO is serving for children betterment since 2017 to provide protection to the future of our country. After all our efforts do you, still think is Smile India Trust Fake.

All Efforts of NGO to prove Smile India Trust Fake is a Myth

Firstly, we have a question from our readers: Will you not help anyone who you care about? We all know the answer is probably yes.  Therefore, why should we not help the unprivileged family who came in contact with us? They see our ngo a merely hope for them. We got many request from poor and unprivileged families for help.

You may probably raise your eyebrow at why we are helping these needy families—is there any hidden agenda behind this? Due to this, many users, without having any proper information, just post, that Smile India Trust fake or Smile Trust is a scam. Are these unprivileged people not a part of society? They do not have the right to live a dignified and proud life. 

Enough of that, we’d like to know who are the individuals that claim Smile India Trust Fake. You don’t want to assist them, and you do not wish to allow others to assist them. Aren’t they part of vasudevkutumb?? Not really in your opinion, at least.

Nevertheless, we treat them the same way we treat ourselves. It’s your choice if you can’t or don’t want to help. However, do not portray us as villains by insinuating that we are deceiving you. We are confident that these small efforts will change your attitude toward the poor in the future.It is our duty to help them in their hour of need. They are not a burden to our society, but they are the most labor-intensive industry. Although there are, many allegations on Smile India Trust that people demand money from them and blackmail them emotionally. Further, they claim we take donations by giving them misinformation about patients. This is not true,  we have never asked anyone for money without providing proper information.

The patient we came across is from a poor family who cannot afford money for their children’s treatment.

Smile India Trust during Covid Era a Hope to People

During the COVID pandemic, the Smile India Trust did commendable work for the people who were left behind due to various circumstances. During this period, we had distributed rations to slum areas. Our volunteers knew that they were sailing close to the wind, but they overlooked this just to feed them. It is our responsibility to assist them in their time of need.

Individuals are not a liability to our society; those who are its most exacting segment. Providing them help and support makes, we work for a bigger purpose in society. Are we so self-centered that we can’t at least assist people with their basic wants?

We organize food and cloth distribution programme on regular bases. They are provided nutritional value food. We have our own kitchen where food prepared and all the safety measures keep in check, from a nutritional perspective.

After all these efforts we put in during pre and post Covid time you still think that Smile India Trust Fake all these things.  However, we treat all people equally as we do ourselves. Why is such thinking still prevalent? Yes, we understand that in order to assist a child, we need you to come forward. However, all of this is for the poor, whom we want to help from dying and leading a good life. We are a non-profit organization that operates in complete openness with our donors. 


There are many donors who stick to us in all thin and thick. In addition, trust our journey and initiative for children. They come in support of our NGO and make a donation. Our NGO needs every individual support and urges them to donate an amount accordingly.  A child’s smile is more important than money. When you see millions of innocent children in danger or need, you should come forward as a family.

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