Smile India Trust | NGO is helping to the underprivileged children in Delhi/NCR.


Since the start of the lockdown, the smile India trust volunteers are doing relief work in different ways, If your objective is great, nothing can stop you, not even Corona. Smile India Trust activity is to distributing Cooked Food to the needy children and brings a smile on their faces. we thank every one of our volunteers for the efforts.

Distribution of Cooked Food in Noida by Smile India Trust


Serving cooked food is an Act of Humanity. Always considered a most important gesture of serving to society in all religions. Come forward we are there to help you. our NGO distributing cooked food to 1000+ needy children’s at the area of Mahagun Mezzaria Road Sector 78, Noida.

Smile India Trust | feeds the underprivileged children and needy people in Delhi


Smile India Trust is grateful for all our volunteers who take part in this cooked food distribution. You are really assisting with making our Society a superior spot. Smile India Trust serve the country in its own way our NGO distributing cooked food to 1000+ needy people at the area of Sri Niwaspuri, New Delhi.

Smile India Trust | provides Face Masks to the needy people in Delhi/NCR.

smile India trust

Face Masks are being distributed to the needy people by Smile India Trust. This face mask is distributed in needy people to protect them from diseases like corona virus and other flu. We are corona warriors Team Smile India Trust has taken a step to distribute mask for those who doesn’t have mask we have been distributed it at multiple locations in Delhi.