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One of the best NGOs in India| Problems poor face during the Monsoon

one of the best NGOs in India

Smile India Trust is one of the best NGOs in India for managing the problems of the needy. As we all know that during these months it rains heavily. People who have cemented houses might enjoy this beautiful season. But this season is not enjoyable to slum-dwellers. Slum-dwellers are those people who barely earn for their survival. Our NGO Smile India Trust support these kinds of families and children. 

 Yes, the monsoon is essential for balancing our ecosystem. But these families bear the maximum loss because of this season. They live in houses made up of shanties and Kucha. During the rainy season, their houses leak from several places. Think of a situation when you are sitting enjoying coffee sitting beside your window in rain. At the same time, a poor person is shivering because of the rain and because he has no shelter. Can you now enjoy your coffee and rain? The answer is “NO” if you are human with the least sentiments you cannot enjoy. 

 So this article is going to make you aware that what are the problems the poor face during Monsoon. With a thought that next time when you know that monsoon is coming you should at least help one person. This will for sure help you to enjoy your rain for real. The tag line from one of the best NGOs in India ‘s point of view is “Enough the fullest in rains after helping the poor”. 

 Monsoon is a very beautiful season among all the seasons. Let’s come together and make this monsoon as beautiful as the poor never thought of. Help us in our initiatives and bring big smiles into their lives.

Problems faced by Slum-dwellers, according to one of the best NGOs in India?

  •     Rich Diseases

According to a recent survey of the health services of the Delhi government

  1. A) Slum-Dwellers are no more untouched by the diseases of the Rich.
  2. B) Diseases of rich mean lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. 
  3. C) Minimum of 20 percent of the slum dwellers are suffering from hypertension. The rest 10 percent from diabetes. 
  4. D) The urban lifestyle is not only impacting the rich; but also, for the poor too. The stress levels at work are high for services performed by slum dwellers. This stress level leads them to hypertension. Fast food items like burgers are available at roadside stalls, resulting in diabetes. 
  5. E) These problems are spreading fast in slums as compared to a few years back data. 
  6. F) The team observed that the main reason for this is the irrational sewage system. 


When volunteers visit urban slums, this is the most common problem that even we face. There is no proper drainage system in slums. They live in extreme untidiness. The slum smells bad and these families live there and we asked that they do not feel it. Hearing the answer, we bowed our heads, they said we are habituated to it. Nobody is there for them to look after their problem. But this time Delhi government has taken a step to build a proper drainage system in slums. We are thankful to the government for taking such a great decision. 

  •     Proper Sanitation facilities

Almost every day volunteers visit the slums for food distribution. This is a common problem in every single slum. There is no proper sanitation facility. As the rains come life of these people becomes miserable. Leak in houses and floating of sewage and garbage into their houses makes their life like hell. People who have access to good homes and sanitation barely understand this problem. All the dirty water gets collected near their houses. 

This dirty water invites diseases with them. Due to an insufficient drainage system, this water gets collected and is stagnant. Stagnant dirty water invites diseases like malaria and typhoid. These diseases became deadly because they have insufficient wealth to get treatment. Treatment in hospitals is too expensive nowadays. Sometimes even middle-class families suffer a lot. As one of the best NGOs in India , we educate slum-dwellers about the dangerous impact of dirty water. 

  •     Lack of food-making resources

When it rains sometimes it rains too heavily. Mostly slum-dwellers prefer to prepare food on an earthen stove. Because if heavy rains their earthen stove sometimes breaks. If they are lucky enough to save it the wood (fuel) they store becomes wet. They are not so rich to buy new from the market, they roam around and then collect. This means trying to search for free sources to get their fuel for food-making. 


    Increase in prices of vegetables and fruits

This you very often have heard at your home. If it rains outside the prices of vegetables and fruits increase. As soon as it rains, the price of vegetables or fruits increases, which are of clipping nature. As they rely on the cheaper vegetables and fruits to survive here also rains play with them. Volunteers of our NGO are continuously supporting these families by providing food. No matter what season or what day it is we are only concerned to help them 24*7. 

  •     The problem in arranging wearable clothes

Along with the food we also avail them with clothes. Clothes are also very important as do not have places to keep their clothes dry during rain. they do not have almirah or safes to keep their clothes dry during rains. This is not possible that every time with the food we will avail them clothes. But we can do this at least this monsoon with your support and care. Please, make their monsoon a little better for them. Support them by joining us in our initiatives.

Binding up with a little conclusion from our point of view that what we can do together to help them: –

Yes, this is possible that if we came together, we will make their monsoon beautiful. Let’s join with one of the best NGOs in India  and brings joy and happiness to their life. Give their children a chance to enjoy the rain without worrying about anything. We urge you to help these families whenever you find them in any problem. They are also a part of our society help them so that our society can uplift. 

 We hope this article will draw your attention toward helping poor families. You can read such articles on our website  Get the daily updates from official social media pages. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let’s make their survival a little easy and joyful this season. All you need is a big heart to help them.