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Smile India Trust Organization is a symbol of hope

Smile India Trust organization

Smile India Trust Organization is a symbol of hope for the less fortunate due to its unmatched mindset and dedication. Since its inception, our trust has been serving the people of society. We are well aware of the conditions faced by those who are below the poverty line. We aim to create a suitable environment for them where they can grow, learn, and become self-sufficient.

The Smile India Trust organization believes

The Smile India Trust Organization always holds hope in our hearts that India has the most potential, particularly among the youth. There are numerous individuals and children who are capable of contributing to society and using their minds and souls to enhance the country.

The ASER report has revealed that there are more than 287 million Indians living in rural areas who are not literate. This means that a significant portion of the population is unable to read and write, and their potential remains untapped. It’s important to leverage their skills and abilities to drive growth in the country, whether it’s in terms of the economy or literacy level.

Why is the Smile India Trust organization important?

We often witness people living in impoverished conditions on the streets. But do they have to endure this for their entire lives? Smile India Trust Organization is a life-changing initiative that supports underprivileged individuals by providing basic necessities, for example, food, education, health care, etc.

Education and its importance

Education is crucial for a quality lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people in India still do not understand its importance. Education has the power to transform one’s behavior and way of thinking. It is essential for a sustainable life, as it enables us to develop our minds and souls while also providing us with the means to earn a livelihood for ourselves and our families.

The Smile India Trust organization has prioritized education for the future of our youth. We firmly believe that with proper quality education, the youth can never be someone’s slave, and they won’t have to work for others. We have taken many initiatives regarding education, including providing free education and study materials. Additionally, we run free education camps in various locations to reach as many people as possible.

Health facilities of the Smile India Trust Organization

The health of citizens plays a crucial role in society. A healthy community can tackle any bad situation and bring peace. However, in India, the conditions for low-income families are worse, as they don’t have enough money to take good care of their health. As an NGO, we bring hope to them by offering free medical services and medicines. To reach more people, we run medical camps in poor areas too.

Meals to spread a smile

Feeding the needy has always been considered a noble deed. We learn from a young age that sharing is caring, and yet, there are still people who struggle to put food on the table. If we have the means to help others, why not do so and provide them with a meal? The Smile India Trust organization believes in it, as we provide free meals to those in need through our food camps, nourishing their bodies and making a positive impact.

Meals are something that can bring smiles to innocent faces. For the children who seek a day when they can eat as much as they want, the organization makes that day possible for them in the form of kindness.

Females are taking a step towards empowerment.

Women play an essential role in our lives. They take care of us in various forms, as mothers, sisters, wives, and powerhouses who never tire. However, in the race for housekeeping and taking care of others, women often lose sight of their own lives. They are unable to do much for themselves. To uplift such women who lack access to basic rights and resources like education and medical facilities, the Smile India Trust Organization NGO provides skill development and tailoring training to underprivileged women and adult girls. This helps them make a living and become self-reliant. Additionally, we offer quality education to women and adult girls, empowering them to make sound decisions for themselves and raise their families well.

Clothes distribution

The organization also provides free clothes to needy people and protects them from harsh environments through our camps.

Disaster relief by the Smile India Trust Organization

The organization provides support during times of disaster, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In such circumstances, the organization distributed monthly rations to low-income families who struggled to afford even one meal a day. In addition, we provide medical facilities.


The organization is committed to helping those in need and being a beacon of hope for them. We strive to provide all the basic necessities to needy people in order to help them improve their lives. Our aim is to create a brighter future for both the youth and citizens in our community.

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