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Inspired So many people by Smile India Trust NGOs

Smile India Trust NGOs

I have been associated with Smile India Trust NGOs for the past few years.

This organization will definitely help you emerge from the tragedy when you are mentally suffering from trauma that shakes you upside down from the inside.  I was suffering from this post Covid-19, Smile India Trust NGOs Volunteers came and assisted me to overcome my fears.

We know that slum children live in very disastrous conditions. But no one comes for their rescue.  I have seen Smile India Trust organization coming forward and through education, medical & counselling serving a noble cause for many years.

Smile India Trust is a non-profit organization that works towards social welfare and community development in India, particularly in rural and remote areas. The NGO’s focus is on promoting education, health, and sanitation, as well as women empowerment, child welfare, and disaster relief. I too support support them and teach as per my availability in this NGO.

To evaluate the effectiveness of an NGO, it is recommended to look into its financial reports, program outcomes, and feedback from beneficiaries and partners. I have been to their NGO and seen all this. Hence I’m so happy to be supporting them from last 2 years.

social work for Smile India Trust NGOs

I am always interested in social work, but for me, It’s important to assess whether the NGO is making a positive impact on the communities it serves to support it.  I visited the hospital and saw the medical support to poor children they provide,  it’s using our resources effectively and transparently informing the updates of the same.

One of my friends is volunteering for the Smile India Trust. Smile India Trust is an organization that focuses on providing quality education to underprivileged children in India. Her name is Seema. She had always been passionate about education and believed that it was the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. She found out about Smile India Trust through a friend and was immediately drawn to their mission. Seema started volunteering withSmile India Trust NGOs by teaching children in a local community center.  Soon Seema became more involved with Smile India Trust, she started taking on more responsibilities. She helped to organize educational events and workshops for children.  And their parents and she also started training other volunteers on how to teach effectively. She had an amazing experience with the NGO. The staffs are also very kind and helpful. They teach me how to handle kids.

The positive impact of a Smile India Trust

I volunteer work with Smile India TrusT.  I have seen a positive impact on the lives of the child. Who get educate and gained valuable skills and experiences through education, Garima Project, and Computer Literacy Programs.

I heard about Smile India Trust NGOs through a friend in Sector 45. Visit them and enrolled my maid, part-time in Garima Project.  I had a motive that she to get’s independent.  She learned skills of tailoring and now earns more by stitching clothes for others too.  She has gained a sense of satisfaction knowing that she is making a real difference in the lives of her children.

I supported a medical treatment for a child who had doubts.  So I visited the hospital and met the child’s parents.  They were overwhelm by the help Smile India Trust is providing and had tears in their eyes.

“VOL name” experience with Smile India Trust NGOs shows how volunteering with an NGO. Can not only make a positive impact on the lives of others, but also inspire personal growth and career development.  Children who are educate via holistic education and have skills are getting enroll in regular schooling too.

For any kind of guidance or support, you can write us at [email protected]. Visit our website to understand our work in detail. Click on to know more about us. Follow us on various social media platforms. We are available on FacebookInstagramTwitter