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Smile India Trust Review: Helping Hand to Needy One

Smile India Trust Review

I have been associated with Smile India Trust for the past few years. They are thoroughly working for the benefit of the people Today, I will give a full Smile India Trust Review.

This organization will definitely help you emerge from the tragedy when you are mentally suffering from trauma that shakes you upside down from the inside.  We know that the slum children live in a very disastrous conditions. The Smile organization has been serving a noble cause for many years.

I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with questions like, “Is this a fake smile?” to slander its image. I don’t even understand what makes people spread fake news. We have come up with some comments. I will definitely talk about these fake comments.

You probably wonder why I am posting a Smile India Trust review. As. It takes an hour. Such an honourable organization that is not even taking a penny from your donation for unprivileged children. These comments are just adding fuel to the fire.

Now let me throw some light on their work. Which will prove your smile does not have any political axe to grind. They just want to lend a helping hand to them. Before that, let me raise some questions to you, which you should probably ask yourself in the first place.

Smile India Trust Review, Working Selflessly

Why do we raise our eyebrows when someone tries to help someone without any motive?

Do you lack humanity? Why are you just raising your hand? I came across this organization when I googled Best NGO for Poor and Women’s Development. At the outset, I was Hobson’s choice, so I researched about how I could volunteer with them.

Volunteering with them is very easy. You can visit their website where you get all the information about volunteering, write to them and they would contact you. Volunteering will give you the next level.

Smile India Trust is a great place to work with. They are truly the messiah for the needy. I know you must have started doubting them when they regularly called you. It was very obvious to doubt their intention when someone called you for money.

After that incident, I again got a call from them and they asked me to help needy slum children and women. After that, I decided to donate a certain amount to the good cause. I thought to give them a chance as they told me everything about the NGO and the work they were doing.

They sent me photos of the camp, they conduct on a regular basis. I really started to get confidence in their intention and their pure heart for children and women.

Now I am more curious about not only donating a certain amount but also wanting to volunteer for them. To know about the pain these slum people are going through and to give a bigger picture of the same

Smile India Trust Review, Some Exceptional Programs Started

The Smile India Trust staff were pretty helpful when I started volunteering with them, and it felt like I had been freed from sin and was going to heaven. It gives me goosebumps and sometimes when I see the bad circumstances in which they are living, it brings tears to my eyes to see them in miserable conditions. 

In addition to providing nutritious food to underprivileged children,I worked with them continuously in the sector of girls’ education. Every 15th of August we celebrate Independence Day, but the sad reality of our nation is that we are still struggling to provide proper education to children and they are treated as a stigma in society.

An NGO provides girls with education from kindergarten. They regularly conduct interactive sessions for the girls and try their level best to get them admission into schools.

I saw many women who were the victims of domestic violence and the way they were treated by their husbands and his family members. How can we say women can be safe in the country when they are not even safe with their better half? Does it look like hypocrisy?

Smile volunteers get calls from victims of domestic violence, and they help them in every possible way. It’s pretty much obvious that they trusted the organization and its people. Because of this, they are calling them for help.


 After that, I saw many domestic violence victims and had a close conversation with them. I myself started feeling disappointed when I heard about their bad experience. Volunteers were wiping the tears of many women who were shattered.

 During the Blood campaign, I was with them. I was so happy that they conducted a blood campaign. They not only ensure the safety of donors but also of the doctors and other medical staff. It was just a heartwarming experience to work with them 

I was so thankful to the person who called me for the donation, and I was on cloud nine when I finally ended my volunteership with them. I think they are doing exceptional work for the unprivileged children and empowering our country’s women.

 Personally believe you all should volunteer with them and then take any decision with proper evidence. Hope you will like the smile India trust review.

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