The last few weeks have been unsettling for people across the world because of the COVID-19 outbreak. With the virus spreading view rapidly across the globe, the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. In of the continually evolving global situation, here is a behind the scenes view of what we at Smile India Trust NGO is doing for mankind.

On 27 & 28 th March 2020, In Mukunpur area D & C Block, Karnal Vihar, North West Delhi, volunteers of Smile India Trust in association with MLA Sanjeev Jha helped numerous poor and blind families who are stuck at home in the lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic by delivering ration of 10 kgs atta and 4 kgs dal per family by visiting their house personally. These effort would be continued to fight against Coronavirus.

Moreover, few of our volunteers are working for needy families via online and on grounds helping the lower society of our region, keeping in mind several health and safety measures to safeguard then as well as the needy people against COVID-19.

We, as a community have to stay together, work together so that we all stay safe and stay healthy. Let us fight against Cornavirus pandemic and flatten the curve together by staying indoors.