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Charitable giving means to give time, money, or some of your unused goods to the needy. Smile India Trust supports the lives of miserable children and people for their better future. Charitable giving contributes to non-governmental institutions. Charitable giving is a way you can support a specific cause or organization.

Q. Does Charity Giving make difference??

So, to answer this will YES. Helping aid through Charitable giving is selfless activity. Doesn’t matter the amount or the service you are offering as a charity what all matters you are trying to help a needy person. Donating creates the habit of saving. When we make someone happy, we became happier. Donate to us and become the eyewitness of new change.


charitable giving


Q. Why Charitable Giving with Smile India Trust??

Help others in need and experience more pleasure. Experts say when you start donating and get connected to it through the heart you save money to donate again. You can support these children by donating money, providing free products and services, that don’t have to be paid back. When you donate to Smile India Trust you help to make a difference you are unable to provide with our hand.


Smile India trust works with a vision to provide these children and families a better place to live in. People who donate and see the work done by Smile India Trust feel worth becoming part of our trust. Our organization helps underprivileged children and people when no one is looking after them.


Smile India trust urges its readers to continue these Charitable giving activities as this will make these children and families live better. Smile NGO understands Covid has been extremely hard for every single person in the country but still we are providing services for these children. We fund various projects for the betterment of street children and their family members.

During Covid, some of the families lost their earning members. Losing any member of the family is hurtful just imagine what will happen to these families and children who already lost their earning members. No one in their family is earning now, or earning so much to meet their daily requirements. Smile India Trust had already launched initiatives and a lot more is in the way to come up like eye-check-ups, blood camps and self-defense, etc.




Smile India Trust, NGO is a charitable organization. Smile India trust organizes various projects and activities to help and support these underprivileged children and people. These little children are the upcoming future of our country. Smile India Trust has done a lot of charitable activities like the Meals of happiness program to feed nutritional food, blanket distribution for protecting against cold, medicines distribution, and awareness programs during Covid or Before Covid, etc.


Smile India trust ensures child protection through rescue and rehabilitation. The Smile India trust insures to take several outlooks to ensure to assure the health. Along with our partners and the support received from our donors like you, we are working in the direction of sustainable development.


Smile India Trust organizes various educational activities so that every child can know their potential. Smile India Trust urges their readers as well as the donors to support us so that we altogether keep these children safe. Our NGO provides nutrition, education, accommodation, health checkups to these children.


Our NGO encourages safety practices like providing medicines, gloves, masks, sanitizers, hygiene pads (girls). We as an organization had saved a lot of girls’ and women’s life on the streets of Delhi. People throughout the world are struggling from covid-19 and try to make them safe, whereas Smile India Trust helps those who are in need. Small charitable donations have a great impact. It is beneficial for needy people. Your small donation can impact these children’s future. Your contribution can help these children to get out of the chain of poverty.


Smile India Trust NGO also facilities life-changing supportive measures to the underprivileged children belonging to improvised parts of the country. For further more detailed information you can visit our website. You can go through the current and old scenarios of our organization’s work. There are cases where your support is needed. We believe, to support these children, we do not need big pockets what we need is a kind heart. Most of the children and families belong to the low-income group. Smile India Trust had served families during lockdown to meet their daily requirements. Ngo will continue to help these children and their families against several Covid waves.

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